That’S right, i ordered a peloton, and i did just in time because in the toronto area, gyms are shutting down again. Restaurants are shutting down we’re going back into stage two, so i think it’s about a good time to kind of get it, because who knows what this winter is going to be like we’re, obviously not going back to a gym, and i want to get you know A good workout in i want to stay in shape, um and yeah, so we decided to go with the peloton bike. It will be here in 20 minutes due to covid. They actually have to assemble it outside and basically hand it off to us. So that should be interesting, but we ordered the peloton. I think it’s the it’s, the new bike, but it’s like the family plus pack, um i’ll. Look it up and when i get it, i’ll show you everything. It is going to be going right there in our dining room. I know classy right uh, but at this point in our life and where we are in this time of life and season, i don’t think we’re really gon na be having too many people come over. Um so it’s going to be going right here for now, eventually it will probably go in our bedroom, but i think it’s a good spot, it’s kind of a way. So when you walk in the door, you actually don’t see it because of that wall and it’s going to face the tv.

We also have our beautiful windows and nature that we can look at so i’m. Pretty happy about that. For now i mean it’s not a big deal, so we have about 20 minutes till they get here, 20 minutes till it gets assembled, and then we will go down and get it and i’m so excited here. She is she’s still wrapped up. We got her inside. It was a challenge, but i’m happy she’s home. I am you know. I really don’t mind this situation don’t mind. Our neighbors are doing renovations, oh gosh, so it turned out that they sorry that they will um, but they brought it into our door. They just don’t come in to your home, it’s gon na join me nuts um, so which was hard because we basically had to bring it in and then lay down the mat and like lift it on it was it was. It was not a easy task, but i wanted to show you everything that we got with it. Oh, my gosh that’s gon na drive me nuts, okay, i got the bike plus family package, which came with three pound weights: two pairs of shoes, a yoga block, a yoga, strap two water bottles which they said weren’t in stock, so they’re sending them to us. Not a big deal, um a peloton bike, reversible workout, mac resistant bands, bike, mat and warranty. So came in these nice bags, um let’s let’s do it! This come over here nice.

These are amelie, has a peloton so it’s like not my first time seeing these, but these are the shoes clip in oh, my quinoa just forgot about that. Okay, so we got two pairs of shoes. Andrew got a pair. I got a hair. We have another package. This is the resistance resistance fans Applause. I will say i love their matte black packaging side. Note i never in my life thought i would ever own a peloton bike. It was, i actually made fun of it. It came with light medium and heavy i’ll. Just take out one: oh they’re like these. Okay, these are really nice, oh and then we have the yoga block and then the only other thing was the yoga mat. I lied there’s more stuff. Okay, the yoga mat is so heavy. It is like, oh, my gosh. This is the heaviest yoga mat ever i it’s i’m, not gon na. Take that out sorry it’s, reversible red on one side, black on the other, and then this is oh it’s, already open all the stuff Music. I think that’s to adjust the seat and things the power cord. Oh what else? Oh and then the three pound weights. Okay, these are the three pound weights pee great yeah. So that is all the stuff. We got two shoes weights, water bottles, haven’t come workout mat. The bike mat resistant bands, yoga blocks and i think that’s it. So i will see you when this is ready to be road.

Written yeah, hey everyone, it is the next day. I know uh yesterday ended up being super crazy and i didn’t end up unwrapping the peloton bike till much later and i did do a ride twice. I did one last night and one this morning and my behind is quite sore the seat. I have taken um cycling classes before so i knew that that was gon na happen. I just kind of forgot, and this morning when i went to do my morning ride, i was like already gung ho wearing my outfit sat down on the bike and was like. Oh nelly, can i even do this, but i persevered i’m gon na show you uh what it looks like unwrapped and if you are new to getting a peloton bike kind of like what the i guess, the starter stuff is and i’m gon na show you the Classes that i’ve just taken just as a beginner, so let’s uh let’s take a look okay, so starting out on the screen, the screen is really really big. Um really nice, as you can see, there’s already fingerprints on there from andrew and i riding it and then it has a little camera cover, so it’s actually switched to like not the camera right. Now i like that, they have that and then i’ll just give you like a quick glance, even though you’ve already kind of seen it here are two water bottle holders nice place to plug in your headphones.

I will say: um, i haven’t used wireless headphones, but i tried i tried um syncing, my apple watch and it wouldn’t connect. So i don’t know what’s going on with that, but hopefully i can pair that together. Then we have you’ve seen this knob. But apparently this is a newer knob than the old one. It’S got gold, i believe that’s gold, not silver. I don’t know um yeah and then here are the weights in a rack and then basically, if they teach you that you want your elbow to be at the end and just about touching the handlebars and that’s the right height and then the height has to be Like my hip yeah, they teach you all this. They have really great tutorials. So i’ll turn this on. If you just touch it, it turns on, and then we have all of these classes and stuff. But i like to scroll down here and i like to search by christine derrick daricle. I think i really like her um and i’ve just started by doing 15 minute low impact classes. So i just cycle low impact and, as you can see these two i did and i really enjoyed them. I’Ve taken her classes before um and i really like her uh the floor. I haven’t really looked too much. Oh, she has, i guess, it’s still let’s do show all i will say the interface is really nice, very user, friendly there’s. So many different things which i love it’s awesome and then obviously the best part about this screen is the fact that you can wait and then you can pivot it all the way around um or you know.

If i wanted to clear out space in the dining room area, i can do that if i’m being honest, this is probably eventually going to go in our bedroom. It is much larger much larger than i thought um, but i love it. I mean it’s only day. Two ride two i’m, not gon na ride tomorrow, because i think i need to give my behind a little break um. But i plan on doing it four times a week three to four times a week and i’m really excited to love cycling. The way that everyone else loves it anyways, that is my peloton bike. I hope that you enjoyed this video. Let me know if you have any questions who knows if i can answer them, but i can give you my experience: um down below yeah.