We are late for community day, but it’s, okay, you guys know why, because it is community day for and yes – and we are here with auntie gladys, hi, guys and and quack her psyducks. I wish the psyduck community day, though, and leo yep, so hi hi to all of you guys. So indeed it is tremendous community day, but we are already done playing the community day, though it is currently 11 03. Am because how many chinese do you all have for charmander? Seven, i just got one show show show all your shinies show all your shinies, oh and your chinese antique ladies, your chinese that’s, all okay yep, because they transferred their shinies away. But i also transferred a few of my shiny, so let’s check out what i’ve gotten already, because this is the second time that charmander, you know is having his community day so yeah i have a total of 21 charmanders. You know there are shiny, including the ones with the visor, including the one, with the costume and whatever. So why are we playing this comedy? Oh yes, because it’s triple stardust, but okay. So anyway, um before we actually show you guys the actual comm day, stuff i’m gon na just do a quick update on some of the shinies and some of the handles that i’ve gotten in the last few days. So let’s start off with shiny, alright. So for shiny i’ve, gotten quite a few new shiny pokemon, including the shiny shadow drowzee, which i showed in the video of me grinding 50 team rocket leaders, including a shiny scumry, a shiny cling, which i got from a raid.

My my friend sent to me got a few more gear, retinas and gold, plus a shiny hound doom hound hour. I mean, and also my very first shiny, vault awesome just the other day and yep. It was a my very first man come to think of it. Almost the same color as well beat so anyway, let’s check out some of the handles that i’ve gotten. This would be quite interesting to see, though, so i actually got myself, not one, not two, but three handle giratinas, okay, that night uh when it was the rate hour for europe, they actually sent me a lot of rates and i’m actually so lucky to actually get Two during that night they were just caught within the span of, like i think, 15 minutes, and then i got myself a handle so rock also from the egg hatched it and then got myself a hundo giratina again yesterday, when i was reading with antigliders and n And then i got myself a handle gastly that was from the research task: okay, that’s all for comedy, bye, no i’m, just kidding you guys so anyway. Yes, it is indeed you know charis charmander calm day and we will have to go to the shop to buy the community day box. First of all, as we will be able to get the elite charged tm, also so i’m gon na do that, okay and theoretically speaking there’s only one main thing that we really want to do for this particular combat, which is to elite fast tm, our charizard, all Right to get dragon breath so i’ll do so right now, where’s the dragon breath.

Maybe i need to force close hang on, be right back so leo. He actually evolved his charmander already and he actually got dragon breath. Let’S go back and check it out again. This is a bit worrying. Now, please come out what there’s no option? Okay, so what i intended to do was to elite fast tm, the dragon breath on this particular charizard and then elite charge dm the dragon. The blast burn also for it, because this is the charizard that i intend to use only for mega charizard x, but i can’t seem to do so right now. So i guess we will have to wait or see what’s going on so let’s just jump straight into the other stuff, then, which is to do the research task there’s, actually, the time, research and also the special research if you actually purchase the ticket for the time Research, we will be able to get a total of 300 um charizard energy. I suppose we have to power up pokemon five times catch five tremendous make five nights. Three nights throws that’s very, very easy to do. Let’S check out this special research, though a tale of tales all right. We have five stages to do actually just four four times three that’s 12 tasks to do power up pokemon 10 times; okay, catch 15 charmander and make five nice trolls. So i guess we can. Concurrently do both the timed and special research together because it’s kind of the same um, the fact that the special research you need to do more tasks.

