These is the fact that they are really breaching the gap between price and performance were seeing a lot of features in these watches, especially in the pro that you would only see in much higher end watches, with a much higher price tag. Today were going to have a look at the differences between them, both how they compare against other watches in the polar lineup, as well as just other watches in general. Im going to mainly focus on the pacer pro because theyre both pretty similar. But when one has a feature and one doesnt ill, let you know so youll know all about both watches. So, firstly, im going to start off with a few cool features in the watches and id say one of the big ones for me is it comes with an mip mip display and that stands for memory and pixels dont. Ask me what that means or how it works, because i dont have a clue, but what i can tell you is that it works really well, and it definitely is a step up. If not a few steps up from what weve seen from previous polar watches. And you can really tell that its brighter and it has more clarity than what we saw before. And you can definitely tell that when youre out on the roads running by just outside, obviously in general, in bright light. But the thing thats really cool about a mip display and its going to make them perfect for smart watches.

So i think were going to be seeing a lot more of this tech in small, which is in the future, is the fact that it is really bright. But its also really efficient, so smart watches, obviously cant have a huge battery in them because you dont want them to be heavy, and the cool fact is that a mip display uses 50 percent less energy or is 50 more efficient, whichever one works best with you Than an oled display so youre getting a really good bright crisp display, thats really efficient. So, as i said before, perfect for smart watches, one thing really worth knowing that happens with all polar watches and i think its because it generally gives them better battery life. But they always come dim out of the box and what i mean by that is theyre set to the lowest screen brightness as they come out. The box so jump through the settings whack that up to high, because to me, in my personal opinion, its well worth it having a screen, thats, really bright id, lose a few hours battery for that feature. So its up to you, but its worth, noting that it comes dim out the box and then above that mip display youve got gorilla glass 3 as a protection layer. We all know what gorilla glass is the third iteration of its just more scratch proof its brilliant stuff. I mean you actually have a pretty hard time scratching these these days, its like a third thinner dont hold me to that, because i dont know the ins and outs of it, but its definitely a thinner piece of glass for the same protection, if not better protection.

So obviously, what thats going to do is its going to make these watches lighter and that actually moves on to a really interesting point, and when you get these watches straight out of the box, they feel super light. They almost feel too light. You know you expect an expensive watch to be heavy and its just something that we need to chop and not think about, because, especially for a sport watch, you dont want anything heavy on your wrist, especially on the extremities of your arms. It sounds really silly, but when you wear this, you almost forget you have it on and its almost like, comparing it to a light, cycling helmet when you suddenly wear your first light, cycling, helmet or a light pair of glasses, you just instantly feel the difference and It just feels like youre not wearing them, which is what you want from a spot watch probably spoken about that for too long, but the fact that these are about 40 grams, each, which is crazy light, is a fantastic thing in my eyes. Now, if you could look under the hood of this little watch, you could see that is packing. Quite the punch, especially at this price point. So, comparing this to the polar vantage m2, which is currently out currently sitting at roughly the same sort of price point youre getting seven times more ram and twice the processor power in this little watch. So it is considerably faster, really noticeable when youre scrolling, through the menus, its its rapid, its almost like before youve, even pressed the button its on the next screen, which is cool.

Hopefully, you can see that there, if not ill zoom in and do a little close up when the watch is working hard. It can do it easily now so theres no lag when youre really pushing this whats the limit. Just a really nice feature. Really nice update, especially at this price point moving on to the battery life of the watch. You can get seven days battery out of this in your sort of general smartwatch mode, so thats going to be connected to your smartwatch ping notifications up and through, as well as having your heart rate on so youre, going to get seven days, constant tracking of sleep Data your day to day life but thats, not with gps, then in full gps mode, where youve got all the bells and whistles blurring so youve got your screen on youve got the best gps. Setting on youve got the heart rate center on thats, going to give you 35 hours of use with that full tracking. But then, if youre going for an extended holiday or you need it for extended period of time for an expedition or something along those lines, you can turn the heart rate, monitor off and tone down the frequency of the gps and thats going to give you 100 Hours of gps usage, so if you need that, then its got that capability too, which is really nice to see and as were speaking about the battery, it does come with.

