The other king of Android watches both run. Wear OS have a round display and work with pretty much. Every Android phone well be breaking down the differences in the screens, the health sensors battery life and more to help you decide between the two. Now your first decision might come down to price and size. The Galaxy watch 5 starts at 279, US dollars for the 40 millimeter version or 309 for the 44 millimeter version, while the pixel watch is only in one 41 millimeter size and starts at 349 for your information Im wearing the 40 millimeter Galaxy watch 5. In this video, you can also spend a little bit extra on both to get an LTE or cellular option that lets you use the watch away from the phone and still get calls and messages links to all the latest. Pricing and chapters are in the description for you, but without any further Ado lets get into it, pixel Galaxy, more or less game on Music. Yes, these are both round watches, but they really are like chalk and cheese. In many other respects, the pixel watch has curved edges a Sleek wristwatch, look with a crown and a side button. The Galaxy watch 5 has a flat screen with two side buttons now, which one is going to be more comfortable on your wrist. Well, that will depend on things like the size of your wrist as well as, of course, your personal style, elegant and Sleek or utilitarian and practical now.

For me, my wrist is 152 millimeters, so thats pretty small and the pixel watch. I think definitely looks and feels better, especially if Im doing sleep tracking overnight its much more comfortable. But it might be too small for some wrists and I like having options with the Galaxy watch 5. Even if I dont think its as comfortable overall, then theres the question of bezel versus bezel. Now both watches have one and its really going to depend on the watch face you use as to whether or not you notice it or not. The bezel on the Galaxy watch 5 does have one extra trick, though it is a touch bezel, so you can move your finger around it to navigate and scroll through menu options. I kind of prefer the crown on the pixel watch. I dont think its as fussy to use and I dont have to be as precise with my movements. Dont get me wrong. I still miss the physical rotating bezel from older Galaxy watches, but hey this isnt the time or the place or the video, so Im, just gon na go pull one out over there. Now a physical dial is obviously easier to control as well. If your hands are sweaty or wet, unlike the touch bezel, that doesnt really work very well at all. If theres any moisture in your hands and speaking of all things damp, water resistance is on both and they can track swimming, but only the Galaxy watch 5 is officially rated ip68, so that means dust and water resistant.

The pixel watch is rated for 5 ATM or 50 meters screens beautiful screens. Both of these watches use, OLED displays with a maximum 1000 nits and Ive had zero issues, seeing either of them in bright sunlight, and they can stay always on too, which is a nice touch, especially if you dont want to keep raising your wrist or tapping the Screen but of course, battery life is affected when you use the always on and well talk about that later and lets get into the bands on the pixel watch theres a little button on the side you can push and then move the strap to detach it and Honestly, its just a little bit fiddly, I accidentally end up somehow pressing the crown, because I dont know fat fingers. Maybe the Galaxy watch 5 has more traditional spring bars, which are honestly just as fiddly, but the plus side is you get broader compatibility with 20 millimeter bands watch faces are another way to change the look and feel of your watch, and there are not, as many First party options on the pixel watch as youll get on the Galaxy watch, but of course there are plenty of third party options on the Play Store for both and, of course there is a speaker and microphone on both of these watches. You can do things like take calls dictate messages, hear notifications read aloud, but only the Galaxy watch 5 lets. You play back music from the speaker, which is probably one of my its a feature that no one probably uses except for me, but I love it and the fact that I can do that on the Galaxy watch.

5. is great so far. I think its actually a pretty Level Playing Field, but of course we are not done yet. These two watches pretty much do all the basics. They track your steps, they track calories, your sleep and so many different workout types. The biggest differences are in some of the health tracking features and the interfaces, so the pixel watch really relies heavily on Fitbit for its workout tracking and in the app youll find all of this information after the fact, while the Samsung watch is all found in Samsung Health, yes, you can use Google fit on both, but I dont know why you would really because its totally subjective, but for me overall, the Fitbit app is the most easy to use and IT services things in a much nicer way than the Samsung Health app on The flip side, though the Galaxy watch does do things like automatic workout detection for say walks and runs, and it is super reliable, but for some bizarre reason the pixel watch does not do this, even though other fitbits have automatic workout detections like what are you doing? Google heres a laundry list of other health features you might want and need. The Galaxy watch gives you a bio impedance sensor that measures body, composition, theres also a blood oxygen sensor and a temperature sensor, but that last one isnt active. Yet at the time recording which is kind of a bummer theres, also an ECG app for detecting signs of atrial fibrillation, but you also need to have a Samsung phone to use this feature.