I guess you will be able to complete the time research one at the same time. Also so let’s just start doing that start catching tremendous and um start powering up charmanders and not get dragon breath. Charizard mm, hmm, so let’s go let’s. Go go: go go morning, guys, good morning, guys good morning, guys morning, okay, good okay, i’m done guys, my first shiny charmander for this comedy yay! Well, you know. We know that there are people who actually kind of just started playing pogo like in the recent time. So you know, maybe this is your first ever you know charmander community day. So let me know in the comment section down below. Did you guys play the very first tremendous community day? If this is your first, you know tremendous community day. How excited are you guys and how many shinies you guys get man? Okay, guys we’re gon na power up this okay we’re just gon na max it out right, our previous comedy, pokemon, yeah, porygon? Finally, it’s maxed out. Finally, i managed to complete that task also, and we still have a lot of charmanders to catch yeah. Okay, guys we have one more charmander to catch, and this will be charmander number 15. awesome. We are done too many charmanders in a sighting with one macro. Oh, my god, okay let’s uh, do that oops let’s do that? Okay, so we are done with that. Let’S call it the reward. I’M. Very sure this is going to be h, charmander o’neil, right onio yup did you know that it was a tremendousness yeah, i’m.

Very sure you didn’t know all right. No, i didn’t know. I didn’t know that too man yeah, so let’s collect the reward we have and incense and another pokemon appears. You know what pokemon that’s going to be. Anything like this take a guess: no it’s charmander, oh gosh yeah. It is so anyway, we are going to say hi to professor villa good morning to you good night to you all right go and sleep. So, oh, my god, the charmander didn’t get caught let’s catch. That again, okay and it’s done so we have stage two to complete right now, all right. We have to catch 15, charmanders again, transfer 10 pokemon eve of three charmanders, okay cool. We will do that and we’re gon na check the two day out again and we can claim all the rewards. Yep 150 mega charizard energy with another 150 extra over there, so that’s 300 mega energy really really awesome. My camera is acting up to this behave. Stay still, okay, good, so let’s go ahead to check uh transfer some of the tremendous but let’s go ahead and do a four star appraisal. Nothing no handle tremendous yet, but just going to do a quick transfer so i’m going to show you guys. The excuse me we’re, going to show you guys the uh energy that i have, though my charizard mega energy right now is at 1179. Nineteen has updated that we can actually, you know, hold up to 2000 energy right now and also if we were to do a mega evolution right now say we were to evolve this um, you know charizard to omega charizard x.

You will see that the number of hours has been doubled from four hours has increased to eight hours right now that we can use the manga pokemon. I believe this is a permanent change, really awesome. Yep seven hours and 59 minutes left before it de evolved back to charizard form so other than that continue catching tremendous yep yeah, hey guys. We understand that different people play community day for different reasons, and you know majority of the people or should i say even us blade for chinese actually do we, no, we don’t we play for whatever reason, but most people would play it for chinese and even if You know we were to evolve a shiny charmander now to a charmeleon to a charizard. Well, i would say that majority of us have already seen it so there really isn’t a need for us to see this shiny charizard at all, but we actually decided to play this comm day because of the dragon breath charizard. However, anne has gotten info from from her friends from our friends that they also cannot elite fast tmdr charizards. So it is kind of a big problem and to us especially to ann and myself, it’s kind of a big scam in a way that you guys remember that mega pokemon were released and we actually made a video that we actually went crazy to do mega. Charizard raids, right, antique ladies yeah and anne actually got herself a handle charizard during that raid itself, and i think, ladies got herself a shiny charizard.

I actually got myself my handle charizard off camera, and i showed you guys in like the previous previous. You know how many videos ago, and i thought that i could elite fast here i mean i was willing to sacrifice my elite fast and elite charge dm for it, but now that we can only evolve it, you know to get the dragon breath. I feel that it’s kind of you know a scam, but you know hopefully that’s just temporary and that’s just for now. Hopefully we can actually elite fast tm it tomorrow next week or whenever it is possible or maybe december community day. Who knows so anyway, we have to catch one more charmander to actually complete this special research. It was a bit of a rant, but i’m done so anyway. Let’S just go ahead to catch that. Okay, maybe i need to run more to actually catch that charmander man come on, come on stay in the ball, okay, stop attacking! Please, okay! Good! Thank you very much! Okay! Are you done great? We are done we’re going to collect the rewards we’re going to get a charmeleon now exciting right. I think, like this yeah yep very exciting, all right, so we’re gon na claim the reward we’re gon na get the final reward over here. Two thousand starters, one incense and one profit that has already made up for the amount of you know money. I guess we have spent on this special research, because one puffin and one incense would actually equate to the cost of this special research already so we’re on stage three, and we have to make three great curved – throws evolve.

