So my experience is primarily based off of this, but i will also try to talk about other platforms so guys if you are new to the channel subscribe and like this video let’s jump right into the video just to be clear, not every watch out. There is a real smart watch i mean. Currently, there are three major smart watch platforms with their own ecosystem support and a set of some standard features, so wear os is like android for your smart watch coming from google. So one of the biggest things that i am excited about, a smart watch is nfc payments, basically being able to pay using your watch. Each platform has their own payment solution. Apple pay currently is not available in india and samsung pay has been there for a long. While but let’s just talk about the google pay now recently google rolled out this new nfc payments for this smart phone platform – and i did add my card – i did make a video on this. But currently this is not rolled over to this smart watch, os, which is the google wear os, and i do not see any option of gpa or adding a card. Basically, nothing so i’m, actually expecting an update. Let’S hope that google brings this feature to the bear os as soon as possible, but mind you. This is already available in some other countries, another essential feature of a smartwatch is being able to install third party apps.

While this is true, don’t expect to have all the apps available for your verwey smartwatch. For example, i use prime music, but it is not available on the play store and the quality of the apps on the wear. Os is generally not that great compared to other watches platforms like let’s, say the apple or the tizen os. So definitely there is a room for improvement. Another thing that i love about these smart watches is the real bluetooth support. I mean you can actually hook up your bluetooth earphones and be able to listen to the music without having to carry your phone, and they generally have a built in storage for music and also they have the built in gps. So yeah you are pretty much covered, but now even some fitness watches also have this feature so it’s not really exclusive to these smart watches. Another major thing about a smartwatch is the voice assistant. I mean each platforms have their own voice resistance, so this also becomes a crucial part in choosing your smart watch. Having google assistant on the wrist is pretty handy, and it works really well as well from tomorrow. Until next thursday, in hyderabad, there will be thunderstorms with owning a google where smartwatch means you have support for all the google suite of apps, for example. I love this translate. Just look at the demo, hello guys. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great thanks for watching this video and also please like and subscribe to this channel.

Thank you again. I mean it’s, not perfect, but it does get the job done fairly well, so you can do a lot more like the google maps and stuff. So you get the idea. Another important feature of a smartwatch is being able to respond to your notifications. Not just read them, so it basically works as an extension of your smartphone, which is very important for a smartwatch where it actually matters. I mean you can use these templates or you can actually type the message, but typing is not fun and you can also take calls on your smart watch itself, but make sure that it has a speaker, because some models also come without a speaker. So let’s talk about some of the things that i did not like, particularly about the google wear os. I personally do not like the ui. This carousel sort of menu looks kind of dated and less intuitive. I would like to see a more basic, simple flat ui. So they have these tiles, but they are limited to only five, and there are also limitations to what you can actually choose to put on these styles. I just feel they should make this the real menu and do away with that corrosion menu system. However, i do like the home screen gestures, the home screen shortcuts and everything so yeah they are pretty much handy. Another thing is the health tracking. I mean it does all the basics, just fine, but it does not offer anything special like, for example, the apples, fitness plus and stuff.

It has all the google feed integration, but apart from that, there is no such coaching or some sort of guided workout stuff. So i would say this works as good as let’s say, a budget fitness tracker, but offers nothing more apart from the google feed integration, so i feel it has a room for improvement here. Another major issue with almost any smartwatch is the battery life. This particular smartwatch. The fossil gen 5 that i’m using lasts about a day or so that’s, pretty much it, but with more optimization, i would like to see at least a three day battery life if that is possible, but it is the case with even the apple watches they last About one to two days, not more than that, so let’s hope that both the hardware and the software evolve into giving us that kind of battery life. So this was a quick and concise video trying to give as much information as possible.