We will start with the very brief unboxing and then we move on to the actual smartwatch itself, its features, how it looks like and how it feels like so let’s make a start. That’S. The boxes i’ve shown you it’s that big uh really compact, really small nice quality of the paper, and this kind of font works really exclusive and it has this kind of silvery feeling so, okay that’s it that’s what you get in the box, as always: that’s the User manual and again, as always, it’s uh on the one on the first side, it’s uh in english. So i will just show it on camera like that, so we can pause and see any detail you want and on the other side, it’s in chinese language. So that’s it for the user manual. The other thing you get in the box is the wireless charger. It works like that. It’S plastic really light in the hand here are the little contacts and be aware that the cable is really short. I think um 25. 30 centimeters at most it works. Like so be aware of the place, you will charge your your watch and that’s the actual v8 ac smartwatch itself. That’S, not the default watch face actually this one. So here on default watch face you see the time date and day of the week. You also see the weather conditions, minimum and maximum temperature summary of your activity and the three circles here at the bottom, pretty much as they are on apple watch.

You have three circles to fill in throughout the day. Here we have three circles, which are your pulls. Your cover is burnt and your steps throughout the day. So if you slide your finger like this, you will see the steps, your heart rate, uh summary of your sleep, and you can control the music on your device from here. By the way, the button it makes a sound like clicking, it seems like it’s, a digital crown. You can rotate it not sure. If you heard it, i moved it closer to the microphone, but nothing happens when you rotate it throughout the menu. I will show you by going here into the list of sports. You can track with the watch. You just scroll your finger on touch screen like this, so that’s walking training on the back. The sensor for your heart rate, that’s how it works like and here are the contacts for the wireless charging, so let’s stop this training, and i will put it on my hand like here by the way the band is good. Quality fits really nice on the on the wrist and it’s, interesting that it fits like this. This part of the band goes into this group, and here we go voila. No, no now let’s see the heart rate and see how accurate it is. I will go here and i will activate the heart rate, monitor and measurement on my apple watch as well, so let’s see what info will get on both watches.

My heart rate is quite high. Actually, so both of them are measuring. Okay. 91. On on the apple watch and b8 ac keeps increasing 87, they show the same now. 97. 88. 89. Exactly the same, so we can conclude that the heart rate measurement on p8 ac is really accurate. If we, if we agree that the apple watch is accurate as well, but at least they show the same information if we go here on the menu, we have the breathe feature like this, so focus on your breath, breathe in and breathe out. This is expected to make you relax, make your body function better. There is no vibration here compared to what we have on the apple watch, while you breathe in it kind of vibrates, to guide you when you’re breathing and when to breathe out so that’s, where the feature comes from pretty much, i believe right out of here. You can control the music, you can see the settings of the watch here and i will show you the other watch faces as well when you tap and hold on screen. You have three of them to choose from this one, this one and the default one again. This one so yeah that’s it that’s the v8 se smartwatch. I hope this video was useful, for you was insightful for you if it was please like it and subscribe to my channel share with friends as well, if you think this may be useful for them.