com. Don'T want to cut my finger. I am going to set up a little science experiment for you, hello, guys. We got ta. Take this whole thing apart. There we go. Okay, that's part, one now part two: i need a box of raisins just one box here we go. Is that everybody? Oh no there's, a bunch more in here, come on out you guys. Wow hang in there hang in there it's going to become clear, eventually one lousy, raisin isn't it true there's, always one raisin left in the box like at least one french fry in the bag. Yeah, okay, the question: the question is: what does a bowl of tic tacs and raisins have to do with monitoring your ecg on a smart watch? Hang in there i'm going to show you i am first. I want to introduce you to this. This little puppy is amazing. This is an ecg machine, pretty much. It does a bunch of other things like a stop watch and a regular watch and heart rate and on and on and on and on, but you don't need that all you need this thing for really is an ecg chart. You could wear anything else on your wrist as a watch, which is why i don't have the bands on here right now, but they're right here. We could put them on easy and there'll be a review of this one coming up next, i promise you, but i was so excited about this – that i wanted to preempt that review, which is already done with this video.

That shows you how to use this thing. Now, when i tap once i go to blood, pressu or heart rate tap twice, i go to ecg. There are two terminals here and here and of course, there's the connection on the back. Now, if i use a part of my body pretty much anywhere that's on one side and the other, i can connect and get a heart, uh, ecg and i'm going to bring the app over and just show you this part. I cover the whole thing in the full on review but i'm going to do this i'm going to hit enter and i'm going to get ready to hit start. I licked my fingers and i'm getting that part of my body wet, and i want you to see this. This is just too cool i'm. Touching both sides here i hit start – gives me a countdown, but i can go ahead and put it on the flat part of my hand, right here and there's. My actual heart wave took a little bit to settle down it's beeping right now, it's showing you my ecg plus ppg, heart rate up there and it's going to calculate and produce a full ecg report here in 25 seconds we'll. Let this thing run now: the chart itself is going to be able to be replayed and or shown as a complete chart. So in about a little over 30 seconds, or so you can do an ecg measurement and then the app takes over, which happens right now.

You'Ve got an average heart rate and a health index 69.. I can click on the health report and i get all kinds of data it's, even identifying ventricular premature beats in the way i had it set up and measuring right now, it's showing i'm normal, but this advises me that i should be aware of this situation now. Again, this is test for only testing it's, not for permanent. You know diagnosis, but it gives you some information. You could share with your doctor to say: hey. Could you check me for this? That kind of thing i got a mental stress number. I got a fatigue index and i got my heart age all out of that one: single measurement, along with physical and mental relaxation, heart vitality and a sympathy, parasympathetic measurement. Those of you who know know what that means. Those of you who don't like me can learn. I could come back here and i can do the whole replay of the ecg in real time or i could stop that hit my ecg report and there is the entire heart wave that i just created that i can export by hitting that button. So why the raisin, why the tic tac? Well, because of this i can come back here and i can go all the way back here and tap here to get to all of my reports. It turns out guys this little watch module can capture eight ecg sessions before the memories filled up on it.

How do i know i did 12 sessions in a row and the most recent eight showed up after i transferred the information over. That means you could slip this in your pocket and take it with you anywhere you like, and not worry about it getting banged around or scratched up, and if you feel that you'd like to take an ecg reading, you know how to do it. You don't have to be on here, live nope. You can do it as simple as this i'm, not even going to hit start there. You just simply oh we're, into heart, we're timing. You got to get back to the main thing and there's only one button. You press here there's the normal mode. You go one tap, two taps long tap, that's. All you got ta. Do you hold the ends? Then you touch it and you wait and in about thirty seconds it'll tell you it's done now. You'Re not hearing the beeping of your heart you're, not seeing a wave being generated on your on your phone screen, that's, all okay, but it's, doing it it's doing it at the end of your exercise, activity it's doing it when you get into your car it's doing It wherever and whenever you want, and do it up to eight times before you sync back to your phone and you'll, be able to transfer that data and see the full report with all those index items on there and an artificial intelligence evaluation.

If your heart rate is normal or one or more of those other conditions there, you go ecg data to the. What about the box of raisins same thing? I just was looking for alternatives to how you could carry this thing in your purse or your yeah. I know it's in there with a raisin don't it don't don't don't, tell anybody okay, but uh. That is how tic, tacs and raisins come together to create an ecg chart, there's, probably other wonderful ways of carrying these things. But you know i looked all over the grocery store got these and then at the checkout register i said ha a tic tac box that'll work best, but i wanted to show you both options: gang it's, a great. Where is it it's already put away it's a great little watch, honestly um for what it's doing again, it's um, not medical calibrated, obviously it's under 50 bucks or so for this thing um? Is this the top part yeah and you can take the bands out anytime? You want, you could wear it on your wrist or you could pack it in your tic tacs and take it with you. I'M very impressed we've evaluated a lot of different health bands and some many do ecg. This does not do the scientific blood oxygen with red diodes. Get this if you're interested strictly for the ecg capability that's. What i'm going to be doing? This will be in my tic tac box in my pocket everywhere i go and anytime i want.

I can produce a chart and when you get back as you see when you go in here, it gives you your average heart rate and the date and time of your measurement, all of them excellent excellent thing. Are you ready for the review of the f 16 coming up next check it out, here's, a fun fact, the raisin box, without the raisin yeah i ate it turns out it exactly fits the app llp max android smart watch like so a little bit tall, but You can cram it in now.