Unless you do side load, the health monitor app on another Android doable, but a bit more work. The pixel watch also has an ECG that works on any Android phone as well as blood oxygen tracking. But the theme is sensors, arent active at the time of launch, and the blood oxygen on the pixel watch is not at least at the time. I recorded this. I guess Time, Heals all wounds. The other thing is, the pixel watch does not have high and low heart rate alerts and irregular heart rate alerts that the Galaxy watch 5 does they both have GPS built in, and that means you dont need to take a phone with you to track workout route Information and they both lock onto a signal within about five seconds of being outside, which is great. The pixel watch, though, was more accurate in terms of calculating distance when compared to a control phone, but things like steps and Pace were all within the same ballpark of each other on both of the watches heart rate sensor. Accuracy is the other big calling part of the pixel watch and compared to a chest, strap. It is the watch I choose over the Galaxy watch if I wanted the closest and most accurate results for a cardio workout okay, so we have to talk about Fitbit premium. Now this is the 10 a month subscription service. You do get six months free with the pixel watch, but it gives you things like workout plans but, more importantly, its the in depth.

Health metrics, like a daily Readiness score and more in depth, sleep tracking data that I find the most valuable. You can totally use this watch without the subscription, but it is something to keep in mind if you like all of that extra data, and I find it really really valuable, especially because the pixel watch just gives me more useful information, especially about things like recovery, which Is great if youre trying to train for something – and you just want to make sure that youre, not over training or, conversely, under training? The Galaxy watch does not need a subscription to unlock any additional data, which is great, but on the flip side, the data it does give. You is really just not as in depth as the pixel watch. Overall, specifically around sleep tracking, which is superior on the pixel watch. Now not only is the Sleep score way more indicative of the quality of my sleep like one night, I get a score in the 90s on the pixel and a score in the 70s from the Galaxy watch like who doesnt want to be a star student, when It comes to sleep. The Galaxy watch just didnt, really reflect how good I felt. After that nights, sleep and the Galaxy watch. 5S blood oxygen ratings overnight are just super low Ive been wearing this watch since launch, and they just havent got any better yet so, Im still hoping for a software update to improve the accuracy of blood oxygen readings overnight time to talk about battery its so important.

For any smart watch and theres always a couple of ways to slice this now results are going to vary depending on how you use the watch, but with the always on display, active and similar usage patterns on both with notifications, turned on and a one hour, GPS Workout I can get about 21 hours on the Galaxy watch 5 on the smaller version or 20 hours on the pixel watch. So generally youll want to top these up before bed. If sleep tracking is your jam now be aware that the pixel watch really eats a lot of battery for sleep tracking and it can drop more than 20 percent overnight, with the always on display off and lighter usage without a GPS, workout expect around 24 hours on The Galaxy watch 5 or 26 on the pixel watch now, of course, if you have the 44 millimeter Galaxy watch 5 thats going to give you a bit more battery in life closer to about 30 hours, and I will update my full text comparison with LTE battery Of results once thats available Samsung has another trick of its sleeve with reverse wireless charging, so you can put the watch on the back of some Samsung phones to top it up, which is kind of nice. Speaking of charging, the Galaxy watch 5 goes from Flat to 45 percent in less than 30 minutes and then to full in about one and a half hours. The pixel is about 34 minutes to get to 45 and then to get to completely full.

It will get there in about the same time as the Galaxy watch5, and neither of them come with the fast charging. Brick that you will need to support the fast charging times, because we cant have nice things. Please just give me a charger in the box, alright time for all the other bells and whistles on these watches that make them smart watches, not just fitness trackers. Of course, there is music storage on both and you have a wide variety of third party apps available through the Play Store, youll get mobile payments on both through Google wallet or you can also put Samsung pay on the Galaxy watch. The Google Assistant experience is mostly similar between the two, but I think the pixel watch overall has the more smooth and seamless experience, especially when youre also paired to a pixel phone. You can, of course, use Bixby with the Galaxy watch 5. If you want, I dont really know why, unless you love your Bixby routines, but I know there are some of you out there. Text input on the Galaxy watch 5 with the keyboard is a little bit easier. Just because theres more screen to use and swipe to text is surprisingly accurate. The pixel watch screen is just not as big so its a little bit more tricky, especially with larger fingers, and, of course, you can increase or decrease the text size as you like, alright rights, there is some bad news I have to share with you now.

Neither of these watches use the latest and greatest processes thats, not necessarily a bad thing, but performance wise. The pixel watch doesnt feel as Snappy as the Galaxy watch now, its not slow at all, but sometimes it does feel slightly less responsive, especially if Im doing things like multitasking and running multiple apps doing say like a workout and listening to music. At the same time now it comes down to the part of the video where you need to pick a winner, and I think this one is very much a case of a dollar amount and what use case you have for your watch now. The pixel watch arguably looks nicer: it has better heart rate, tracking GPS accuracy and more refined data analysis, but its only one size and the battery life is really not as strong as it should be. For the price. Now the Galaxy watch doesnt, add any game. Changing features to the Smartwatch world, but it does come in multiple sizes and it has some sensors. The pixel watch Lacks as long as I get turned on eventually, and you know how to use them to their full potential thanks so much for watching. I hope this has been helpful for you in deciding which Android watch is the right one for you. If you have any additional questions about things that I didnt touch on in the video drop me, a comment find me on your favorite social media app, and, if you like, the video, please give it a thumbs up.

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