Huawei have developed a revolutionary solution that gives you a few less things to worry about, and they call it. The Huawei watch but theyve taken truly Wireless noise, canceling earbuds and a smartwatch Fitness tracker and combine them into one Music. Now lets address some of the concerns that some people might have about a product like this. So theres, probably two things you dont want from a new smartwatch. You dont want it to be thicker and you dont want it to have worse battery life. Dobrze, check this out so heres the thickness compared to the Huawei GT2 Pro thats to watch in the middle and the Apple Watch series 8, and I did measure the thickness its about 15 millimeters and thats around 0.5 millimeter thicker than the Garmin epics 2, which is A chunky watch but has no earbuds inside, so I do believe the trade off here might be worth it for some of you now having worn the Huawei watch Buzz for a few days now, I can tell you from experience that the feel and usability of it Is no more cumbersome or unwieldy than an Apple Watch Ultra if you have particularly thick wrists, this wont look unusual when youre wearing it and when it comes to battery life. Huawei watches have always been legendary, with the GT line, sometimes lasting up to 14 dni. On a single charge with the Huawei watch buys it can last up to three days and I do believe thats a real claim, because Ive been using this quite a lot over the past few days and the battery life has been phenomenal.

Oczywiście, if youre constantly using the earbuds several times a day, you could wear it down quicker, but three days is very respectable and about the same amount of battery life that I get from my Apple Watch series 8.. Więc dla mnie, switching from the series 8 to this Im, not compromising when it comes to battery life and another concern that some people might have about. A watch like this is what happens if I accidentally knock it against a wall or a door frame as Im. Walking will the earbuds eject out and fly halfway across the room, so I intentionally try to get them to self reject and I could not do it. I even popped the lid. I tried to flick the earbuds off the magnetic connection and that didnt work either. Więc, unless something actually manages to touch the exact part of the watch where the button is then theres very little to worry about, but listen here, heres another question that some people might have are the earbuds actually any good? Dobrze, I myself had my reservations when I saw the size of the earbuds, so I really wasnt expecting that much when it came to sound quality. But you know what Im going to tell you what I think of the sound quality and it might surprise you but well come back to it a little bit later on in the video and likewise, when I heard about the noise canceling capabilities of the earbuds, I Was expecting the noise canceling reduction to be at best, maybe average? Ale wiesz, co, z mojego doświadczenia, testing earbuds these actually are a lot better than a lot of the affordable noise cancellers that Ive tested in the past and because the buds inside the watch pads are so small and they fit so deep into your ear canal.

The weight of them isnt offset on the outside of your ear, which means they sit, really snugly inside the ear canal, making them perfect for or gym or running, or things like that, and they are ip54 rated. So a little like rain is no sweat for the watch, bites Buds and they can handle sweat. So if youre a budding gymnast Enthusiast or a bodybuilding weight lifter, I dont know where I was going with that, but yes theyre ip54 and they are suitable for the gym. So now lets run through and get a close look at the ingenious design here. The display is a 1.4 inch ammo lid. The protective glass is made from whats known as a lithium aluminum silica material, better known as 3D curved glass on the back youll see the true seam 5.0 sensor array, thats five years of Health tracking r d from Huawei right here. Więc, jeśli twój, looking for health tracking features like heart rate, Monitorowania, VO2 max sp02, max sleep, śledzenie kalorii, spalone schody, stress GPS, its all here in this deviceand it also has six axis inertial sensors for tracking more complex activities such as trampolining or disc golf. I hope thats the thing and just like some of huaweis other wristware, the Huawei watch Buzz, has a classic design of a traditional dial at the side, which is a single button input it actually doesnt scroll, like the GT series, does its just a clickable button.

The crown has clued the Paddy details, which looks pretty classy and thats further enhanced by the full grain. Leather watch strap that it comes with, which has this really nice light colored thread weaved into it, and if youre wondering about the colors, you can get it in any color as long as its black but check this out. If you want to make it more sporty, you can remove the watch straps using the quick release system and change them up for anything you like and, Oczywiście, Ive looked at the Huawei Health app and the watch face designs that are available and theres. Now more free watch faces than theres ever been before and theres a ton of Premium paid ones as well, so you can pretty much make it look. jednak, you want you can just do it now. Lets talk about whats under the hood. Tam są 21 layers of tech Innovation here and the lid is magnetically sealed and when you pop the lid youll notice that the earbuds are magnetically connected to the lid, which is in fact, the screen and whats interesting about the connection between the earbuds and the watch Itself is that theyre, a platinum wireless charging Rings wrapped around each one of the earbud buzz, and this allows for that magnetic charging to connect on any side of the earbud. This means you dont have to place them back in in a specific way for them to recharge, although you do have to make sure the tips are facing in the right direction and get this for a user friendly functionality feature.

