com. I got a fun unboxing for you today. Every little Chiclets you see here is part of this SmartWatch and this is a full, fledged Android, 7.1.1 SmartWatch with an extra large screen. Oh man, it's got a lot of great things going for it, let's unbox it check it out now. One of the fun things first off is how it is packaged. You open it up and there's what appears to be just the watch, but wait when you pull it. Oh, I can't do this, yet I got ta tell you where you can get it. Of course. I know you. Some of you are ready to buy already. Gearbest is bringing us the okie, tell z30 to check the show notes right now: it's on flash sale, really good price, if you're watching this later and that price has gone up check the show notes for a buying coupon, because I'll try to get a coupon to Replace it and get the price down, as close as I can for you to that entry level that it's at right now inside this watch, we're about to look at you've got face ID unlock, you've gotten an 1800. What an 1800 really a power battery! No, not really 900 milliamp power batteries you're about to see that 3 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of ROM. Here it tells you about it, there's all of the main features. My high high end graphics card now is rendering all of this Helvetica font for you.

So you can see me actually scroll it on the screen. You'Ve got two cameras in here: a side, camera and a front facing camera, GPS, of course, and it's packed with all of this now that's the overall info. I also have a generic spec sheet, like they usually do. That shows you it's an empty case: 67' that's, the main processor they're, all using no external memory and, as you know, guys know Bluetooth, calling or texting with this. You have to have a SIM card in it. It does support the major 4G bands, five G, yet no TF card, no micro, USB slot none of that kind of stuff. But it does have a microphone and speaker and went the SIM card in it or connected to Wi Fi and using things like Skype or hangouts or whatever you'll be able to do all kinds of talking using the watch with the front facing camera. You can do video chatting as well now we're gon na open it up and take it out. It'S really sandwich in here, because the watch is wrapped around something right there. What is it well? It'S the power bank yep the 900 milliamp hour chargeable power bank. Do you mean you have seen this before? Well, you think so. This is hundred percent point zero, one percent identical to another once we've already reviewed, but that point zero. One percent is a critical difference. We will be talking about in an upcoming video, but today today is the day for the z32 to shine.

Show you all of the goodies that it can do when you open it up. You'Ve got in this case of nice brown, rubberized band, it's soft rubber. On the back raised up, so if any there's any sweat on your arm it's, you know not gon na pool there. You got lots of holes in it. Good buckle boot, good band um, like I said, dual cameras a front facing one at the top. We'Ve got a little cover. We can peel that off now side camera there, two buttons microphone speakers, charging port, a carbon fiber backing you got a little cover here on the heart rate. Sensor area would take that off and a SIM card slot with a screw driver. You can open that up. We think that this little hole is for equalizing air pressure so that when you're, using the thing to play music or make a phone call and the air pressure has changed outside from what it is inside, sometimes a speaker doesn't sound as loud. So, with an equalizing pressure option on them now the sound is much louder and much more uniform, so that's the watch inside the box now we've got a few things. We have a USB wire standard micro, USB connector, to go to the dock, to charge the dock. So you can have this in your office or at home or in your car. However, you'd like and keep the dock charge. You also have a special cable with the four pin connector on it, which is just like what you have on the dock, but this can go right to the usb and you can charge your watch directly here.

So a lot of people will set this up at night, so they can just pop it on the table, charge it with the wired charger and be done with it and then use this as a spare to give it a power boost in the other watch. That'S identical to this one: we have some battery results on the charger and how long it takes to charge it up and how much it'll charge it up all that stuff, and I presume it's gon na be identical for this one. You slap it on if it's got a charge in it, it'll start transferring juice to the watch, gives you the the brand name in this case, oukitel and it'll show you a little bit about the power level. Also in here now we have a screwdriver with a couple extra screws for the SIM cover here, just in case you strip it. You got extra screws and a screwdriver to take care of that and a little user's manual and an operating guide. So the operations guide you can freeze frame this if I'm moving too fast. For you know, mister ticks you moving to show, and you got the simple manual in Chinese and hopefully in the middle, the user manual in English, your first boot and when you turn it on it's, going to ask you what language you want to use and give You a chance to set up your height and weight, I believe and there's all the stuff about the charging dock and the SIM card and then it's going to ask you to try to pair the watch to the WI.

