Video uh about the ocean, lux smartwatch and i’m still really impressed with this watch for for the price and the reason being is uh. On the background you can see my laptop i watch. Uh medcram is one of my favorite channels, um and just recently he was talking about pulse oximeters and measuring your saturation levels of uh. You know how much oxygen you have saturation and in your blood – and i you know i was getting – was gon na get a device to actually measure my my blood saturation levels with uh. You know covet 19 coronavirus out there and – and i stumbled upon this ocean lux smartwatch and uh. It had this feature in here and i was like wait. A second uh. I know hello, a lot of smart watches. They have the where you can check your your beats. Your your heart beats uh, even some of them. I think the apple watch has the ecg ekg. This one does have the ekg as well, but i was i was looking for a watch where it had all three where you could check your heartbeat, your uh electro cardiogram, the ekg and the pulse oxygen, and this is the watch that has it and i’m going To show you right here, i’m going to do a quick demo so bear with me. I just had this a couple two days now, a couple days and i’m still learning it, but i got it synced with my phone and also you can take calls with it messages and news alerts: it’s it’s, an amazing watch.

Let me see here there. It is so it’s got ecg, let me zoom in so you focus in on that. So you can see you just scroll up or down uh blood pressure, oxygen ecg and on the back it’s gon na it’s got these monitor sensors, so i’m gon na start. So it’s measuring right now i get a couple seconds. I don’t know 30 seconds or less or it’s pretty quick and i’m gon na on my next video i’ll compare to an actual uh pulse oximeter on my finger, so you can see it but it’s very accurate. I’M really impressed with this. You know call it ocean brand, whatever you want to call it it’s, basically rebranded uh generic brand and they they’re trying to you know get this out to the market. Basically so it’s a new watch – and let me see if i can show you some more features here so the ecg, which is ekg like the electrical uh signal of your heart, and you can change you – can download like unlimited faces here. Um it’s got the speakers so i’m still learning this watch. I took it out for today, as as well as the other one, but for 150 bucks i got two watches the basic version, and this one this one. I love uh it’s, classy, stainless steel, it’s real it’s, not a scam. So a lot of people are saying these watches are scam, it’s, just a generic brand that they rebranded ocean, smart watch or whatever so um i’m.

Loving it and uh stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions, i’ll keep trying to do a review on this, but uh. You know my channel is about keto recipes, so maybe this will turn into a watch review channel. But thanks for watching leave a comment. If you have any questions comment below.