So today, we’ve got the amazfit gts, the original version, the one that came out on the back end of 2019 and is going to be going in a head to head with the amasfit gts 2e. Both smart watches have very sharp prices and they look amazing. In fact, they look almost identical by almost i do mean almost let’s get into it. Let’S compare them, let’s see which one actually brings more value to you. If you are new to westnow’s tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way the weather is getting there, but it’s still a bit chilly, and i think the skies are gon na break out with a bit more rain today. So i will be filming these watches outside today, but i will be doing a bit more explaining inside so i’ll see you there. The two watches do look kind of similar, but we know that looks can be deceiving so let’s just get into the head to head comparison. Let’S kick off with the design, then we’re going to have a look at the display and then the features and functions let’s get into it. Let’S just take a look at them from the front. The two watches are all too similar: squarish faces, rounded corners and a single button on the right of the watch face. Even the straps look and feel almost identical, let’s take a closer look.

The gts1 watch case is aluminium alloy, the 2.5 d glass curves down and looks almost seamless as it covers the watch case for a rather large watch. The weight is just 25 grams, so the gts2e actually has very similar specs, but it just takes the gts1 more simple and straightforward design and adds finesse and a very premium feel dimensions wise. The gts1 is 43.3 by 36.3 millimeters, while gts2e is 42.8 by 35.6 millimeters. Considering the display size is the same, the bezels are just slightly thinner on the newer model. If we look at the straps, they are the 20 millimeter silicon, generic click on straps, nice and simple and identical on both, except for the clasps. So if on the gts one, the clasp is plastic, which is not that premium on the newer model, you do get a steel clasp and that just feels again more premium and now let’s check out the displays, because they are absolutely awesome. 1.65 inch displays both are large enough for easy reading of health, stats text, weather and so forth. Both have ambient light sensors for auto brightness and there’s, always on display on both another point to mention is the resolution both feature the same specs with 341 ppi at 348 by 442 pixels, yet the gts2e colors are more vivid, the graphics are more crisp and sharp, And that could actually be due to the difference in the actual displays. So if, on the gts1, we just have the amoled display on the gts2e, we actually have a super retina, amoled display and i’m, not quite sure about what the technical difference is.

But the fact is, you can see it when we put the two watches together. The gts 2e is just so much more crisp, it’s just so much more alive and the graphics are just jumping out at you, because if all the infographics on the first model are slightly sort of you know clunky and big on the gts2e. Everything is just so fine, it just looks feels i’m gon na, say it again: i’m, sorry, but it’s just it looks and feels premium and in regards to cpu both run quite nicely. Everything is smooth. There’S no lag as you transition from screen to screen, but again the look, the feel just yeah. It goes to the gts2e downloadable faces are available on both watches, including the custom faces whereby you can download any photo from your phone. To summarize, the gts 2e has a design that is just more modern, it’s, just more in line with the times the display. Well, it seems that has the same resolution, but still it’s just more fine. The colors are more crisp more vivid. The infographics are much more neat, less clunky, so all in all the clear winner is the gts 2e. But now let’s have a look at the features and functions, and hopefully it will clear up the picture for us to start us off on the features and functions. Let’S take a look at sport modes, so we know that both watches actually feature 5 atm water resistance, as well as having dual gps, so that’s great.

But neither the gts1 nor the gts2e has any storage allocated for music it’s, just music from your phone, so it’s just music controls. The good thing is: is that both watches have gold based sport profiles. That is absolutely excellent, but on the gts one we only have 12 sport modes and although they are very useful and they’re sort of the ones that you would be using on a day to day basis like running rowing, walking, etc. If you recall, we made an earlier comparison and test uh between the honor watch es as well as the amazfit gts. The first one, and i was playing tennis with my coach and the fact is on the amazfit gts. We had to use a freestyle workout mode, because simply there was no tennis, while on honor there was no problem because there’s 95 sport modes well on the gts2wii there’s, actually 90 sport modes and tennis is one of them on the gts2e real time. Tracking and analysis is available and, yes, you can also access your music controls while exercising there’s, auto recognition for six sport modes, so outdoor running treadmill, walking outdoor cycling pool swimming and elliptical workouts. On top of that, you get to choose. If you want to auto pause, you also get the smart alerts, aka workout reminders, essentially for different exercises. You can expect different types of alerts. If we take walking as an example, you can set the preferred heart rate zone or a heart rate cap.

