Smart watch with the helio p22 chip. Yes, that’s crazy! This is the length 14. You will have the buying links in description to purchase this beast of a smartwatch check this out. It has 4gb ram one point: yeah 1.6 inch screen ips with the corning goliath: glass, 4, unbelievable. It has golden gorilla glass, 4, here very high screen density. But the resolution is around four hundred and four hundred we’re gon na play these games. We’Re gon na check uh. Can it run pubg free fire uh? I don’t know uh what this clash royale we’ll see. Can they run these games stay tuned? The buying links from the description to purchase this smartwatch for now is uh on 200 200 worth on You can just uh check it out right now, pubg running with this smartwatch lenfo l14. This is on smoothest, graphics, using the gfx tool 60fps, so we’re gon na see how it looks like when we land that is nuts bro. There you go, we are in the game. I just picked up a gun just and can see yourself how it runs. Uh, of course, i don’t think you expect that there’s going to be a kind of gaming experience that you’re going to play this uh pub g over smartwatch, but i just want to show you there that this is something very epic in my opinion, pubg running here With the helio p22 uh octo chip with the 4gb ram, the smartwatch level m14 check this out bro anyway.

The thing is that you’ll need to adjust. Example, if you’re going to even try to play this game, you’ll need to adjust yourself here the shooting button, because, oh my god, somebody is coming let’s check this out in circle mode and i think they’re going to try to kill me oop and try to kill Me this guy’s going to try to kill me move move yeah. He killed me anyway. You can see myself. The buttons are super small. So if you want to be like to try this epic uh gaming test here with the lamp for test lmfo you’ll need to raise make these options. These buttons uh, bigger i’m, going to just right now, go and check here. Maybe uh we’re going to do some spectac spectacade spectate some player there. We go now i’m using the square mode, the square mod option. It’S loading still loading the map. Yes, loading. The map still loading the map that’s. Why it’s a little bit laggy uh? We can try if i can go to the next player, let’s check it out next player. If i can select him let’s see myself it’s very difficult, tough here, just a minute, let’s try to still loading the map here for this player. Don’T worry, it’s, still loading the map, loading and loading and loading and loading mean let’s. Try to use the square it’s going to circular screen check this out, it’s playing man. The pubg is running with this smart watch.

It is running bro let’s go with the next game and just unbelievable, but we’re gon na test. Also here uh, basically uh clash, royale uh with a smart watch playing clash royale with the smartwatch, never tested this game before like in this way. This is seriously honestly crazy, we’re going to play it right now to see how good i’m going to be playing right now, this game uh, with this with the smart watch, which is this lamphole m14 – can we do anything here good? Can we do some win or something we will see, let’s try to oh nice, that was nice. That was nice! Oh no! I hope i’m going to manage to kill this i’m going to just use right now, but it’s running bro check this out. Is there a zoning here? Let me just try to play with the here. We go beautiful let’s try this one! Here we go, oh no to hear it play some okay, that’s gon na be interesting right now very playable. This is ninjas. In my opinion, this is kind of playable, in my opinion, these kind of games if they are playable on smartwatches, but, like i already showed you pubg or some fps games, that’s going to be very difficult to play on this small smartwatch uh anyway. Let’S continue next interesting, very interesting bro check this out. Of course we have to test these kind of also games, let’s check it out check this out playing it on a smartwatch, very playable.

Let me just see what can i do? Okay, the oranges super crush nice. Music? Okay, if you can have some problems with touching something which is missing because of the round screen, i mentioned again, you just go here and check the circle of screen and i’m gon na have all the buttons available. Then just come back with the square screen and continue with the game. Remember that let me let’s see here go here right, playable, let’s go next! Okay, let’s check buck a uh racing 2 seconds. Just you can play this game with the gamepad connected and playing beach. Bugs that’s crazy check this out now check this out ready Applause, Applause, kind of playable kind of playable, doing that in closer for you, of course, you don’t have to use the gamepad. You can use here the off screen options. Sorry for that, bringing back the focus! Tell yourself on the go bro playing on the go here on a smartwatch Music, epic, nice bro playable check yourself in just yes, something again crazy playing free fire on a smart watch. What can i tell you guys? What can i tell you that is epic bro, that is epic completely epic. This lenfo lam 14 is something it’s, something seriously something. This smartwatch is something, though, where you fire on a smartwatch beautiful check this out, jess man, the frame rate of this uh of this game on the smartwatch, is really good. With this halo p22 check it out, i even done a kill, bro.

Okay, that is not zero. I killed somebody with a smart watch. Oh i don’t have anymore and i’m gon na just run i’m gon na see right now how to change now i’m. Having here, okay, i have weapon, i have weapon, i have weapon, i have weapon let’s go down. Where is he oh? That is so happy guru that is so epic 13 megapixel phone is a main camera 8 megapixel selfie camera bro. That is nuts check. It ninjas. Unbelievable, but also we can test here mobile legends with a smartwatch, yes, i’m running right now, mobile legends with a smartwatch. It should call smartwatch legends bro. That is really crazy. That is crazy. Man check out how many games i’m testing right now with the smartwatch which are basically running here – oh even first, but by me here there you go Applause, so we can see myself that here the action button is missing. So we’ll have to use this square about a square option square layout of the smartwatch check it out now. It’S attacking well check this out. Let me enable here, okay, we’re gon na wait. This guy come on let’s generate generator. There we go beautiful i’m going to bring back here. The square screen looks much better behind the screen screen check it out. Nice i mean just that should be it. I hope you enjoyed in this uh gaming review of the lenfo lem 14 smartwatch. This is insane value uh that basically insane value uh for for the features that it has a great smartwatch.

I wish that it does have a better battery life here, uh we what we saw it’s up to three days of visibility or constantly you can use it for 24 hours constantly like. If i can say you can’t play games 24 hours on the smart watch, but every day regular use here constantly like with different stuff, you will, you will be able to do that ninjas. This is seriously an impressive, impressive smartwatch and was never impressed by a smartwatch. Like this one, it has helio p22, i repeat again: i never had a helium p22 chip octa core chip inside of this smart watch anyway. That should be it. Thank you for watching this. Video have a great day and the buying links will be description by the way, but i was using the input pg 1999, as my gamepad check my full video hands on review of this smartwatch. Also on my youtube channel.