Now today we will go a little bit back in time. Well, to be more precise, we will go back to september 2018, since that was the time that paul advantage m was released by the standards of 2018. This particular spot watch was one of the best on the market, together with the polar advantage v and now, since the second generation just launched, we will take a look back at what the polar advantage m has to offer. So we will take a look at all of the different activity tracking features, the sport modes, the heart and sleep tracker and how accurate they actually are. We will take a look at the polar flow app and add some specs. Now, if you’re interested in the second generation, i just released a video about the polar vantage m2. So i’ll probably leave the link in one of those corners or in the description below. We will see, and before we start with the video don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing if you don’t want to miss out in any new smartwatch reviews or smartwatch news in general. Now, with that being out of the way, let’s start with the pricing and with some specs, so if you’re just looking for fitness tracker, then this sport watch may not be the right choice for you. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent sport watch, but for 280 euros, it’s quite expensive. If you just want to track your fitness, so this watch has a 1.

2 inch hardcoded pmma laminated lens with a resolution of 240×240. It weighs in at 45 gram with strap and 85 gram without a strap and has 5 physical buttons. Speaking of the strap, we get a smooth 22 millimeter silicon strap with a stainless steel buckle and, as you can see, we have these little holes all over. The strap so your skin can breathe better, and the watch is not sticking to your skin as much with the m2. We get a 46 by 46 by 12 and a half millimeter case, of which we have a plastic bottom part and a black stainless steel part right around the bezel for last. This watch has bluetooth built in gps. Is water resistant up to 30 meters and has a 230 milliamp battery which lasts for about 5 days on normal usage and about 30 hours, if you’re continuously using the gps and heart rate tracking, by the way, if you have noticed by now, this is not a Touchscreen, so, in order to navigate on this watch, you will have to use the buttons top left is for the screen, light top right to scroll up bottom right for scrolling down bottom left to get to your menu and back and the middle one is to select. Next up we have the activity tracking features and with the sport watch, you have over 130 different sport modes to choose from. You have all kinds of outdoor activities like running walking and cycling, but you also have a very big variation of ball sports swimming options.

Winter, sports or golf you can have 20 different sport modes on your watch itself, but you can always swap them out for any other sport mode on your smartphone. If you want to you, can even edit every single of your sport modes to your likings, so you can set your own heart rate zones. What should be displayed on your watch while you’re working out or do you want to have a vibration feedback every kilometer? All of that is super easy and fast to do so before we start our activities, we can set a few things, so we can turn on or off the backlight look at some training suggestions. We have an interval timer and a countdown timer after starting the activity. We see our heart rate, pace, distance and duration, but all of that depends on your exercise and your personal settings in the app. If we stop the exercise, we get a quick summary of the mileage maximum and average heart rate burnt calories pace and your heart rate zones regarding the accuracy of this boardwatch. Well, it did better than the polar advantage. M2. Now, as i told you, i already did a video about that one so i’ll leave the description in the link below so make sure to check that one out and well so, regarding the strength training, it did pretty good. It was almost bought on now. It was always a little bit on the high side, but i compared it to the polar hd chest band, so there is actually no smartwatch that can compete with a chess band, so it did really good.

Now on my different working tries, it was yeah. It was okay, i guess on some tries it was spot on, but there were tries where it was like 500 to 600 meters off it recorded less than i actually worked so, and the categories were always a little bit off now, since this watch has also 2 Billion gps let’s take a look at that one. If you look at it from the far the lines seem pretty straight, but if you get closer you see that they are not a hundred percent accurate. Sometimes i landed in the bushes always walking inside houses, but it should be good enough for most of you who don’t take it that serious the polar advantage. M2 also has a sleep tracker and you see a whole bunch of stuff up there. First, you can check your sleep from last night or the whole last week, so let’s start from the top and first we have the sleep structure. It is divided into light, deep sleep, ram and interruptions and, in my experience so far it is quite accurate on when i went to bed and woke up. I guess i do wake up quite early as you can see to work on my scripts. For my youtube videos, next up the sleep score, which is a pretty basic feature nowadays, so we see the sleep amount, sleep solidity, continuity, actual sleep and my sleep regeneration which takes me to the nightly recharge feature.

So you can either check out the nightly recharge on your smartwatch or on your phone, but let’s do it on the phone since it’s a little bit easier to show you guys now the nightly recharge consists out of your sleep charge, which is basically your sleep score And the ans charge aes charge tells you how much your autonomous nervous system calmed down during the last night and based on these two factors. The nightly recharge is giving you some advice for your next training sessions and how to help your body refill its energy. So what else do we have on that sport watch? Well, we have a few more features to check out. First up, we can receive notification on this watch. We have serene, which is a guided breathing session for relaxation. So you can choose the length of the breathing session, as well as the duration of every single exhale and inhale. Of course, we have a stopwatch and timer on here, as well as the polar fitness test which actually isn’t a test for your fitness. More than laying down on carriage or bed and let the watch figure out your vo2 max. As for last let’s talk about the different watch faces, you have on the polar vintage m. The first one is your basic heart rate tracker on the next one. You can see all of your latest workout sessions and see all of the details of them as well next up the knight recharge.

So we have already talked about that one so i’m, not going to repeat myself, but, as you can see, you see basically the same as on your phone. The next watch face is the fit spark which is giving you training suggestions based on your overall recovery from the last day, as well as your training history, so it’s either strength, cardio or supportive workouts. On the next watch phase, we can see our daily activities like the amount of steps we took, burn calories and my active time. As for the last, we have the training load pro now that one helps you to see how much you’ve been training lately and how your training sessions strain the different parts of your body. So what do i think about the polyvanderjam, and i have to say that i really really miss the music play on that one? I think it’s, one of the must haves that you have to have on every smartwatch or sport watch now the m2 has it. So they did a good job on that one, but you really want to skip a track or back a track, want to adjust the volume or play and pause the track, while you’re working out or doing your thing now. The upgraded version of that will probably be the offline music, but let’s stick to the basics and the normal music player on board would be cool to have so. The sleep tracker is pretty much giving me all of the informations that i want and even more it is very accurate on when i went to bed and when i woke up so heart rate wise.

I have absolutely also no complaints about it. Now. The only thing which isn’t that great is the mileage since it was sometimes a little bit off and the burn calories are always a mess. Now: gps, wise it’s, okay, you have more than 130 sport modes to choose from and design wise. I guess no one can complain about a simple black smartwatch and in addition to it it is quite comfortable. So if you’re thinking about buying one of the polar vantage m models go for it it’s a good sport watch, so folks that’s already it for the video. I hope you liked it. If you did don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to my channel. It would really help me out in the youtube algorithm.