I wear to tethering app and we got a whole video up on how to do that, because that's the same thing for every Android watch, we've seen in the last two three years they all pair to that particular app and work basically the same way so I'm. Not going to go into the app today but, like I said, I do have a video on that. If you want to study how you would connect any Android watch – and that includes this z32 to your phone – so that you can receive push notifications, you can do the find your phone if it's lost all that kind of stuff and that's a very simple black and White manual that comes with it as well, well we're ready to turn it on and give you a run through boot up as simple as pressing and holding the upper button and I'm gon na. Take it all the way from the beginning. So you can see the boot up process because each of the watches have a little bit different, quirky way of doing it, and then they go into a standard stuff. So you normally get the logo of the company followed by a sound. That gives you a chance to hear what the speakers like that's, your cue, already come on, make a sound after the sound they hear after the sound. It goes through some gyrations and starts to to settle down. So one thing to look for is a bezel that's of appeal to you.

This one has some basic writing around the edges. The minutes are identified with some dots it's, an edge to edge screen it's now, booted, all the way up, we're a 98 power had it charged up and was using it a little bit and then put it back on the power banks. So that'll just go back and forth. I'Ve got an early timeout, which we can change to run through it. Every Android watch works this way you slide down like this, and you get to a panel of stuff which starts out with an indicator if you're connected to Bluetooth. If you have a SIM card in a date time in a circle with the power level on it come over here, you have a bunch of touch buttons that you can activate different things and set levels so we're on a brightness level of medium here's, the lowest Brightness level that's, where we were and that's full bright, which is a decent brightness, not perfect. For seeing outdoors, we have a video out that compares some of the different watches and how well you can see them outdoors in dim. Sunlight Fulbright might work bright, sunlight you better to work with a watch. That'S got a transflective screen or a reflective screen, so it takes advantage of the Sun instead of fighting the Sun. This little button is to twist your wrist to see the time airplane mode. Cellular data, GPS for location, toggle on and off, Bluetooth on and off Wi Fi I'm on Wi Fi right now with these, which is a great thing to do, I highly suggest the first thing you do when you get them is put well.

First thing is charge it up, then, when it's fully charged – and you turn it on – and you get to this point turn on Wi Fi. You can actually press and hold these buttons to get into the configurations and here's where you can connect it to your router, which I have already done: it's locked and it's connected. You could do that with Bluetooth as well. Remember just to push and hold those buttons to get to them. It'S a fast shortcut. You have a clean up area. You can clean all this stuff up, that's in there, a music layer, one more swipe takes you to whether when you come to the left, you get notifications come to the right. You get the app drawer and I'm showing them to you now in a circular layout, though you have the option of changing this to linear. If you want to, we always do the linear so something new here and all these different icons we can run through and then you come over one more and you get your fitness area and unfortunately, when you go into fitness it's, the old version 1.0 of the Fitness app, which is not tied to GPS, so when you do a run or a walk or even cycling, whatever it's tied to the pedometer, to give you your distance, not to actual GPS. When you hit the button to go, you get into all of this stuff, as many of you know, if it says finish over here and you tap it and you're done that's the old original version, the newer ones you have to press them hold, which ones have Newer version of the fitness app that integrates with GPS watch our other reviews.

I think you'll find the genesis and the cost bet, prime and hope, and a lot of those have that other version to them. I'M gon na go into settings here for a second change. The app list style to our, which is gon na make it a whole lot easier for us to look at your apps this way. The first thing you get into are contacts phone and messaging. These are all, of course, related to making phone calls and you have to put a sim card in it with its own phone number to do all of that stuff. This is not tethered to your phone, so you can make calls and talk through your watch using the phone number that's in your phone that's in your pocket, that's called Bluetooth, tethering or Bluetooth, calling this has to use the SIM card. For that. I also want to go into settings to display and to change the sleep time from its lowest 15 seconds up to 30 minutes now I can slow down and not rush in talking. You have sound adjustments that you can do and they're all running about half value. So if it sounds too low to you just crank it up here you just take the slider. If you can grab it right and yeah, you have to hit your thumb or button just right, but you can make those sliders go up. You can change the tones and the sounds and all that stuff from your sound area display and lips this style list style.

