Firstly, we can check the box, and it also has the nfc function and the alipay location, sharing, voice, assistant, heart rate, detection and adjustment time, and the app is the wavefit pro and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and the silicon strap and inside there is the wireless charger and the nfc guidelines and finally, the menu and now lets check the watch and this side it has two buttons. Both buttons are functional. Here is the microphone and we can see that it is a shining case and the material is the stainless steel and at the back and this side here is the speaker now lets power on the watch. Firstly, lets check the watch faces. We can rotate this round button or we can hold the screen and then move the screen from the left to right or right to left. This audi has totally 8 built inward faces, but they can also add actual watch face and can customize watch faces through the app and then lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the bluetooth score, location, sharing, the collection code, business card and the brightness adjustment are repay and also the do not disturb setting nfc and power off and shut down, and also the screen lock after log. We can hold it for three seconds to unlock and then from the bottom. To top is the message notification and from the left to the right is a split screen which some commonly used applications and then from the right to the left is the heart rate, data weather and also we can add extra 2 component and we can double click.

The screen to go to the dial function, but we need connect the watch with the phone first and then we can press this button to go to the main menu. Also, we can press this power button to go to the main menu too. We can double click.