Let me just grab this a new charger, so you can see the positive and negative to this, because if youre already invested in loads of polar watches, then youre not going to be able to use all those old chargers and charge them up around your mates house. But it is fundamentally a very similar functioning, its obviously not got that big round flower charger that were used to and its just magnetic really nice clicking functionality. I mean i understand why every smartwatch brand needs its own proprietary charger, but it is just annoying that they cant all just agree on one and we can all charge from the same thing i mean maybe one day but not yet. Moving to the back of the watch, weve got a new heart rate. Monitor now, piler are known for doing heart rate monitor stuff right. I think they were basically the first people, maybe even the first people in the world to even make a heart rate monitor. So that says, says a lot about them really. This is where i think, especially at this price point im going to say this a few times. Things like this are going to make a big difference to other watches in a similar sort of category, because this heart rate monitor is good. Its got 10 leds in the back of it with various colors and wavelengths, which are going to penetrate your skin and different skin tones and stuff better to get better data, and then youve got four receivers that basically receive that light data back, which is how it Somehow attracts your heart rate thats about as much as i can tell you other than the fact that it works pretty well so well, i suppose i could tell you one more thing: theyve lost the bumps its just a new looking heart rate, monitor as well its Flat which we havent seen before so probably doesnt help you have much, but you know that as well now, sport profiles, oh my golly, gosh, its got loads of them, so i think polar have got like 130 individual sport profiles that obviously range from your big hitters.

Like running cycling, road cycling gym work, the all the big ones are on there. Obviously, and it goes down to ridiculous stuff. Like i dont even know, it probably does olympic ice skating shooting, if thats a thing but either way its probably on here, and you can choose 20 of those profiles, your favorite ones, if youre lucky enough to do 20, sports and youve got that much time. You can have 20 of them, pre loaded on the watch and theyre really easy just to favorite in and out, and you can choose, i mean who needs 20 sport profiles, but yeah youve got that if you need it, so everything ive just spoken about is in Both of the watches but now im going to talk about the features that are different between the two just so we get some nice clarity in why this is a little bit more money than this basically and im going to break them down into what i think Is most important, even though that might not be the same for you, but either way the big one for me is the fact that the pro comes with mapping. So it comes with turn by turn: navigation and thats all run through camo, which is a brilliant thing, because ive been using commute for years, and i love it its a really really good platform. But besides the point on that, obviously mapping i dont need to explain it, but its going to be great for anything from hikes cycles runs.

If you need a map to help you get to where youre going or doing the route that youre doing, then you need to get the pro, because the other one doesnt know it. The pro comes with an added barometer which helps with all that climbing and elevation data, as well as hill, splits and things like that. So, if thats big for you, then again the pro is going to be the better choice. The watches actually come with quite a different finish, so the pro actually comes with this nice metal bezel. But the biggest thing for me is the fact that the buttons are actually quite different. Well, theyre, obviously the same button layout, but the pro comes with metal buttons and theyve got much more, not much more, but they just feel a little bit more positive when you click them rather than the plastic ones, maybe its literally just a difference in the material. But you get a little bit more grip and a little bit more of a satisfying click with the pro very small thing, but its worth mentioning and then the actual straps are different. Dont worry. If you think this pro is a one piece strap because some watches have been like that in the past and then you have a damaged, strap and then the watch is completely defunct. But this is definitely not the case, because you can swap the straps out by pulling this pin out and replace it with one exactly the same or it comes with a little converter.

That means you can swap it out and put any strap on, like you can with the normal one. So this just has a little bit more option for that sort of active, wear look and this ones just got more of a basic. You know the pin one that we see on most watches. The pro comes with a few more little features as well, so it comes with running power. Just a nice fun fact. If youre more probably more of an experienced runner, not that youd have to be, but those extra metrics that a lot of people who want a really basic watch just to record their running wont even look at, but its an extra bonus to have in the pro. Anyway – and it also comes with muscle load metrics, which again similar to what i just said, not everyone will want to see this, but if thats, something that youre wanting to see it comes with it. And lastly, this one also just comes with a compass which is just a bonus if you want to know which way: youre looking and also theyre, obviously different in price, so the pacer is 169 pounds and the pacer pro is 259 pounds. So you can really tell that they are hacking back at that price. Quite a lot and you are getting quite a lot of bang for your buck. I mean the pro definitely looks very much like advantage v2, which is a lot more money, and i mean its like the baby brother of the advantage of e2.

