Z niecierpliwością czekam na ten film każdego roku. Są to 2022 Smartwatch Awards i po przejrzeniu dziesiątek inteligentnych zegarków w ciągu roku i testach, w zasadzie każdy, który wyszedł. Oto moje typy na najlepsze inteligentne zegarki, Ale zamiast po prostu klasyfikować je jako jeden do pięciu, I want to break it down by different needs, because everyone uses them for different things. Some people care about battery life, some people, care about style, some people, care about Fitness, tracking abilities and different things like that. So the categories were going to talk about in this video. The awards so to speak are the best hybrid Smartwatch, the best smartwatch for working out the best, looking obviously subjective but Ill. Give you my opinion on that, the best for small risks. This is a new category I didnt include in the past, but for anyone who has really tiny wrists, there are smart watches for you out there, the best new player in the game, the best value, the best fitness band and, Oczywiście, the best overall split into Apple and Android, because theyre not always compatible so starting off with the very first awards. The best hybrid Smartwatch Ive always been a huge fan of hybrid smart watches for the incredible battery life, their Superior Aesthetics, at least in my opinion, and their ability to still do a lot of smart watchy things from notifications to ECGs and heart rate, tracking and step Tracking and all the basics that you probably want on a day to day basis now they dont have like GPS.

They dont have the more advanced functions. You cant get Uber on them, but you get a lot of the basics of a smart watch and the winner. This year is none other than the Withings scan watch Horizon. I think its a beautiful looking watch. I love the way they designed this its a solid feeling watch and at first glance nobody would know its a smart watch, so that makes it perfect for wearing into an office or dressing up with this watch. But at the same time, tak jak powiedziałem, itll track your steps. It has an ECG on here. You can even track your sleep as well, and the weddings app has a lot of detailed analytics on your health, making this a clear winner, but of course hybrid smart watches, are not ideal for anybody whose primary focus is try tracking workouts. You want a great GPS. You want the best heart rate sensor out there. You want something thats thin and light and lasts a long time with the battery, and while you can get into sports watches thats an entirely different category, focusing first on smart watches right the display looks like a smart watch. You get notifications like a smart watch. You have Spotify all those things. The winner in my opinion, for this category is the Garmin venue. 2 plus Ive actually been wearing this as my everyday Smartwatch for a good couple months in the past year. I really love this watch and although garmins interface is not nearly as refined as the likes of wear Os or Samsungs interfaces or Apples interfaces for that matter, it still gets the job done.

Youre able to see a lot of your health analytics and on Long workouts, you can customize the display. You can listen to offline Spotify and, Najważniejsze, its thin its light. It has a long battery life and its incredibly accurate, while still connecting to a lot of other accessories from wireless earbuds for listening to music. While you run to heart rate straps, if you want something even more accurate and, of course thinking with things like Strava and other apps, besides just the Garmin app, which is already a really good one. But I want to give you an alternative. If money is absolutely no issue to you, then you can consider the Apple watch Ultra now the Apple watch Ultra, you probably heard a lot about. It has a longer battery life, a much much larger design and its really meant for more active styles of of working out now. Dla mnie, my measly 10 Mile runs dont, really qualify for needing an Apple Watch Ultra, but if youre doing anything longer, that could be a really solid watch. I think right now from my observations, its mostly just like Tech nerds buying it not so much the hardcore athletes. A lot of them are still buying the sports watches from sundo and Garmin and, i wiesz,, polar and other companies like that. Ale znowu, sports watches are another topic. The next award is for the best new player. Every year we have new companies coming out with smart watches that previously never made smart watches and many times these are total flops other times, theyre a real contestant, and so the point of this category is that this is a smart watch to keep your eye on A smartwatch thats probably going to be getting updates to make it a lot better, a smart watch that is definitely going to be a really strong contender in its Second Generation, and this is the Google pixel watch.

It was really hyped up a lot and when they first launched it, I thought for sure I was going to be disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised and Ive worn. This watch pretty much every day for the past month and theres a lot to like about it. I love how the software and the interface really works pretty smoothly. Szczerze, a do tego, you they do a good job of masking the bezel. Unlike a lot of other watches out there that just have color displays all the way up to the edge, and you see a large bezel, this one kind of Fades to Black all the way around, and you dont even realize that you have that large black bezel Around there there are, there is room for improvement, so Im not giving this the best overall Smartwatch, but its a really strong Contender, and I would say that its definitely in top five and considering its first generation. I was very happy to see that next category being the best looking smart watch, this is obviously very subjective. So a couple little shout outs here we have things like the fossil Gen 6, which I think is a really nice. Looking smart watch as well as the Skagen Gen 6 and many others out there, all of which slated to get the Ware OS 3 aktualizacja. Actually they already did get that update, but the winner of this category, moim zdaniem, has to be the Samsung Galaxy watch.

