. Now both these watches come in almost similar price range. So let’s talk about both these watches and figure out, which one is better for you. So, starting with the price oneplus watch is priced at 17, 000, rupees or 159 euros or 159 dollars. You can get the oneplus watch at as low as 15, 000 rupees, but that’s only an introductory price. Plus there are a few offers, so you can get it for even lower price. The amaze fit gtr 2 is priced at 14, 000 rupees now i’ll be talking about the classic amazfit gtr2. It also comes in sport, variant and there’s, not much difference between both, but i personally think that the classic gtr 2 is great. Both the watches have 1.’ inch amoled display panel. The resolution is 454 by 454 pixels. The amazfit gtr 2 is a bit brighter than oneplus watch. Additionally, the gtr2 also comes with gorilla glass protection and anti fingerprint coating, but oneplus has not mentioned any type of protection for the display on oneplus watch. Both the watches are made from stainless steel, though the oneplus watch uses 316l stainless steel, which is lighter yet stronger than normal. Steel gtr2 has always on display feature which oneplus watch currently doesn’t have, but oneplus has promised that they will bring always on display feature in oneplus watch with a software update in future. There are beautiful watch faces for both the watches, so you get to choose between different watch faces.

The oneplus watch comes with fluoroelastomer band, but the gtr2 comes with leather strap, so that’s nice oneplus watch feels a bit heavy weighing around 45 grams, where the gtr 2 weighs around ‘ grams. Both watches support music control and you can also store music in the internal storage of the watches. Both watch come with 4gb of onboard storage, but oneplus watch gives you only 2gb of usable storage where the imagefit gtr gives you 3gb of usable storage. You can play music from both the watches, as both watches have dedicated speaker, though not strong. These speakers, on both watches, still get the job done. You can answer calls on both the watches, but you can’t make calls from the watch so that’s, something you should note. You get bluetooth 5.0 and notification support in both the watches now talking about the battery department, the oneplus watch has 402 image of battery, which can last up to 2 weeks. It also supports warp charge, so you can charge your watch quickly. On the other hand, amazfit gtr 2 is packed with 471 mah battery, which lasts around 1 to 1 and a half week. Both watches have gps support. Oneplus watch comes with ip68 water and dust resistance rating plus 5 atm rating, so you can take it to swimming without any hesitation. Now the gtr 2 has only 5 atm rating, so you get more water protection with the oneplus watch. Both watches have blurred oxygen, monitor sensor, which is really essential.

During the current times you get more than 110 workout modes with one plus watch, whereas the amish fit gtr. 2 has 90 workout modes. Talking about sensors. Oneplus watch has acceleration sensor, gyroscope sensor, geomagnetic sensor optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, ambient light sensor, air pressure sensor and capacitance sensor. It also has features like oneplus tv, remote, monitor, stress, monitor, breathe mode and auto workout detection. Now the amazfit gtr2 has geomagnetic sensor. Air pressure, monitor ambient light sensor and biotracker ppg2. It has features like stress, monitor abnormal heart rate alert and online plus offline alexa support. Now this support for alexa on amazfit gtr2 is really amazing. So guys, if you notice both the watches are similar in most department, but there are also major differences. So have you made your mind, which is your pick, or are you still confused if so let’s make it even simpler for you if you have one plus device or if you want one plus experience, if you love classic circular watch design, if battery backup and fast Charging is important for you if you want to take your watch in gym or in water while swimming, and if you want support for maximum workout modes, go with the oneplus watch, but if sleek design is your priority, if you want more internal storage in your watch, If you want leather straps for more authentic watch, look if you want voice assistance, support in your watch and if you want a cheaper price option among these two watches, amazfit gtr 2 is just made for you so guys.

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