This is a video about my polar smartwatch here i hope that’s in focus so yeah. This is um. My latest ebay purchase well one of my latest cba purchases and it’s. A polar fitness watch, slash uh, well it’s, the only um polar um like android watch that pollers made with the android os and uh so yeah here’s, the watch um it’s quite thick, because it’s got in inside it’s got gps. It’S got a heart rate sensor on the back, and this is not the strap that i got for it. It came with a white strap and then i uh i got this aftermarket. Ebay, strap, for you know ten dollars from china, so yeah here’s the watch, um uh. It connects to your android phone but it’s, made by this company polar and they make a lot of fitness watches so um yeah, i don’t know i don’t exactly know everything about it. Music. You can connect it to your uh android phone um. I bought this phone. Mainly for uh as a fitness watch so that’s why i bought this watch, um and polar you know. Pretty much makes fitness watches, and this is a gps fitness watch. What is a gps fitness watch um? You might ask, what does it mean? It means this phone. Can you don’t have to have an internet connection? Well, you! You have to have an internet connection to set this phone up this watch up, but when you’re running you can i don’t have internet connection on my cell phone.

Like i don’t have wireless internet, like i don’t, have this um wire internet for my cell phone provider, but that doesn’t matter because the gps is inside the watch. So you press this button on the bottom here and it says: training and then you click training and then it’s, trying to connect your heart rate and it’s trying to connect your gps when you’re outside it’ll it’ll, try to find the gps satellites in the sky and When the gps satellites in the sky it finds them it’ll give you it’ll, show the solid green. So you want to wait till it finds the satellites before you start running and that’s the lights. That shows you that it’s measuring your heart rate, so yeah so i’ll turn that off so yeah that’s uh, the polar uh fitness watch and i’ll show you the app on the phone so here’s, the app on the phone and uh. I went for a seven kilometer run the other day, and this is what it shows. You i’m, not a very fast runner, so i’m pretty slow. But i still like running so: anyways there’s the running app and you can see all the information it gives you and it uh you. This is a really cool thing that it gives you it gives you every kilometer. It breaks it down the kilometer. It breaks down how long it took to do each kilometer and it gave you your average heart rate so and you can see your route that’s the gps route.

You can blow that up so it’s a lot of good information at your fingertips after you, after you do a run. You just sync the phone up to your watch and it gives you all that information Music. It makes running a lot funner um i’m, used to having a heart rate, strap with my polar watch um, but i had to get a special strap for this watch. It has you have to use the bluetooth strap, so your old heart rate monitor straps are not going to work so um your best to find a bluetooth strap, i think they’re around 30 dollars and you put the bluetooth strap on and you start your run and It detects the bluetooth strap and when it detects the bluetooth, strap, it turns off this uh. This heart rate monitor right here so i’m used to it’s it’s, more accurate, with the heart rate, monitor, strap, excuse me and um it’s, more accurate with the heart rate, monitor, strap and the other good thing about it. Is it uses less battery power um? So your battery’s not going to drain very fast when you’re using the heart rate, monitor, strap so um yeah. This is the watch right here. Um you can turn it on and off bluetooth. You can turn on and off internet connection. Um. You can get your uh updates on your phone from your phone and what but i’m going to give you the best and the worst features of this watch.

The best features are that it gives you so much information about what, when you run when you go out, you have to turn it on the gps and it detects the gps. I went out for a run and the last time i went out it detected my gps right away like it detected the gps satellites right away, and i had the watch charged up and i had my phone charged up and uh and i had my new heart: Strap on and everything worked great and but one time there was really cold weather and i just couldn’t get a gps signal for a long time like for, like two kilometers into my run, and i couldn’t get a gps signal. So i don’t know what happened that day um to have that problem, but you know, i think, maybe it’s just getting used to it or something because it worked right away. Last time i went for a run and there was no problem whatsoever um, so it’s uh, the one thing i’ll say it’s bulky like it looks good like it’s a good looking watch like you can wear it as a watch. No problem it’s a good looking watch. It is bulky now so, if you’re using it as an everyday watch, you know it’s a great everyday watch. The problem is it’s a little bit on the bulky side see how thick it is. That’S gon na the the only problem is, if you’ve got tight sleeves on your shirts or your jacket, it’s gon na catch on the watch, because the watch is so thick that’s one issue: okay, so that’s a negative for this watch um, but there’s lots of positives For this watch um, this is my first true dedicated gps watch with an inbuilt gps, so i don’t really have anything to compare it with the one thing that i really like about this watch is that you can see like a full size map of your.

You know where you ran, you know you can see that map and you can blow it up and uh. It gives you so much detailed information, more detailed information on your your your fitness than i can just. I just showed you um and you don’t have to do anything like you. Don’T have to dive through they it’s right there to read it off. You know: it’s it’s, awesome um. That is my major positive about this watch. This watch is not made anymore it’s discontinued. I think it came out in 2018, so if you could find one of these watches, i really like polar watches, and i was i found one of these on ebay brand new that wasn’t too expensive. It was actually a little bit cheaper than it would be brand new and it was new, so i decided to get it and try it out. Um i didn’t like the color of the band. It was white, so i got this other band for it. It charges up really fast there’s, a little connector that connects onto here and it plugs into usb and it charges your phone and it doesn’t take very long. It takes about um, maybe a half an hour to an hour, to charge your phone depending on how dead it is um. You can customize your phone a little bit. You can customize the screen, that’s, not a big deal. I don’t really care about that um. I don’t really care about any of these android features at all, really um.