I have a lisp on save list. I'Ve we've talked about connectivity for Bluetooth and Wi, Fi and yeah. You can turn this into a Wi Fi hotspot and folks with that extra power bank that we've got a 900 milliamp one. You could take your tablet and your phone with a sim in it that has data capability. Put these things on the table at Starbucks when it opens back up again after the virus, has passed right, have your little tablet or whatever, and let the lodge be your your. What you call Wi Fi hotspots so that you are broadcasting Wi Fi out of your watch, to connect up with your tablet, leave your phone behind really functional capability. Now that we have things like extra power banks and you can have that plugged in and charged. So you just simply set it on there and go with it plugged in and charging and you've got a forever Wi Fi hotspot. Really. I know you get a good data card with unlimited data and you could just use this watch for that all the time and then, when you're ready to go pop. It off of here put it on your arm, walk around with your Wi Fi hotspot', really great capability, that's built into this one airplane mode, GPS. All that stuff is in connectivity. Gesture is your twist your wrist to see the time, which was that icon that we did earlier and you can turn on and off pedometer if you're not really tracking your step, count, which I didn't finish showing you where that is I'm jumping all over.

You got some power savings, languages date and time where you set all that you can reset the whole thing you can uninstall apps, and this is much more than just uninstall when you get in here and you go into something. You also have the ability to force. Stop it, you can go into storage and you can clear the data if you've got stuff in there, so it's a robust way of administering your app management, that's kind of buried, and they talk about it as if it's just for uninstalling apps, but it's way. More and speaking and more there's more right here to well, you have all these different things want to call your attention to background cleaner if you're running certain apps that you want to stay active when the screen goes off and we've talked about a bunch of those Like display brightness or floating touch – or you want to have that turned on – you – want to touch here and go into it. Third party apps will be listed here. You want to make sure you deactivate them from the battery saver. Okay, in that background, cleaner and then, when the screen times out, they won't be shut off in the background and they'll still be active for you, you'll know what I'm talking about when you need it, that's really important to know that's the trick to getting in here. You have all these other things, including your screen lock and your face unlock we've demoed that on other videos it ties in with the front facing camera.

You just point it towards you and boom. If your watch will unlock anybody, else's mug on it and it's not supposed to unlock it, so you can actually keep private data in here. If you want to third party app adapters system work mode, if you want to run this normal, which I suggest get longer battery life, but you can go into performance if you're going to be doing gaming or videos or things they're going to take a higher bitrate. You could put it in the performance mode as well and that's it's, a new capability that we're seeing here in the Android, updated firmware to these watches and a few more things I'm, not going to be labor. All of that but that's all here and the more about watch is where you can go down and check your model and version, and especially your kernel and build number that will help. You know whether or not you have the latest firmware and you always always always after you've connected it to Wi Fi and get everything set up, want to go into Wireless update and let it check in the background to see if there's an OTA an over the Air push of a new version of the firmware to be installed in your watch. If there is it'll tell you to do it if there's not like this it'll say your software is up to date and you're good to go that's everything in settings.

I want to come through here some more, but first we come back here and remember to this side. Is your notifications to this side? Are your apps and then your fitness stuff, and the part I missed was here. This is where all your step count stuff. Is your weekly bar chart total your current step, distance, traveled, calories, burned right and your place where you touch here to set up your weight height and your walking target and with your male or female for right now, in this version of the firmware you're strictly limited To metric, there is new firmware out there, not yet for this watch, but on other watches that we're, seeing where you can either choose Imperial or metric for these numbers, which makes it a lot easier if you live in the United States that's. One of the reasons we're hoping we'll, see firmware updates for these watches to fix that to take care of the GPS integration to the fitness. All of that should be easy to do software wise without making any physical changes to the watch reason. I say that is, you could be considering buying this thing seriously, but if it's a showstopper for you, because it doesn't have GPS with the fitness well, it should be coming with a firmware update and you install other third party fitness apps that do tied it to Gps, if you really care about that back over here, we did settings a basic browser is in here download area.

You have your simple calendar: it's, not the Google Calendar, although with a little work you can install Google Calendar on these. You got a clock where you can have timers and alarms and then the camera and the camera areas where I get to look at you well, not in the first one because it's a side camera over here and I have taken some other pictures but I'll shoot. One of my hand, whoa it's kind of fuzzy, let's try another one and it's got video, and if I switch this, I can do a cameo appearance, hi everybody. You notice that the watch is at a nice brightness too so you're able to see your face and everything clearly but it's not forced to full brightness. So outdoors, it's gon na be really challenging to see what and compose your pictures again that's why a transfected screen watch like the thorpe row or the Genesis or two of them would have a better screen for outdoors. But the z32 is great, like all the others. For indoor photography and hello, oh I hate to do that when I touch the picture, I can come in here and show it to you. Oh God, if I double tap and I double tap again and zoom and I double tap it'll go back pinch and zoom is when you can actually pinch it and zoom in on it way more than I would want you to, and it supports that as well.