One chameleon and transfer 10 pokemon very easy to do man and we’re going to do it to this shiny charmeleon, which we have gotten it over here, we’re going to evolve it into chara wizard. You guys have already seen how shiny charizard looks like right. So let’s just skip this part. Okay, bye. I think this is the best part of the community day, which is to transfer away the tremendous and also to complete the research task awesome, and we are done with that. We’Re going to claim the rewards we’re going to get a rocket radar and also an incense awesome man, so a rocket radar is 200 coins. You know two dollars here in singapore dollars and yeah. It has already definitely made up for the amount of money we spent on the special research awesome so stage. Four though we have to make five nice trolls take a snapshot of a fire type pokemon and power up pokemon 10 times fire type, pokemon what’s, the fire type pokemon, oh moltres, yep, good one and we’re gon na take a snapshot of our timber. I mean my team bird because you are instinct and we’re going to take photos of the best fire type pokemon that i have in my collection me sando more twist. Oh hi, charmander, okay, cool! We are done with that. All right, big, hatching egg, hatching cool next how’s everything guys oh yeah, there’s a side right here, you’ll catch it.

Instead, i think that’s more exciting than catching. The charmanders stop lagging what the decider didn’t want to be caught. It disappeared i’m, not even using my gold plus to catch pokemon, so obviously um. You know that would have not been the gold plus fought so anyway, we’re gon na claim the rewards. Okay, awesome done with stage four we’re gon na have a pokemon appear and we got 2 000 starters and three rare candies awesome let’s see now you know what it is. I think that is, it is a lizard see so you’re, just gon na use. Okay and ultra ball first catch it and we should be done. Hi professor willow, not gon, na, see you anymore. For today i guess: okay, thank you very much and whoa. We got 150 mega, charizard energy again and 150 mega energy again so that’s 300 mega energy awesome. So i guess that would be really helpful for whoever that wants to make off their charizard man. So yeah we are done with the special research, a tale of tales. Don’T think there’s any more things to do. Man other than to see an egg hatch man let’s see this come on i’m gon na hash. The charizard now look charizard 157 nope 157 would be the handle too bad it’s. Not so i guess that is it guys. I guess i don’t think that there’s anything else that i need to show to you guys, because if you guys want to see uh, you know shiny char, wizard or charmander or whatsoever yeah.

Most of us have already gotten it and yeah. I think that is that man, this is shiny charmander. This is shiny chameleon. This is shiny, charizard and we are done okay. So let me move my car for a while for a bit because there’s a lorry trying to exit awesome, we have moved and we are ready to conclude the video okay who wants to conclude the video today. No, not you, okay, then uh and you conclude now yeah. So i think that is all that we have to show to you guys. Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed watching us play this quick and easy, and not so exciting, charmander community day, though it would have been better if we were, you know able to elite fast tm, our charizard. Let me try that once more again. Okay, maybe maybe we can do it right now? Let me just give it one more shot. Forget it it’s, not working it’s, not happening guys yep. So how was it leo, boring, okay and very exciting? Get out of the car yeah get out. Yeah yeah. Okay, go yeah, they have been fighting grunts by the way they have been fighting the team rocket grunts instead by the way, because we are trying to get ourselves good shadow pokemon instead of good shiny pokemon, i suppose yeah. So i think, ladies, how was it yeah? The grunt is good. Sierra is good getting 12k that’s good, getting 12 km x right and yes, yep hatching rubbish right, which was what happened to me yeah so anyway, yeah with that said, we’d like to thank you guys for watching we’ll see you guys in the next episode in the Next, video in the next community day, hopefully something more exciting than charmander, hopefully a pokemon that does not have a shiny, that’s available in the game for the last two years.