PRO Rugged SmartWatch Unboxing Recenzja 馃敟 czujnik t臋tna GPS Inteligentny zegarek

馃憤Professional Design Rugged smartwatch for any kind of uses, Such as Outdoor running Track heart rate or GPS location swimming Climbing ETC馃憤

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The Rugged smartwatches are incredibly versatile. Multifunctions durable smartwatches designed to enhance outdoor adventures, This Outdoors-focused smartwatch great for hiking, p艂ywanie, wearing to work, playing with the kids and everything. the integrated technologies (fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, integration with the LoT, pairing with a smartphone and many more)

鉃★笍All New Product Features Included this Smartwatch猬咃笍

Semi-Transparent Screen: 1.28 Cal 128*128 pixel always on semi-transparent screen, When the light stronger you can see clearly.
Profesjonalny wodoszczelny: Suitable for swimming, white water rafting, non-snorkeling water-related work., and fishing

Environmental Silicone Rubber Strap: The flexible skincare, hollow design helps perspiration, sweat corrosion-resistant makes it more breathable.

Accurate GPS Positioning: Provide accurate data for outdoor sportsmen, record the moving trail, miles, and speed when turn on the relevant sports modes, with credible navigation directions, guide the runners to a safe journey.

24 Hrs Heart Rate Monitor: Optical heart rate sensor, 24 hours all-weather detection with every 10 minutes automatically detecting and uploading to the APP, Heart rate variation and status every day, keep healthy and know your personal best.

Indoor Running: Record heart rate status, kroki, kalorii, maximum speed, pokoju, przebieg, itp.

Outdoor Running: Record the trajectory, heart rate status, kroki, kalorii, maximum speed, pace mileage(GPS calculation)
P艂ywanie: Record heart rate swimming posture swing arm number calorie circle

Wspinaczka: Record trajectory, t臋tna, Okular, kalorii, altitude ETC
Riding & Spacery: Record trajectory, maximum speed, pokoju, t臋tna, kalorii, mileage ETC

Powiadomienia: Remind by vibration when there are calls or messages.

Remote Control Music & Zdalny aparat: Control phone music using smartwatch such as next songs, Up, push or play, itp. Take a photo using self-timer using a remote camera

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