What i have here today is the uh polaroid pa 86 uh it’s very similar to um. Another mod i’ve seen antique a lot, but i chose this one because i know it just looked better on the pages on there, but yeah. I had to choose this one and the other one. Is i don’t, like the shape of the other one? I don’t know what model is, but it has a roundy shape but yeah. I didn’t, like the other, shape but yeah this one costed um 700 trends, but it seems like it’s on sale on there but i’m, not sure if it’s really on sale, because it’s been on that price for a long time. But it shows that it’s on sale. But yeah the other one, the other model that looks similar this one cost 700 on the dot it’s, not on sale or anything like that. But i try to go with this one, so um, looking at the specs. What we have here is um 24 hour. Heart rate monitor the other, specs are just similar to other yeah. Almost all the specs are similar to other smart watches, but um. This one seems to have a 170 million power battery and i’ve been using. This watch for about um i’ve been using this watch for about two days now and yeah i’d say the battery is quite good um because i charged it the first day when you arrived because that’s the whole thing where you have to charge it up to 100.

Before you use it for the first time so yeah i charged it then and um i’ve used it quite a lot, but this is on about 84 percent, so i’m sure i’m sure it can do about uh about two weeks. I think it lasts about two weeks because i’ve i’ve been using it a lot because i’ve been testing a lot of things, trying to understand how it works and all those things. So i think the battery is quite good, so yeah, it comes also comes with this um, this charger thingy um yeah. Most of these cheap uh smartwatches come with this type of channel, which type of charger uh apple, watch or gear. What should come with, but yeah? I come with this this charges and yeah. I would prefer um a charger that charges that’s similar to a phone charger, because i know if i lose this thing or it okay or it breaks, or anything like that. I don’t know where i’m gon na get um a similar charger to this, but like with a usb or a type c charger, i can easily find one, but maybe it’s because of space where they decided to just have these um. These things where it connects to and yeah and charges too, and so i was also very keen to find out whether um the artwork monitor on these things is accurate, and i was quite surprised, like the the numbers i got aren’t too different, so yeah, i guess It’S, not bad i’m, assuming the other one is i’m, giving a correct measurement too so yeah, i guess it’s quite accurate, and one thing i also say is that um.

If you’re coming for my gear watch or an apple watch uh, i don’t think you should be buying this type of product, because you’re gon na end up criticizing it and unfairly. So because um, this watch costs about 700 and uh. An apple watch costs thousands and samsung watch also cost thousands, so i don’t think it would be fair to compare them, because this watch is very basic. It has a very basic menu and yeah everything is about is just the minimum like yeah it’s. What you expect from my watch this chip, so i don’t think you you’d, expect too much from this type of watch um. So this watch also allows you to pick from different faces. Um yeah they’ve got a quite good faces, um there’s, also one which you can customize and put a picture of yourself there and yeah like um, decide where you wan na put the heart rate or the time and stuff but yeah. I still prefer the default ones over the customized ones. So before i bought this watch um, i realized that a lot of people were complaining about um, like just polarity in general, like when i was actually checking the reviews of all the other watches, and this watch too, like i saw people are complaining about the app Like i think, it’s a polaroid fit or polaroid active, i think there are two apps and both of them have problems, so i didn’t even check them out.

I just um downloaded one called wi fi app, because this watch seems to be um Music, similar to another watch, which is called a different name on thingy on amazon. So i don’t know if um polaroid just bought this and put their own software or just tweet. Something and just yeah made it their brand and stuff, but yeah. I ended up using that um the wi fi app. It works actually quite nice and yeah. I haven’t really had any problems with the wi fi app. So i was quite surprised that a lot of people are complaining about the polaroid um fitness and active apps. I don’t know if it’s on um apple, though but yeah it’s. Definitely on that thingy the play store, um so yeah, i guess that’s about it. Um i don’t know what i missed but yeah. I guess that’s all the basic information about it and yeah thanks for watching the video and if you liked the video or found the video um helpful or useful um, please subscribe and click the like button and yeah.