4. now this is a year old, but the reason Im still recommending it is because in almost all aspects, it really is identical to the new Galaxy watch 5 except the watch 4 classic has a physical rotating bezel, its extremely satisfying to use. I love having this watch and, na dodatek, tak jak powiedziałem, you really do get everything that the Galaxy watch 5 has from bioimpedance measurements to ECG to GPS accuracy, wszystkie te rzeczy, its still a really solid watch, i tak, even though its a generation older. I Would by no means overlook this watch, its still part of Samsungs lineup and I think its a really strong buy for anybody. That wants a nicer looking smart watch, but doesnt want to go all the way to a hybrid Smartwatch, but talking about Aesthetics of smart watches. Some people have smaller wrists and a large watch like this just might not look good on your wrist and if thats the case, there are smaller watches out there, and probably the smallest one that Ive seen while still being a pretty decent watch is more like a Hybrid watch in a way this is the Garmin Lily, its more of a feminine design and its incredibly small, while still giving you a basic touch screen, tak jak powiedziałem, very similar to garmins hybrid watches, but it doesnt have analog hands. Zamiast tego, it has kind of a nice little pattern and there are several different designs.

Więc jeśli masz mały nadgarstek – and you want something subtle that still looks pretty nice on your wrist, the garminelli could be the perfect one for you. Next up the best value. Inteligentny zegarek, I know Im going to get some debate for this. Some people might say some Amaze, fit watches or Huawei watches, leave a comment below and let me know what you think the best value Smartwatch is, ale dla mnie, especially in the United States. I think this is a no brainer. Apple Watch. Se delivers a flagship level watch experience, great interface, great integration, fantastic accuracy, the whole Suite everything that the Apple watch offers, but at a substantially lower price. This is about half the price of the Apple watch, eight and the newest Apple watch SC. The second generation really is a fantastic watch. Theres not a whole lot that youre compromising, with some exceptions, with the display and some exceptions with like an ECG and things like that. But I would say most people out there, who are even considering an Apple Watch should just ignore the Apple watch. Ultra ignore the Apple watch 8 and go right to the SC. You probably wont even notice a difference. Most of the time like I said, unless you really need an ECG or some of those little Fringe features that the flagship models do have. But if youre on a tighter budget than that, jeśli, jeśli tego nie zrobisz, want to spend 260 280 dollars by the way all of links down below for all of these, I spent a lot of time digging up the latest sales and Ill put.

Those in the description below, but if you want to spend even less than the Apple watch SE there are some incredibly cheap options out there. So the winner of this category, the best fitness band the best on a budget really is the me band 7.. So the xiaomi Mi band 7 offers really they keep getting better and better every year, jego bardzo lekki, its very subtle, its very comfortable, while at the same time giving you a surprising amount of Smartwatch features from a remote shutter capability. It shows you the weather on here you get notifications on here. It lets. You know when youre getting phone calls and its surprisingly accurate, with your heart rate when youre on a workout, so considering how cheap this is. I was really Blown Away by just how accurate it was from my measurements and then finally, the best overall but Im splitting this into Apple and Android, because theyre not cross compatible and so starting off with apple. Although I said most people out, there would be perfectly happy saving the money going with an Apple Watch SC. The truth is, if you really want the best and moneys no issue uh, it gets tricky right. Do you want to get the Apple watch 8 or the Apple watch Ultra theyre, almost two completely different devices, so the best overall everyday smart watch? I think the Apple watch 8 would probably win this one because youre already getting essentially the full Suite of features.

It works as a fantastic everyday watch and its a little bit smaller, so its going to fit better under clothing and its not a massive bulky watch. Thats my pick I dont know, and then we have the best overall for Android. Now Samsung came out with the Galaxy watch 5 i zegarek 5 Zawodowiec. Of course we have the Google pixel watch, weve got the fossil and the Scoggin watches and out of all of them I did actually compare one to one: the Galaxy watch and the the pixel watch, and I said that for a lot of people you probably would Be better off getting the Galaxy watch, it kind of hurt me to say that, but looking at the overall best watch of the year for Android users, I think the Samsung Galaxy watch 5. Pro is a clear pick here. I like the raised edges on there. They really make the digital bezel feel more natural, its not a totally massive watch. It feels like a little bit bigger here, but not as big as I expected and, jednocześnie, youre getting a lot of great features on there that are known for Samsung, while still getting a slightly better battery than you had on the Galaxy watch. 5. Regularne, so those are my picks overall, the best smart watches of 2022 and for whichever one youre most interested in. I have a full review and Ill link them down below, as well as a lot of comparisons, so feel free to dig around my channel and find any comparisons that youre interested in.