Both on that camera and on this camera and the ring on my hand, that's the aura ring, if you haven't heard about that, one definitely check out the review on the aura ring and the recent video that I put out that talks about using the data. That is received from your finger, feeding it in to help on a global scale to fight the the corona virus pandemic. It'S, really something what's going on got a nice video that explains how to use your watch or your ring to help be a part of a big study that will help us solve this whole problem and get back to life as normal gallery is where you can See the pictures you just shot, you got a music player for music, you install in the 32 gigabytes and later we'll show you. You have also a music player where you can control the music in your watch in your phone. You have a sound recorder which is kind of basic final manager where you can navigate through your files. They use that a lot when I install apps by copying them from my computer to the watch, and then I go using file manager to actually install each and every one. Your basic heart rate, monitor is here, turns on the little green diode, which sitting on your arm now is a nice time to show you the watch on two things at once. It'S gon na be doing my heart rate and you get to see what this watch would look like on.

This is the one with the brown leather band. They do have it with a black band as well and got speaker on the side. You can see and the buttons over here and that's what it looks like as we wait for the heart rate to settle down, and I have to hold still for that to happen. There you go. It gives you a date and time when you took the reading and it shows it to you and once you've done your heart rate, then if you have a watch face on that uses and shows heart rate as part of it, that number will show up in Your your actual watch face the fitness is exactly the same as the fitness app we got to sliding over here. Weather is exactly like what would happen when you went to your weather report icon and you can set up different cities and things like that voice search is basically your okay trigger thing when you say the magic words with Google on it, and you also can interface. This with Google assistant, if you install assistant in here and because it has three gigabytes of RAM, an assistant, requires a minimum of two to run. It will run on this watch the smaller versions of some of these watches, with your one gigabyte and 16 gigabytes of storage, won't run assistant. Another thing to think about whether you want to spend 20 bucks less and get less memory.

You also get less capability as a result, so three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte, you have a system capable, but this is just basic voice search. The Google Play Store. Google Maps here's the assistant area, not Google assistant, but this is the system to connect to the. Why watch to app when you bring that up that's the QR code, the app will ask you to show the QR code you put that to the camera. It will automatically pair this watch to that app and that's. What you see at the very beginning as well. So if you skip past that whole thing about pairing it to your watch, don't worry about it. Just come down here to assistant, connect the phone, and you can do it remote capture for taking pictures with your phone, but triggering them from your watch. There'S. The music control to control the music on your phone – you can send files back and forth. This is a great way to get the pictures off of your watch and over to your phone and, of course, you can find your device that's. All in assistant. App store is not the Google Play Store, it's, just a little app store where you can download some common things that you see here, but I really would recommend more you log in to your Google account and download them through Google, because then it's tied to your Account if, for any updates and stuff like that system, optimization is a fast shortcut to get into a lot of the things that we showed you when we went into system and went all the way down to more you'll see here, the screen lock here's face unlock That shows up three times here in the deep in the system, and you just saw it as the last icon on here.

They'Re really hyping face unlock. You have all that third party app adapters system work mode. All those things are here and then there's face unlock. It won't work initially out of the box as it is. You have to first set up a pass thing. You know a pattern unlock so in case it doesn't recognize your face. You have a way of getting in after you set that up. Then you can create the face lock and after you've created it, then you can use this app to just simply turn it on and off. But if I try to turn it on now, it's going to want to go through the whole step of setting it up and we have another video out on a different watch. That explains how you do all that, if you subscribed yet man, we got stuff for you that keep you busy for a long time. Those are all the apps in the app drawer. We'Ve covered everything else. We have a ton of watch faces in here. I don't want to belabor it, but you've got some really nice ones. You notice it's a really full edge to edge screen in an upcoming video, the one that I'm going to compare this watch with the other one that looks just like it. I run through and compare the watch faces side by side in all of those, so we'll save showing you each and every one of the watch faces until you watch that video, which should be next okay, removable, band's water resistant, wouldn't dunk.

Any of these underwater honestly there's not really set up for swimming or showering, but it should especially when you have removable band type watches. It should work. Okay, for just you know your normal splash stuffs, because they're removable there's no antennas in the band's easy easy to take them off. Where do you get it? Well, of course, your best they are bringing us the z32 and it's on a nice flash sale right now. So check the show notes if it's a little later and you're not watching it now, because now it's then and then it's gone and you're. Now and now the price might have changed if it has still check the show notes, use that link and I'll have a good one for you to get it at a discount.