In fact, i think it looks better. Its less bulky might not do everything that the v2 does, but its getting very close for a lot less money, and i mean on that subject one of the things these dont have are touch screens now. That is no biggie for me, because im not really a massive fan of touch screens on smartwatches as it is, unless youve got really detailed maps that you can hover around with a map which these dont have and, to be honest, theres only a few watches that Have that sort of map system where you need to be able to move around easily with a touch screen, these just dont, need it theyre better off. Without it, a cheaper touch screen is more annoying, you have a shower, you go swimming and all the data fields change, because theyre moving around in the water and youve got to lock the watch its just nicer. Not to have it. If you ask me, if you dont need it, dont have it. If youre used to the polar interface and ecosystem, then these watches basically work exactly the same. So you wont be surprised with anything new and different, particularly, but obviously youve got these two up and down buttons where you can scroll through these little widgets shows you activity levels and heart rates. Last activities nightly recharge all this sort of stuff that were used to weather data, then youve got the bottom left.

Button works as a back button as well as the menu button, so you can click that it takes you through various all the different options that youve got on the watch as well as strava live segments, which is something that these watches are both capable of doing, Which is really cool fuel wise all the all the stuff that were used to all these watches basically have youve got all the tests on there walking. This is actually something that this has got a cycling test, the pacer doesnt, which basically tests your cycling metrics. So you can see if youre getting more powerful or not the normal one, doesnt so thats one difference in this that i almost missed uh running test fitness test tests, your vo2 max stuff like this. They both got it also two very small little features. I might tell you about you: can lock the watch by holding the top left button? Put it into lock mode means if youre doing any sort of sport where you might accidentally pause, it press the buttons its not going to do. That was a much bigger feature with the touchscreen, because it was much easier to do whatever the hell. That was going to happen when youre in an activity and then hold it again to unlock it. Nice feature: if you want it, and if you want to force sync the watches you can just hold down the bottom left hand button the back button and its just going to force sync to your phone, which is just nice.

If you want to get any sort of data from the watch, the phone and vice versa, you can just hold that down and its going to force it to do it. Basically, both of the watches come with training load pro. The way i like to put this is the fact that it just makes training easy. You just have to look at your watch and it kind of tells you whether youre under training, whether youre maintaining your training, whether youre over reaching or whether youre even de training yourself. So without having to think about it too much. Your watch is basically going to say chill out or get out of your ass and do something which is pretty nice. Maybe not if you dont want to do that, but yeah you get what im saying as with most smart watches these days. Both these watches can obviously track your sleep data, so thats going to track everything from how long youve been asleep to it being light deep resting eye movement. All the different sorts of sleep youre going to have these watches will record that it does it as well as all the other polar watches and its worth, noting that its nice to look at it in you can see it on the watch face. You can see all the data on the watch face, but when you go onto the polar flow app you can just see all this data on a bigger screen, and that goes to all your gps and running and cycling data.

You can just see you can just see stuff better on a big phone or even you can log on to the computer with the polar flow app which is cool, so you can see it on as big a screen as you want. Both the watches are rated wr50, which basically stands for the fact that you can go in water with them up to 50 meters, so theyre going to be absolutely fine in the shower in the bath and probably more importantly, when you go swimming with them. So no troubles there and lastly, you can set the watch up to have all your smartphone notifications, basically pop up on the screen worth noting that you can have that completely on or off, if youre, the sort of person that wants to not get your phone out And look at your watch easy. If you dont want to be disturbed anymore, you can turn that off and if youre into listening to music, you can listen to music via the watch through the watch from your phone. If you see what i mean, but you cant store music on the watch itself, so i think that explains it enough. You can change the tracks, pause music through the watch, but you have to have your phone or music player near you for that to happen. So a pretty nice move from pola really like the fact. These pacers are packing a big bang for their buck.