The reason i choose polar watches is because they’re good fitness, watches and that’s. The only reason i would bipolar like i bought this watch is because it’s made bipolar and it’s a fitness watch, and i was curious about it and i pretty much have stuck with fit polar watches for the last. You know five years or more so i’m really attracted to the name, the brand polar. I find that their fitness watches are just the best out there. As far as i know, i haven’t tried any other ones, but um, so i guess it’s kind of like i can’t really say that they’re the best, but i keep coming back and buying polar watches because i really like them and they’re a great deal. I would recommend, even if you didn’t get this watch i’d recommend polar um just for any of the other fitness watches. They have because they’re all great they’re, all pretty good um. This is a really good watch. I, like it um the fact that it’s got the one button, fitness it’s, really easy, um and then so it’s so fast to get running. So you basically hit this one button on the bottom: hit, training and you’re into your run, and then it detects your heart rate. It detects the gps satellite and then you start and you’re on your way, it’s, very, very, very simple and so it’s just so easy to use and the fact it is chunky.

I’M gon na say there’s. One thing: that’s a really great improvement on this watch, and that is is that this watch, because it’s got the beautiful display, it’s so easy to see when you’re running and i’m gon na e. I run in the evening i like running in the evening. I’Ve always liked running in the evening. Why? Because i’m, not like uh i’m, not like sort of an extrovert i’m more of an introvert and i’m, not sort of an exhibitionist i’m, more of a sort of like a shy runner like um. So i like running in um, i really like running in the evenings around uh, eight, eight or nine or ten pm, and so this i need a watch that i can see in the dark, and this watch has a really amazing display. You will have no problem with this watch it running in the evening and that’s what i was having problems with my other watches, because um i don’t know if my eyes are getting poorer or my eyes are poor in the depending on the light. But i was trying to. I was starting to find it hard to see the watch um the face of the watch, my other watch um, and so this one is so easy to read it, and the display is so nice, as everything is at your fingertips when you’re running like i’ll set It up for a run right now, so you see how easy it is to see um.

You know there okay, so this is what you’re going to be seeing when you’re running um, so it’s, not mapping gps, so there’s, no kilometers showing and stuff like that. But this is what you’re seeing um you know. This is your main screen right here, so it’s showing your heart rate, uh your distance um, your speed and your elapsed time. So that’s, really all you need. You know um. The only thing i’m really care about what i’m running usually is how far at my distance, so i’m kind of i check my watch every now and then i check my heart rate, but i also checked the distance like how far have i gone and so that’s? How it works – and so you finish your run and then you just stop it uh. Do you want to save it? No that’s it’s so easy to use um yeah, so it’s, a great little watch running watch and i don’t use any of these. I don’t use any other android features. It’S got a good alarm clock on it. You can set the brightness on it. You can connect the watch when you want to connect it. The battery life is a lot longer. If you don’t connect it have it connected all the time, so you can easily have it run for three days before you need to charge it up. If you don’t use the internet or bluetooth all the time so yeah you can customize the faces uh.

I like this face, because this yellow part is your fitness, so once you do a run, the whole face will turn yellow around it. To show that you’ve done a lot of fitness that day, the alarm is nice. Like the alarm clock is nice on it, it’s got a nice alarm clock, so yeah there’s a lot of pluses on this watch it’s a good looking watch, it’s a good looking watch that’s one thing: it’s it’s, pretty sharp looking which it should be because it was Expensive when it was new, i got it, for you know pretty cheap, because i got it um on ebay, it’s, not brand new it’s been out a couple years, so i got a good deal on it, but it’s a sharp looking watch, it’s bulky. It has a drawback but it’s a nice everyday watch like it doesn’t. It looks like it’s fine as an everyday watch too um. As far as being a smart watch, i don’t think it’s. I don’t see why people even call it a smart watch. I mean it’s, not a smart watch, it’s, just a watch that has digital it’s, basically, just like a digital watch, it’s not like a smart watch. Smart is like ways used way too much these days like what is smart anyways. You know somebody programs it how to do something, and so it does what it’s programmed to do. It’S, not smart, um, so anyways there it is um.

It gives you your uh date and time right there and it it automatically dims. And when you move your wrist uh, sometimes and tilt your wrist, it automatically lights up, which is nice and when you’re running and you look at your watch, it’ll automatically light up, which is a really cool feature. So yeah there’s lots of pluses for this watch. Is it worth like three or four hundred dollars? Probably not, would i pay three or four hundred dollars? Probably not i paid like 100 150 for it, and i think i definitely got a good deal so anyways. If you can find one of these watches um. Maybe some store has them for sale that didn’t get sold and they’re like sort of old stock from a couple years ago, it’s probably worth checking out. If you can get a good deal on it um, it remains to be seen whether polar will make another watch like this, but anyways for now it’s a great watch. So if you find it, i hope you enjoy it.