How good this one, the honor uh smart watch is right. Now you can see that it is, in my hand, im using it for the last two weeks, so this video will reveal all the details about this honor uh band 6: Inteligentny zegarek. To ma 1.47 cal, uh ammo led uh display, and this has many functions with related to the health. Tak właściwie, this is a health watch. By honor you will get an application which you can download from the app store. A, Przepraszam, the google play store and you can install the configure it and you will get all the details with related to your health, which has uh nearly six to seven volts health modes in this uh watch and you can uh change the display uh. The face of the watchand there are a lot of functionality ill show it closely and ill show all the details in the app which i have been using and the result ill discuss about. The result of this particular watch. Ive been using it for my heart rate, my exercise purpose, my vocal purpose, my monitoring, my sleep quality. This all. I have the records with me and ill. Tell you how good this one is, after uh, showing all those videos so keep watching this video today to know how good this one is and will i recommend this honor band 6. thanks for watching so lets have a closer look at this. The cover the case.

I already opened it so this is honor band and you can see that it is mentioned. Ma to 1.47 ammo led display and 24 bar 7 heart rate monitoring automatic workout detection fast charging. Jak powiedziałem, it has got fast charging uh capability. If you charge it for uh eight minutes, you can use it for three days and i have tested that and then stress test workout modes. Ma to 14 dni pracy na baterii. Its very good life ive checked that also then it has called strip tracking sleep tracking ill. Tell you that in detail with the help of the app and uhand it has got a five atm water, uh resistance and spo to uh inbuilt, so i opened it, you can see it right now. In my hand, i put a cover in this thats a silicon cover, but i dont recommend that cover because you will not be able to see uh your watch display if you use this uh cover now, as you can see that this is the watch i have Used a case a protection case here, but i dont recommend this case. This is good for the protection of this watch, ale uh. If you see that closely, you can see a dot mark over that case silicon case this is actually silicon case, so uh the visibility of the display in the daytime in the sunlight. It will be very hard to see so i dont recommend that see.

If you see closely, you can see a dot mark here in the screen if you use the silicon, but it is actually good for protecting your display. Otherwise there is a chance and high chance that you will. Your display will get scratches and you use it roughly. So so this is the watch. This is the heart rate. Reading sensor this is horner. The brand is uh mentioned here on the both side that you have to use the you have to remove the silicon case, to show that so ill remove the silicon, and i will show the rest of the part Music. Tak to będzie wyglądało. After removing the case, you can see that the badging on the right side im turning it on this is very sleek, jak widać teraz, Muzyka. So this is the display ill show you, for you can see that if you swipe it from here, you will get the display from here. You can take the watch faces right now. There are many watch faces. Mam zainstalowany. You can see that these all the watch faces. I have downloaded uh from uh the app this all our watch faces. There are two you can have 25 watch faces installed, uh in in this. If you dont want you, can you have to go to the app and you have to remove some of them and you can add the new one so im adding this is how you can set, select it and how this will function.

You have to swipe from the top youll get the features. This is for night mode. This is for the light the torch. Tak właściwie, this is for vibration. If you click on this, the the mobile that is synced to the watch will will get the vibration uh. One more thing that this four particular watch doesnt have a call calling function because you cannot put a sim in this watch. This is connected through the bluetooth uh to your watch to your mobile and uh. You wont get a calling function, but you will receive the call here and you can reject the call from here. You cannot make the call from the watch and there is the timer, and there are a lot of functions with related to that. You can see that you can set other settings like a display vibration. You know this workout settings. If you go to the workout settings, you can select that you have to swipe to the right. You can see that to go to the previous window. Now you can make the settings how to connect this. You have to go to the settings and then turn it on. Then you can connect with the sync with the mobile. Teraz, if you click on this button, here is a button. You will get go back to the display. If you double click on it, you will get all the uh features that is workout features, rekordy treningu, tętna, spo2 ability, Działania, Rekordy, stres snu, Oddychaniu, Ćwiczenia, Muzyka, you can connect to the music, you cannot store.

There is no storage, uh, music storage and there is no speaker to hear the music directly from the watch, but you can connect it to your single video mobile and you can post and play the music from here. Then this is notification. This is weather, stopwatch timer alarm torch, find the phone and other settings. These are the main common things in this watch. Jak widać, if you slide, you will get the previous window from here. If you swipe right side, you will get all the details, jeden po drugim, as you can see here right now, so these are the main basic things uh in this watch and you can ill go ill, go to the app and ill show ill share. The screen screen recording of that app so that you will understand the features better about this watch. This is the health app for this watch. You can download it from the google play store that is uh. You can search for who have a health app and you can download and install after installing it. You have to connect it with your watch. You have to sync it after syncing. You will get all the details, as you can see the home screen display. This is the home screen, jak widać teraz. There are a lot of functions in this. You can see the spo to uh that which i have checked, that showing 99 percentage. The accuracy of this details are very true.

This is the save function. You can see that this is the reason the sleeve i have recorded and you will be able to fetch all the details with relate to the sleep quality, uh, the recommendations, uh the daily view, the weekly view. You can see that all the details here and your sleep score will be visible. You can move uh all the hours uh using the slider and see the quality of the sleeve. That is a very cool function which i have checked throughout, and that is very true. Almost accuracy, its detecting everything accurately now, if you want to go and check the Music workout details, the outdoor run, uh details, the hurt rate uh everything will be available. Everything is available here and now you, Jeśli chcesz, Możesz, can go to check, go and check the stress uh it will. It is reading the stress very accurately, and these are the basic things which you can see from the home video. Teraz, if you go to the uh devices, you can see that i have connected the devices. You can see that the currently i connected my band now. If you go and see uh the watch faces now, click on the watch faces it will take to the watch faces from where you can download hundreds of watch faces. There are hot watch faces. There are paid watch faces and free watch faces available. There are hundreds of them watch faces and there are hundreds of them.

Jak widać już teraz, im scrolling down and down and down there are a huge number of watch faces available. So you can use it from that either you can pay and use the watch faces or you can go for the free. There is one pretty cool functionality of this honor band six. Teraz, if you go to uh excise section, you can see that the details of the outdoor run, which i have made all thisthat will be available here now, if you go to me, that is my profile where you can see all the details with related to Your profile, you can customize it, you can make changes there. You can see your achievements. If you take the my achievement section, you will see you will be able to see the my achievements and you can change the settings. Privacy management. Everything is available in that section. Teraz, if you click on your band section your device, then it will take to the your uh watch section and from there you can customize your settings and all things related to the your personal uh home honor band 6 Zegarek. So this is the final verdict uh. Regarding this watch im pretty happy with this. Jak powiedziałem, this is very cool, very sleek and the accuracy of this watch is pretty good and it is taking everything correctly. Almost correctly, 90 percentage correctly, the uh measuring im pretty happy everything. The accuracy of this watch is very good when you compare it with any other watches, and it is slick, and it is a band.

Watch and 100 is recovering this honor voice.