In fact, it has going to be one of the best smart watches from horimo accessories. Having this slick design like an apple smartwatch doesn’t mean it is perfect at a price point of 14900 naira here in nigeria, i can say it is much more affordable to see the unboxing of this aramo osw 16 smartwatch. You can check the cards above and in the description below and if you’re, a hot subscriber. Thank you very much. You rock my world and if you are new here, please hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bell so that i can have more related content. Like this, without further ado, let’s get down to business Music. So what we’ll be getting here is the 1.69 inch ips screen display that cuts to the left and the right edges. It looks really close to unhappy watch with the control button by the side, which act as a power and back button rings your wrist, and it will show you the time it lets. You control your music even on youtube. Without touching your screen, it was heavy, but this one tips the scale the body has proven to be tough to oil and fingerprints in the last seven days because of the nano coating even for scratches, it does very well. The aramo osw 16 is also light weighted at 165 grams. It is very comfortable to wear thanks to the uneven diamond pattern. Tpu straps, these straps are swipeable and you can change it from time to time once a ramo starts producing the straps for its customers, Music.

At the back, the back panel has this phone level craftsmanship that is scratch resistant. You are going to enjoy these years after years of use. You can also personalize this watch as you wish, by press holding the home display for three seconds and swipe left to change. It to your desired one. Moreover, you can download the other face dies on your drill where to have this, you can get from google play store if you get bought with the current one. The custom die didn’t work in the unboxing video, but i hope oremo will release an update on that very soon. The enhanced lead of four photodiode intelligent, ai or grading monitors your heart rate for normal and abnormal rates with vibration alerts. The screen display gives a notification of text messages, social, medias and other notifications. According to your preferences on the job where two apps, though, messages are cut to 50 characters or less positive, you can get an idea of what message you have and what content it is. The visual is sharp enough in the sun even right under the rain, it is protected by its ip68 water resistance rating, which can dive into water of 1.5 meters deep in 30 minutes, so your smartwatch is well protected. Other features work really well. When i was using this smartwatch in the last 7 days, the battery life lasted for 6 days right from the unboxing video, with maximum brightness turned on notification turn on and the vibrations turned on for the battery capacity of 200.

Milliamps i’m really satisfied. Other features like the female tracking, which is the psychological circle, cannot be tested because i’m, not a female, but i know it will work for you if you’re a woman features such as the heart rate, a alert and reminder with the highest and lowest heart rate also Displayed on the screen, this smartwatch has been one of the best smartwatches i’ve ever bought from oremo, stables and, in fact, i’ve been enjoying it, which i think everybody is going to enjoy too. In conclusion, i recommend this aramo osw 16 smartwatch to everyone that wants a budget friendly smartwatch, a one that is looking premium and feature rich haul at affordable price, and i will catch you in the next video where i’ll be comparing the oremo osw 16 to the Oramo osw 11. for your information we’ll be doing giveaway very soon on this channel, just one smart watch and if you want that, if you are interested, please subscribe to this channel, hit the like button so that i can get subscribed when we start the giveaway proper.