The vantage v2 weighs only 52 grams, with premium design and materials optimize and personalize. Your training and recovery with dedicated tools for training, load, recovery and performance testing polar vantage v2 comes with the essential smartwatch check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one leg, recovery test, find out when your legs are recovered and ready for training and follow your progress with the leg recovery test. Everything you need for the test is there on your wrist leg. Recovery test is quick and easy to take and you can choose number two outdoor features: hill, splitter and route guidance plan, your route with commute and import it to your polar vantage v2 for detailed turn by turn. Guidance get detailed data about your performance on the uphill and downhill sections of your session with hill splitter number three nightly recharge and sleep plus stages see how well you recover from your day during the night, with the nightly recharge recovery measurement, follow your sleep stages and Get insights to your sleep quality with the sleep plus stages, sleep tracking, number, four fit spark daily training guide, fit spark offers you ready made daily on demand, workouts that match your recovery, fitness level and training history. They are available on your wrist every single day. Number. Five fit sparks workouts are based on your nightly recharge status as well as leg, recovery, test results, number six, smartwatch features, music controls, weather and phone notifications.

Just keep your polar vantage v2 and your phone connected and enjoy these essential smartwatch features easily navigate around your playlist or adjust the volume on the go with music controls right on your watch check current weather info and a two day forecast straight on your watch, get Alerts about incoming calls messages and notifications number seven: the lightweight multi sport smartwatch, with full aluminum body, only 52 grams equipped with advanced wrist based hr, tracking gps, ultra long battery life running and cycling, performance tests, fuel wise route, guidance, sleep tracking and more number. Eight, the training load and recovery tracking tools, help you optimize your training and avoid over training test your performance and personalize, your heart rate, speed and power zones with the running and cycling performance tests, number nine use polar vantage v2 with polar flow, a free online tool For planning and following up on your workouts analyzing activity, progress in sleep available on desktop and mobile number 10 connect easily with online sports communities for road running swimming cycling, cardio, triathlon, myfitnesspal, endomondo, nike plus run club, strava training, peaks, adidas running by runtastic, etc. Number 11 polar vantage, v2 comes with the essential smartwatch features: music controls, weather and phone notifications, and so much more some common questions. Question number one does polar vantage v2 synchronize with weltory app full features answer. This would be a question for the weltery support team asking them if it’s possible, to connect your flow account to their service.

Looking at our compatible app list, i do not see that app listed. However, there are apps that can connect to your polar flow account that are not on our list. Since the connection is made in the other app, i would reach out to their support team and ask them if it’s possible and if all features are available once the two accounts are connected. Question number two for warranty purposes: how do i go about it? I’M from malaysia answer the main polar website and contact your local polar customer care department for warranty instruction thanks for watching, i leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time.