The earbuds are ambidextrous and I do realize thats, not the right terminology for this type of tech, but hopefully you get the idea. Each earbud can dynamically switch to the left or right channel based on how you place them back into the watch charging chamber. This means you dont need to look for the small print on the buzz to figure out, which one is the left and which one is the right, and this will save you time and, Jak wiecie, nobody can give you a time back. Dobrze, maybe King the Conqueror so listen here. These earbuds will not be competing for the crown in the Huawei earbuds lineup. jednak, when you consider the size relative to the sound quality, the ANC technology and the features, I think these might be the best miniaturized earbuds that Ive ever heard to date, Theyre 50, smaller than your average earbuds, and they weigh just four grams and theyre incredibly comfortable. They support Bluetooth, 5.2 and multi point pairing, so that means you can connect to your phone and your laptop. W tym samym czasie, they support AAC and SBC codex, and the frequency response is 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and thats, pretty respectable, given the size and when it comes to delivering the sound. It has a quad magnet, amplifier and planner diaphragm drivers in each earbud, and I know this is starting to get real technical, but stay with me here. Itll all make sense in a minute.

They also do have bone conduction, Czujniki, active wear detection and, Oczywiście, the active noise canceling. There are two mics on each earbud, one inner one outer and they use huaweis intelligent, EQ adjustment software to tweak the sound based on the ambient noise around you. At the time, and when it comes to voice cool Clarity, these use huaweis, vpu and wind reduction software in an attempt to make this as crystal clear as possible and Ill. Let you guys be the judge of that. W porządku. What youre listening to right now is the standard voice, Jakości, no background noise at all in this room and one of the cool things about these earbuds inside the watches. The actual watch doesnt have a microphone or speaker built in, but when you get a phone call, you can take the earbuds out, put them in your ear and answer the call that way. Ale w każdym razie, let me know what you think of the voice. Quality now now lets introduce some noise. W porządku, so now weve got some pretty loud road noise, quite close to my face here coming out to speakers of this phone. Let me know how its handling that background noise is it isolating my voice. Wyraźnie, how does it sound? Daj mi znać, and then lets pick it up another level and introduce some wind okay. So now Ive got some background noise and its a pretty strong wind, hitting me straight in the face right now.

My eyeballs are starting to dry up. Let me know how were sounding in this extreme condition, and that concludes the mic. Pickup test now youre, probably wondering about the battery life in the earbuds themselves. They have four hours playback with ANC off three hours with ANC on, and that would have been enough for my flight from London to Barcelona for the NWC. Więc dla mnie, these actually tick a lot of the boxes when it comes to just stand alone. Earbuds one thing to keep in mind, chociaż, when used in combination with the watch, the earbuds are ip54 rated, but the watch itself isnt, ip54, rated and thats for a good reason. You really dont want to be locking moisture inside the charging case here now. How about this for a thoughtful feature from Huawei? There are capacitive touch controls on the earbuds themselves, so you can actually tap the earbuds, but doing so might actually push them further into your ear and make them uncomfortable. So what Huawei have done is expanded. The touch sensitive area to the ear itself, so you can actually tap here or even the top of your ear here to control the earbuds alright. So time is of the essence, so lets run through what the watch can actually do. Oczywiście, it can play music locally to the earbuds. It has over 80 tryby treningu, including my favorite laser tag and is even pre loaded courses and training plans on the watch itself, and it does have that three day battery life, which is impressive.

When you consider the power supply is split between the watch and the earbuds. Its also got GPS and pretty much all of the health tracking features that you get from the GT line and its running Harmony away. So it can integrate seamlessly across the harmony OS ecosystem, which include devices like laptops, Telefony, tablets and other smart home gadgets and warriors Health. App has come a long way too and, moim zdaniem, its one of the most beautifully presented Fitness tracking apps. That Ive seen the stats are very easy to read and theres, even scientific Health advice offered to you, based on your personal metrics, and this to me is really a standout feature, because a lot of Health tracking apps will show you the stats, but dont actually help You make much sense of them, whereas this one does and you can install third party apps to the watch which can actually link other services to the watch like Strava and things like that, and it does have NFC. So you can set up your Huawei wallet. This is region dependent, though now coming back to the sound quality from the buds inside the watch pads now coming back to the sound quality of the buds inside the watch buds. These tiny earbuds did not just exceed my expectations when it came to sound quality. They have significantly surpassed the expectations they sound really good, surprisingly good, particularly when it comes to the higher frequencies. The details are very present very clear, making vocals sound very nice.

The bass given the size of these is respectable even on the default EQ. One of the great things about these earbuds is, you can adjust the EQ and there is a bass boost EQ if youre into that kind of thing, and it gets better because when you turn the ANC on everything goes up a level and if youre wondering about The quality of the ANC again, my expectations were pretty low. These have pleasantly surprised me when it comes to anc2 just based off my tests here in the studio I havent really tested them on a train or a plane yet, but if I was to give them a score out of 10, based on my experience with noise, Canceling earbuds in the past, I would give them an easy, Siedem, so heres what I think, if youre in the market for a smartwatch Fitness, tracker and earbuds, why not get them all in one and you might be thinking a product like this seems a bit gimmicky, But trust me, the watch buds from Huawei are not a gimmick, theyre the real deal. I could actually see myself using these on a day to day basis for business for leisure and maybe for the gym. If I can ever bring myself around to signing up to one and think about this, this is generation. One of this hybrid watch imagine what this could look like 10 years from now. Maybe this will be the way anyway Im off to watch Mandalorian season 3 and contemplate whether I should join the gym, and let me know what you think of this product.