Besides, wear it on your wrist, after all the lymph, Oh LEM for the small brother of this one that has removable bands, so are they removable well we're, gon na answer that for you today, but first, ah, in order to do that, I need to let you Know that we are only able to do this because we have this watch courtesy of lympho themselves, and that means they would love you to pick one up and if you're interested – and we give you any information, you find valuable and want to buy one highly recommend. If you can use the link, we have in the show notes, take you over to the Aliexpress lympho store, and you can pick up the one gigabyte, a 16 gigabyte or the 3 gigabyte and 32 gigabyte versions of this watch. If you prefer, you could also go to Bangor they're, supporting us as well. This is a the opportunity to have something I can actually tear into, without fear of it, breaking and being totally out of luck, as we have a couple of different sponsors on this one. So if you work with Bangor, if you would like to order from those guys same thing, use the show notes down below I'm looking to get you coupon discounts from both places and the prices are always fluctuating, so use the link to see what the current prices And the coupons that are active before you make your purchase now, let's begin.

You have everything you need right here. I don't need to go anywhere other than back into the box that we did the unboxing on this already. I hope you've seen that video. If not, I highly recommend you watch that one first before you jump into this one when you open this up, you've got know your charger, your users manual, and they shipped it with a screwdriver. Now the screwdriver is meant for you, the consumer, to be able to take off the screws here of the SIM compartment and gain access to the nano SIM slot. So you can put in a SIM card and use this as a phone right well in their infinite wisdom, they use the same sized screws in the holes right here that hold the back onto the watch now I'm gon na do what you're not gon na do Because I don't want you doing this, and neither does lympho it's, like mr. tix, show them the inside, so they won't take the watch apart and void the warranty, okay, okay, so I'm gon na do that I'm gon na take the screwdriver pop down in here and Take the screws out and I'll have it for you in a second and there's the last one, so you may be asking mr. tix. Why are you taking the back off the watch when you could just take these things off and pull the band off right? Well, a couple of reasons there first of all, look at this screw.

Are you getting a focused picture on that? It uses a really weird hexagonal, TT, Badu type of a screwdriver thing. I don't have any kind of a head on any of my screwdrivers that fits that, and even if I did, I don't think I should take it off, because we're gon na take the back off and I'll. Show you besides. That you've got a pin running through here and if you try to slide the pin out after you take these things off well, let me show you what you're gon na run into this is why we got the back loose and there we go. Look. The back comes completely off now the screws may fall out and there they go we're flying all over the place. Okay, here's one get these back together. Again anyway, you've got to pass through electricity going through the ports here and here's the band's. You see the two little metal plates there and there uh huh and on the inside of the watch. You see the two little spots here and here as well as the points here for the electricity to come through from charging. Well, these need to connect with those which run into the bands, which tells you they're not removable and yeah. All right. I did figure out how to take these off and I did try to push the cylinder that's in there out and it won't go. It'S stopped it's stuck and then taking the back off revealed this, so I I'm doing it in the correct order, for you is to show you this, so you may wonder if the back is completely removable and this thing is completely isolated by itself.

Will it turn on let's? See I mean hey, the back is off, but the batteries inside this is only where you connect up for the power right. So if you wanted to run it, lympho don't don't, listen to this okay to go, go drink, some milk! Not for your ears, oh I shouldn't be saying this, but I mean hey. All you got to do is connect that thing back up to connect that back up here to charge it and then just like on the International Space Station. You could take a spacewalk in your little spacesuit here, have a fully functional watch with a totally exposed waterproof. You want to know if this is water, free yeah just breathe on it. The vapors alone will give you probably anyway here it is it's it's, fully functional. Without the antennas connected now, you may be wondering well by the way this is one of those watch faces it's available on the server or that you can download through the Y watch to app when you get it connected its the soccer thing, the world's Cup and On all the rap watches before we just see this a little bit but look, it goes completely off the screen. Love that watch face nice, nice full use of the okay back to what we're doing so. You may wonder, then, if the back is off and the watch is functional. What compromise would there be by not having the back on here? In other words, if there are antennas in here and we've, taken them off and they're not connected, will we still have Wi Fi we still have Bluetooth.