You are guided to stay within the range set by haptic vibrations for running workouts. You can actually set a pace you’d like to keep to so this is very useful. If you are a runner, say you’re going for a 5k or 10k run, you can set a pace that you do not want to fall under. This is just useful because if you do slow down at some point, the watch will vibrate and if you look at the actual wrist, you will see the actual pace. You’Re running at both watches get pie, so the personal activity index, just like any other mass fit and xiaomi wearable pi score, is calculated by processing data about your heart rate and activity, intensity, sleep, metrics and other health data. This single value score provides a customized health evaluation for each user, based on the unique health data. The rule of thumb is as long as you keep your score above 100 points. It statistically means that you’re, 25 percent less prone to getting heart disease so make sure that your pie is above 100. Both watches can actually do your sleep monitoring as well, but if the gts first version only shows you your deep and light sleep, the gts 2e can actually go in for the three sleep stages. So you deep your light as well as rem sleep. On top of that, you actually get insights about your sleep and recommendations on how to improve it. Of course, you can’t see them from the watch face, but you will be able to see those from the zep app now i don’t want to go into the basic or the core functions, such as your timer, your stopwatch, your weather, widgets, no let’s focus on the Advanced on the premium features well, the features.

Why actually get a smartwatch as opposed to a fitness tracker, and this is where we’re going to have to say that’s. It there’s nothing special left on the gts, except for the compass and the barometer, but on the gts2e, of course, you still get the compass on the barometer, but a couple of other very nice and very advanced features let’s get into those. I think we need to stop and talk about the breathing app just for a second. The fact is, if you recall, on the gts2 mini as well as gts2, so the most premium smartwatch in the range well as well as the gtr2 we all have breathing apps. Now that app was actually really useful right, so you can go into it and you can do guided timed breathing exercises anywhere from one to five minutes now on the gts2i they’ve removed that app and instead of it they’ve put in a temperature app now i’ve been Trying to use that temperature app, but it just it doesn’t, make much sense to me because it measures the temperature of your skin well, let’s, say i’m wearing it outside, and the temperature is showing plus five degrees celsius. My skin temperature, i would imagine to be somewhere between 36 and 36.9 degrees celsius. Well, the temperature i get is somewhere 20 25 degrees celsius, so it’s averaging in the temperature of the environment around the watch or just under the watch, but obviously the colder is outside uh the cooler my skin will be so how usable is that app what’s? The purpose of it i’m, not sure i’m sure there’s, probably some long term goals and it will be developed on the newer models.

But for now i would have preferred if the breathing app actually stayed on the gts2e, but let’s move on let’s talk, cool features. The gts2e has a microphone, so you can perform offline voice operations on your watch, basically doing things like turning on sport modes or opening apps well. This is actually very cool because for 150 bucks you’re getting yourself a watch with voice control and voice commands, and we know that alexa is coming by an ota update as well. A welcome addition to the gts 2e is the pulse hawks aka blood oxygen saturation monitor. Unfortunately, though, it is just the on demand or spot measurements, so you basically have to set up your wrist. You click on it and you get a spot measurement. A spot measurement means that it’s just at a point in time, so you can’t have your measurements taken. While you’re asleep or during it or during a workout and that’s a problem because really these values at a point in time, they have a very limited value, add but once again it’s better than nothing. Because if you recall the gts 1 as well as the gtr1. Simply didn’t have the pulse ox monitor, while the main competitors of the mass fit smartwatches from the likes of honor and hawaii always did have the spo2 monitor so it’s here, it’s, a welcome addition value, add not much but hey anyway right so now, we’ve basically covered The design we covered, the display we’ve covered the features and functions.

I’Ve told you as much as i could about the main differences between the gts1 as well as the 2e. Now, as i mentioned at the start, there is a price difference of about 50 bucks or 30 quid now that’s about a third of a price more. But i think that you are getting much more value from the gts2e than on the gts and do i think, it’s worth more than 30 price hike. Definitely stress, monitor sp02, even if it’s on demand or spot readings, it’s still valuable. You also get a temperature gauge. I’M not yet sure how to use it but it’s there. You also get auto activity recognition for six sport modes. Instead of 12 sport profiles available on actual watch on the gts2e you’ve got 90. that’s massive that’s got you covered. I think voice commands are a great addition and it’s very premium. The fact is, when you’re going out for a run, let’s say you’ve got gloves on because it’s freezing outside well, you can start a workout simply by speaking to your wrist. That is great as well as that. We know that alexa is coming in some future ota update and that future is probably not too far off, because most of the range already does have alexa. So if we wanted to find out which watch brings you more value, i think it’s a no brainer, the gts2e does it and it does so with style, and is it worth 150 bucks? Well, we can consider the competition there’s not much out there for that price, which gives you as much as the gts2e gives you thanks for watching.