The Unboxing

I finally decided to open up the Moochies smartwatches, the Connect and the Odyssey. I have to admit, I have been delaying this review for a while now. But today, without any further ado, let’s begin unboxing the Connect. I had to use a webcam for this process as I needed my phone for some linking work. The packaging of the watch is quite impressive, it comes in a sleek and nice box.

The Design and Feel

As I take the Connect out of the box, I can’t help but notice its white color which unfortunately gives off a weird flash effect. It reminds me of the Minority Report effect that I often experience when handling such devices. The watch feels heavy on the hand, and its thickness is noticeable. Compared to regular watches, it is almost twice as thick. But hey, I’m willing to accept it considering the numerous features it promises to offer.

All the Features

Now let’s talk about what the Connect is capable of. Prepare to be surprised because this watch can do quite a bit! I must say, I was taken aback by the multitude of functions it possesses. It’s like the watch is trying to prove itself as a mini computer.

The User Experience

Using the Connect, I found myself both intrigued and perplexed. The watch definitely offers a lot of features, but navigating through them can be a bit overwhelming. The interface feels cluttered at times, making it a challenge to quickly access specific functions. However, once you get used to it, the user experience gets better.

The Odyssey

Now, let’s move on to the Odyssey. This particular Moochies smartwatch appears to be promising as well. It comes in a different design, with its own set of features.

What’s in the Box?

When we unboxed the Moochies smartwatches, we were slightly underwhelmed by what we found. The contents were minimal, consisting only of some instructions and a charging cord. The cord itself was your typical USB cable, nothing fancy. We couldn’t help but feel that the packaging could have been more exciting and appealing.

The Connect Smartwatch

Having previously reviewed another smartwatch, we were familiar with how these devices typically functioned. The Moochies Connect followed a similar design, with a locking mechanism on the back that connected to the USB cord for charging. It was a straightforward process, nothing out of the ordinary.

The Connect smartwatch also came with a surprisingly thick instruction booklet. We found ourselves wondering why it needed to be so lengthy, but we shrugged it off. After all, we were not the ones designing these smartwatches, so who were we to question it?

Exploring the Functions

Upon turning on the Connect smartwatch, we were greeted with the logo and other typical startup features. However, we quickly realized that the battery might not be fully charged. This led us to believe that some initial charging would be needed before we could dive into exploring its functionalities.

Once the battery was charged, we were able to fully explore the Connect smartwatch. We were pleased to find that the time was prominently displayed, along with other expected features. However, in our previous review, we had encountered some difficulties in navigating through its functions. This time, though, we were confident that the battery issue had been resolved.

The Odyssey Smartwatch

Moving on to the Moochies Odyssey smartwatch, we anticipated a similar unboxing experience. However, this time we were prepared for the simplicity of the packaging. We knew not to expect anything extravagant.

As we activated the Odyssey smartwatch, we were relieved to find that the battery was already charged. This meant we could immediately begin exploring its capabilities without any delays. The time display was clearly visible, just as expected.

Setting up the Moochies Smartwatch

So one thing I want to draw your attention to is how you sync these up to your smartphone. I downloaded the Moochies app, which allows me to sync with the smartphone. As far as I can tell, you can add watches and customize them through the app. But there’s something I want to make sure of – what can I do on the watch itself?

On the Moochies smartwatch, you have a list of contacts and messages. The setup process seems to be complete. Now, can I make calls directly from the watch? I try to test this but I cannot figure it out. Maybe hitting the Emoji button will do something, but I’m not entirely sure.

Issues with the Moochies Smartwatch

This is Mark from The Geek Church, and unfortunately, this is the second time I’ve encountered an issue with a product. Quite honestly, I’ve been putting off reviewing these products because I couldn’t get them to work the first time, and it seems like history is repeating itself. Now, the Moochies Connect model actually worked for me once, but then it stopped working. I’ve tried again and again, but I just can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Maybe I was just lucky the first time.

I know that this product does work and has a lot of interesting features, which I will go into more detail about in my article. However, I really wanted to provide you with some video footage demonstrating how good it is, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that. Nonetheless, I want to mention the price, which is 99 US dollars. However, since the company is Australian, it might be in Australian dollars.

Our Review of Moochies Smartwatches with the Connect and the Odyssey

Unveiling the Connect and the Odyssey

Im, not sure how that translates. Uh, this other product. I sent me the Odyssey. I was never able to find on the site um, the only ones I was able to find were the Connect and the sync I dont know if this is the snc um, but its maybe its a new thing that has that hasnt appeared on their website.

Elusive Information on the Site

Heres. The thing like um, I contacted this company in January and they sent me these products a few months afterward and it still has not appeared on their site. So I don’t really think I can do um a review of this uh.

Lack of Customer Support

Also. It should be known that I did contact this company and said hey. Can you give me help setting this up? They didn’t respond, so yeah, unfortunately, I’m going to have to cop out again. This is like boy. This is not looking good for my channel to have reviews like this, but I got to review everything that I get otherwise like come on. I want to be an honest reviewer here, maybe a little too honest.

Moving On

Maybe I can just sweep this into the rug, but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to have to say, like hey, I’m not certain what I’ve got here and uh. I got to move on because I’ve got a lot of products that are coming here. For the holiday season – and I got to make sure I review all those anyway.

Potential for the Future

Perhaps, we’ll hear more from Moochies in the future – I certainly hope so ’cause they seem like a decent company and I’m going to recommend you buy them.

I have to say that both the Moochies Connect and the Odyssey have their own unique qualities. They offer a wide range of features that can be both exciting and perplexing for users. The design of the watches is sleek, but the thickness may be a concern for some. Overall, if you’re looking for a smartwatch for your kids or for those with smaller hands, Moochies definitely has some interesting options to consider. Now it’s time for me to explore the capabilities of the Odyssey and see if it lives up to its promises.

Our review of the Moochies smartwatches with the Connect and the Odyssey revealed a few interesting aspects. While the packaging and contents were underwhelming, the watches themselves delivered on their expected functions. With a simple design and easy navigation, these smartwatches are suitable for those looking for a no-fuss device. However, we couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more to be desired in terms of aesthetics and packaging. Overall, Moochies smartwatches provide a reliable and functional option for those in need of a basic, no-frills device.

I have encountered some challenges while trying to review the Moochies smartwatches. Setting them up and understanding their functionalities have proven to be difficult tasks. However, I can say that these watches do offer interesting features, the details of which I will discuss in my upcoming article. Despite the issues I faced, the Moochies smartwatches are priced at 99 dollars and seem to have potential. Stay tuned for my detailed review for more insights.

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