Will we still have cellular connectivity? Will we still have GPS? I think those are the four radios answer. I don't know let's find out Wow, so this is even better than cool, because you can actually snap the back back together again now I side loaded a bunch of apps that we can check some stuff out with that means. I use the wire the charging wire with the pins, the two middle pins or data pins, so I connected it to the computer, where I have a whole bunch of apk files. Those are the apps and I transferred them over here from dragging and dropping on the computer. To do that. I needed to snap it back together and squeeze a little bit to make sure that the pins were all connected internally and just kind of hold it there until the transfers were over then from within. Here I was able to install all of those apps and now we're gon na check them I'm gon na leave it all connected first, and I want to show you that when we come over here here, they go here's a bunch of them. I'Ve got speed tests in here and I'm on Wi Fi, so one of the best things we can do is give a test of what kind of data transfer speeds. We'Ve got utilizing the Wi Fi network gon na do a begin test. It'S now using Wi Fi to connect from here to my router from there, then it's going out over the internet and I'm pulling in roughly 30 gigabytes or so now, while it's doing that test, I want to try to yeah we'll, let it finish the test and Then we'll do it over again so I'm, getting 30 and I'm getting 10, which is solid, of course, I'm only about 15 feet away from the the device.

But still if you don't have any Wi Fi antennas at all, then you probably are going to have a very weak signal. So the question is in a regular environment around my house and I take the back off. Can I cancel that one back here? Can I get decent Wi Fi, twenty seven and twelve let's test it again, nothing connected and it's about the same, pushing up there so either the Wi Fi bands are not in the Wi. Fi antennas are not in the bands or if they are in the bands. It'S gon na pick up a decent signal anyway, if you're in the close proximity of your Wi Fi network, that's great that's, the most important one to me because that's what I use all the time is Wi Fi, 20 and 11.8 4 I'd, say it's a wash. Basically, the same so Wi Fi is good. What else have we got GPS now? I also have a Wi Fi signal, strength app, but we don't even need to go there because we just verified it with actual data. Throughput GPS now is a whole different thing. I'M. Gon na say: ok, oh I got to turn on GPS, so I'm gon na come back here. I'M gon na come down here. I'M gon na go over there. Oh, it is ok. Gps is oh ok. I know what I got ta do I got ta. I got ta set this thing up, so the engineering mode mtk will actually work.

I went out on a limb and I explained how to do that in a different video I'm. Not gon na say it more than once, because it's not something for the general public to to know about so I'll be right back once it's all configured, so it'll work there. That was painless. Now, when I tap it, it will go right into its opening menu, of which you have a variety of things. You can check. What we want to check is over here under location, location based services, GPS turn it on right here and it's doing its little thing and then go over to view, and this is an easier graphical way to see it. So you've got the representation of all the satellites in the sky that are receivable and where they're located on this circle, I've never figured out, which way is north and how that works, but they're there and so what's happening now, is it's attempting to get connected. We'Re indoors and most of the time these smartwatches don't work well indoors, but in the tests we did with this le MT, it was picking up indoor signal, which is why I'm talking for a little while to see if it'll pick it up, doesn't look like so It could be that the antenna for GPS might be in here, but to verify it. I can still get it I'm gon na step outside under clear sky and see if I can get a hookup I'll, be right back well, look at that they're all lit up green now, and you know what nothing happened.

