So let’s get down to business. The price of osw system here in nigeria is 14900 equivalent to 31 us dollars. As of the time of posting, this video on the package comes its features such as the ips colors touchscreen, the ip68 water resistant, upgraded heart rate, sensor, 13, training modes, 9.95, millimeter slim body and the oil and fingerprint activity, and sleep monitor, bluetooth, 5.0 connectivity call and Test notifications, music controls, pedometer iml, glossy black calorie counter stopwatch and timer counter, and at the back is the oramo ambassador, the blue king, two baba with the osw 16 smart watch there. Also, you will find the specifications of oramo osw 16 smartwatch, now let’s unbox, this bad boy, let’s call this cushion seal wow beautiful this mattress looked like a polish black tourmaline with the word 1.69 inch screen imprinted on its pack. Let’S come back to the watch later. The next item is a welcome guide, also known as the manual it is written in six languages such as english, hindu, french, portuguese, spanish and arabic. The next item is the two point magnetic usb charger. This you can use to charge up the smart watch and after these things nothing more so back to the watch in design. It looks like the new apple watch series 6, but the difference are the cuff glass and the knob. It has thicker on the face and it has two removable straps that you can change if you wish these straps are made of polycarbonate material, which are extremely light yet durable at the top of this aroma, osw 16 comes a serial number that is unique to your Watch only and the other ones, let me show you outside let’s go outside and at the back of this oremo smartphone, you are going to find the model osw 16 made in china, rohs certification and ce, with the fcc id number and according to arrimo.

This is an upgraded sensor, let’s peel the sticker off and see its design, and this is a combination of samsung and hapumo of apple rather in this smartwatch, but all for a cheaper price. Thank you alamo for coming through for us this time: Applause taking the aramo osw 11 and the ramo osw 20, and comparing boots to oremo osw 16.. I can tell you: osw 16 is the winner, and that is what i’ve fallen in love with because of the cold screen finishing and if you are enjoying this video. Please remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel so that i can get more of this. So let’s continue according to the welcome guide on for rymo smartwatch. It says for safety issues. The smart watch remains low capacity during shipping. Please fully charge the smart watch before initial use and that’s what we are going to do right now to check how long it’s going to take to charge up and i’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Yeah i’m back. It took one hour 23 minutes to be fully charged wow that is long now, let’s put it into action. Let’S verify some of these features. We were told that this watch can do so. We are connecting this aroma to our smartwatch now, so we click on our choice, ready to up and make sure our smartwatch is running, because i have this smartwatch on my phone before so i have to sync it up with this smartwatch, so i have to go To devices and unbind confirmed combined successfully now i have to now select device.

I say: okay and i pick the locations on the location for me and press the go back key and start to search for this very smart watch. So let’s give it some few minutes. As you can see, ramo smartwatch is already locating it, so you just pick it and it will connect make sure it is closed and to connect connect successfully. It says new film hardware version detector go ahead and upgrade you have to upgrade this so that you can enjoy this old stuff, so it’s checking it as you can see, it’s checking in whether to update. Yes, i have to confirm so you can see finding version update or not click update. So you click update and confirm it to go to the latest version of this smartwatch. So once it updates um everything, then you can easily think this up permanently and this will be up and running. I think it’s, just down a bit it’s trying to sync up the firmware, upgrade um just wait a couple of minutes now. To be honest, you can see it’s about 86 it’s, 90 and 100 boom. We are on it finish, updating completed so it’s completed. You can see the smartwatch is up by itself it’s running as i upgraded it to 1743, and this is 543, so it is now on, as you can see, five four three and five four three here. So that means we are connected. Can you see that very very easy, so you just go back and see this matter is already hundred percent connected, so you can go for the app monitoring which is auto.

That is set already um. You move back and you can check your smartwatch. You want to do the alarm clocking you can go for that. Then you press, your back key, just add it whatever i want to do to it on universal settings. You can check to take pictures, check it and you to have access to your pictures. As you can see from here again, i want to put this here, so if i just check it it’s going to picture it as you can see snapping all right, so that is just it! You can see the picture up there going so that’s, just it on how to snap picture with shaking take that a fine, bracelet, it’s vibrating right on my wrist it’s vibrating inside. If i don’t find it, maybe i misplace the vent, the bracelet advisor side. I want to do for the phone also. I can find it right from here and also reminder sms reminder. You can allow this to turn a reminder to vibrate when you receive a text message it’s going to vibrate, and that is you can on that. If you want that, unlike me, i would love that, like on screen and all stuffs like that, you can say i’m getting messages, it’s going to tell me that i have some messages once i set them on on screen time. I can tell you to chaos. If i there only to be five seconds, you know on screen, depending on how i want it so let’s for this tutorial, i’m taking 15 seconds and um.

If i want to time set the time i can set it to 12 hours, i can set it to 24 hours. That is if i want it to be 12, 1, 2, 3 a.m or p.m, and if i want to make it to be 13, 14 15, you know it depends on the one that you want and the taste that’s just it on that. So you go back and then language you just let it follow your system right here at the dye center. You can just go to die, setting to set it to the one that you want here. You have the orishirishi. You can take this or this or this or whatever one that pleases you in this die settings um. You just have to download it. If you desire the butterfly dial, so you can just click on it. Let it download once it download completely, then it syncs up and it will appear right on your smartwatch screen and many much more smartwatch features that this smartphone actually offers. So in the coming weeks, i’ll be comparing oramos w16 other oramos smartwatches, that i’ve bought in the past and other smartwatches that have just done their unboxing. So please subscribe to this channel so that i can get these reviews and compare videos once they are up and running. Remember bathunder motel see you on the next one.