Tada, look at that. That is cool, so let’s take a look at the back real, quick and here’s some of the info. So there you go all right: let’s open her up, it’s a little hard, nothing in here, here’s the watch, oh nice and then there’s a divider with a convenient handle, and then we have some literature and things in here i presume let’s have a look. Oh very long, literature let’s get started. It says one plus watch so let’s see. If i can uh put this into perspective for y’all here, we go it’s in multiple languages, as you can see, there’s some illustrations and in the back looks there’s like there’s a little more so yeah that’s one thing: let’s take a look at the rest, real quick Warranty and safety it’s all just text, we don’t care, and then we have another little thing here and i bet you that’s the cord. So i think this is it for the box yeah. So the cord here has pogo pins. So this is not a wireless charging system that oneplus is using here they’re using pogo pins on this stand so that’s all right. Hopefully they last i’ve had some issues with some of the pogo pins corroding, at least on the watch side before so usb a – and this supports uh fast charging of some kind. Obviously i don’t think it’s quite as fast as what they do with their smartphones right. So that’s pretty exciting let’s take a look at the watch, real quick.

So here we go. There is a app list, main dial button and a function key power key here, and this is what the back looks like, and i think i want to take this off. Don’T, you let’s see all right that worked out pretty well easy peasy. So the first thing you notice is that the edges here around right like right here, it’s a it’s, interesting and it does use standard watch bands. So you can use any watch band. You want! You just pull on these little clips here. Remove them and you put anything you want. It comes with a very apple watch, inspired silicone band, and this is obviously the black model see all the sensors here and see if i can turn it on by pushing a button or two here we go oneplus. So this is a 46 millimeter watch in diameter. 4.6 centimeters, it has a 1.’ inch oled display it’s a 4 5 four by four five, four, essentially and uh yeah that’s, not bad, got some sort of st m32 based arm chip, four gigs of ram, which is used for storing music. You can actually connect this bluetooth directly to your oneplus buds or any bluetooth, earbuds and stream music directly from the watch if the phone isn’t around, of course, bluetooth, 5 gps nfc and you immediately notice. This is not running android wear. This is running a custom os right, so that’s, actually pretty interesting. A lot of chinese made watches have some sort of real time.

Custom, os and you’re gon na say why not android wear well, because the advantage here is that this is a two week battery life. It’S, just like the huawei watch, gt2 pro that i wear or like this huawei band that i’m wearing right here, these things last forever because they run a very lightweight os, that’s, much much more efficient than android wear. Of course you don’t get apps, but you get a lot of functionality. Let’S see. If i can set this up real, quick, probably won’t be able to there you go so it wants me to download the oneplus health app and pair it from there. So this does not support ios iphones. Basically, it does support oneplus phones and, of course, any android phone with this app right, so it’s, not just oneplus phones. Some of the functionalities include sleep tracking, continuous heart rate, monitoring, continuous oxygen level, monitoring automatic sleep detection. Basically, a lot of things understand, of course, step counting. It does automatic workout detections had 110 different workouts supports gps tracking during your workouts. If your phone isn’t around it’s ip68 water resistant up to five atmospheres, so you can swim with, it obviously has swim detection. You know all the the workout stuff so yeah notifications are supported. Of course, you can also take phone calls with the watch as a speaker and a microphone and yeah it’s a pretty complete package as it were, but you don’t get like specifically apps like you would do in werews, or an apple watch.

Oh and before i forget it does have a 402 milliamp hour battery in here, so you know charging for 20 minutes with these pogo pins through that dock, that i showed you this thing here will give you a week of battery life 20 minutes, so a full Charge will give you typically about two weeks if you have used and do a lot of exercise a week that’s what oneplus claims so, of course, we’ll find out in our review right. So yeah stay tuned for my review. I’Ll be reviewing this for hot hardware and, of course, i’ll be discussing this on the podcast mobiletechpodcast.com, so that’s it folks, quick, look at the oneplus watch. You can see the buttons here and giving you a quick tour of everything. Very nice looking very classic design, but also not too over the top like it’s just generically classic, i guess, is what i would call it all right. That’S it folks stay tuned. I’Ll have more videos soon like subscribe comment below tell me, would you pick this watch over say a huawei watch gt2 pro, or would you go android wear instead, or would you go like apple watch if you’re an iphone user, let me know and yeah subscribe to The podcast i’m google podcast apple podcast pocket cast spotify everywhere. Good podcast can be found check it out and i’ll be back with more soon cheers.