It was flat line until I snapped the back on the instant I snapped. The back within two seconds boom. The whole field lit up green. You can see they're going down a little bit now that's because I'm back inside, but when I was outside the sky, was lit up. Everything was Green, so we've confirmed. One of these bands has the GPS antenna in it. So when you disconnect you're gon na have good Wi Fi, but no GPS, that leaves a cellular and Bluetooth. Hmm all right, let's see what we can do on those okay took it apart and I put my special SIM card in there. You know the five dollar a month one. I got pretty much casual calling and texting a little bit of data check the show notes. I'Ve got a link. You could pick up one of those Sims if you want to and then it's a standalone, SmartWatch phone, so that's in here now and it's rebooting back up from that process of the weekend check how the cellular networks go. I'Ve got it all connected together. First, so that we can give it a real test with it connected the way we know it works. So perhaps the easiest test for cellular is simply to swipe down and look here so where I'm sitting right now – and I know it's a little washed out on the screen for you guys but I've got three nice good green bars out of four.

It says: it's. Four G so let's snap it apart while it's turned on. I should be getting good at this, but and there we go okay, look at that. We still even got four but oh, oh, oh! I just lost it. Ah, I had bars for a second, but now they've completely gone away. Aha, there is no cellular connection at all mm hmm and if I put it back on again snap it into place you guys watching the screen. There we go or snap together and the bars come back. Okay well we've solved it. We have GPS and cellular as the antennas in here. If you don't need either of those yeah I'm, not gon na, say don't void, your warranty, don't, take it apart, it's. Just for you to know that one, the bands are not removable and two if they by chance somehow were taken off. What you would lose is your GPS, location capability and cellular connectivity for phone calling and and data. As far as Bluetooth goes as the one we didn't test yet, and we got an easy way to do that – let's go over here to our Bluetooth, let's, tap it and hold it that'll bring it up. You know what I want to test it with it. Apart. First let's back out of here, I want to do it with it open, because why I'm doing that is once it looks for Bluetooth connected things in your area, it kind of makes a memory of those and I'd rather see if it memorizes them without the antennas Connected then, we know that the intent is good for Bluetooth.

Otherwise, if I do it while it's connected and then I try to do it later, it might just be bringing up the other ones from from memory so sliding down going to bluetooth. I could just touch it and turn it on, but we actually want to watch it in action, side, press and hold, and now I turn it on and mr. ticks lives in a sea of Bluetooth devices over here that are always transmitting. So if I've got Bluetooth connectivity, I should see available like devices showing up whoa. None of them are now let's go back in again. Oh here we go my ring. My ring is sitting really really close to it and it's picking up my ring, but nothing else. Ah, is it possible that I think it is that two antennas, maybe in one of these bands I don't, know there's only two wires but maybe they're being shared anyway that's all I'm? Getting is my ring and I'm gon na hit the search again, but after I snap it back together there there there we're all back together, turn Bluetooth back on again, I think it just got turned off, and here we go there's my printer there's a whole bunch Of stuff coming in this Bluetooth sitting around me and more and more and more as it as they start pinging, so folks, wow, we have three antennas in here: you'll lose Bluetooth, that's, not good! Well, if you don't need to be tethered to your phone, whatever you're, doing or tethered to Bluetooth, headphones or any of that stuff.

But if you take the band's off you'll lose the Bluetooth. You'Ll lose your cellular and what's. The third one you're gon na lose Wi. Fi yeah, no, not Wi, Fi GPS. In fact, the only one you'll keep is probably the most important one. You need and that's your overall Wi Fi connection. So if it's separated or the bans are removed, it's a fully functional watch with one signal and that's Wi Fi now you know now I know now. We all know that you can pick it up from bang good. If you like this, if you're still interested in buying it and you don't care about removing the bands or if you want to remove them and you don't need the other frequencies now, you know, and we appreciate you using the links in our show notes to pick It up because that information is valuable to you. You also can pick it up directly from the lympho. All the Express store again using the show note link you've been watching smart watch ticks we like to do a little bit of ODS and different things from time to time like what we're doing right here, just kind of spice it up between these reviews hope this Has beneficial to you if you liked it give us a thumbs up on this one? Okay, maybe we'll, keep doing more like this.