I found this little gem called pop glory p22, which combines functionality and style and is incredibly good for its price range stick around. If you get this one and if you’re planning to buy pop glory p22 there’s, the amazon link in the video description, unpack and first impression, the p22 got that apple watch look rectangle face and the function button on the side. Music, nice finish on the side and the bottom. The body is made from zinc, ally and it’s, weatherproof, waterproof and dustproof. The wrist strap has a smooth texture so that it fits and rests fine on the wrist, however it’s slightly thick, it obviously can be replaced for any compatible wrist, strap that depends on the personal preference, with a solid body and a sturdy build quality. The p22 from pubg glory also comes in a variety of four colors, including pink black, pink and gold, and green and it’s. The one of the best selling budget fitness trackers on amazon up to date and it’s got the amazon’s choice batch if you’re picking this b22 smartwatch. Are you considering buying one? The price is around 27 british pounds or 30 american dollars, or about 29 euros and there’s an amazon link in this video description. We got here the ppg sensors at the bottom and the magnetic charge pins for the charging port and it comes with a dedicated charging. Usb cable, with the magnetic pins on one end and the standard usb at the other end Music.

The touch screen underneath is a rectangle 1.3 inch, tft ips display with full viewing angle and has got a maximum resolution 240 by 240 pixels, which is pretty common in this type of fitness trackers. It is very responsive, and i like it. Let me know what you think in the comments below Music screen is shutter proof, so you can be sure that the watch remains intact, even when it falls on any hard surface or due to rough handling. However, i didn’t give it a chance to test it. Yet brightness of the screen is fine. It’S got 5 degrees of brightness, which can be adjusted in the settings. This is the maximum brightness right now it’s bright enough, even in the direct sunlight, which is great v22 using a dedicated, app called hero, band 3, which is compatible with both android and ios for iphone. The qr code is provided in the manual and you could also scan it right here from the screen. The fitness tracker is compatible with most smartphones with bluetooth, 4.0 or higher. That means the full comfortability with the iphones and all the smartphones with android. What i like the most is that the pop glory v22 offers a high degree of customization. It offers three built in standard watch faces and one customizable watch face where you can use any picture or photo as a watch face. This is what i like about this watch, the most to be honest, Music.

If that’s not enough for you, then you can pick and download the watch face from 100 available watch faces. It takes some time to download, though once you are in a hero band 3. App, you will only see the watch faces compatible with your p22 smartwatch bluetooth. Paired with your mobile device. P22 has got a pretty big list of features. It’S got eight sports modes, so you can track a few types of exercises which is walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming. However, p22 hasn’t got an automatic exercise detection so before exercising you’ll have to switch the exercise tracker manually p22 sport watch can count your heart rate. Your blood pressure, your blood oxygen level p22, does detect when you sleep and when you wake up, so it will catch. Your full sleeping pattern and also your steps, the calories, burned your kilometers or miles traveled, and that gives you a complete records which can help you to crush your fitness goals. All data being collected in the app workout statistics and can be shared with, for example, apple, health and also using a gps tracking from your mobile. So you can track and record your running paths. All your daily sports targets can be customized in the app. For example, the amount of steps, your sleep target, your weight target, the calories burn target and the travel distance target and pop glory p22. Every time you receive a notification like a call sms, the app message, the social media message it vibrates to alert you to avoid missing.

Any important news allows you to synchronize information from your favorite social apps. The notifications for incoming calls are supported. You’Re able to reject the incoming call, unfortunately, you can’t pick a call or make a phone call it’s. Just a basic reject call function. P22 also offers a weather forecast. The weather info is being taken from your mobile phone. It doesn’t work when the watch runs in standalone mode. That means when the bluetooth is switched off, you can remote control your camera on your mobile phone. Also, your music player and it’s even got a torch function, and this is accessible from the quick selection menu. Just swipe your finger to the top, and you can access torch vibration on off function. The weather forecast, the brightness of the screen and watch face. Selection also go alarm clock a stopwatch. Music find phone function, an undisturbed mode which mutes all calls and alerts notifications, and, basically, any notifications on your smartwatch battery life. You should have up to 10 days of battery life between the charging, assuming you’ll use the watch every day. It depends on how much you use the screen when you would use your p22 smartwatch in a standalone mode. I mean when it’s bluetooth, unpaired from your mobile phone. Then the battery could last even three to four weeks on a single charge, that’s what i usually do just for the information the full charge takes around two hours. Let me know guys what you think in the comments area below with so many similar devices currently available on the market.

What differs p22 is the high level of customization loads of available watch faces and definitely an attractive, low price and that’s? Definitely something which helps this product to stand out, especially as i mentioned earlier. The p22 has been distinguished as amazon’s choice and has a very high customers rating Music. If you’re picking this up there’s an amazon link in the video description below and if you’ve got any question regarding you watch 2s, please leave them in the comments area and i’m going to try to answer them. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up, and if you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing to familypoptv youtube channel for more tech reviews like this one and, if you’re not sure which smartwatch would be suitable for you. Please check our pick on the best, affordable, smart watches out there, Music see you guys later adam from family pop Music tv Music.