Since I got the Apple watch Ultra as my main watch now coming from the Apple watch 7, I didnt actually expect that much to be a change since Im, just the average dad doing average dad stuff and Im not really into sports and doing a lot of Scuba, mergulho, extreme hikes and Im not really pushing this watch to its limits and Im, not using this. As 90 of you are using this watch so yeah I havent been taking this watch to the extreme yet, but as the average person I must say, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and this has lived up to all my expectations, but just like the Apple Watch 7, which I had for about two years. There has been some up and downs with the Apple watch Ultra as well, and there is things with this watch I dont like and which really annoys me so in todays video. I want to share my long term. 200 dias depois, with the Apple watch, Ultra and Im also gon na give you the things I dont like about it and how I fix it now, as I mentioned in my last video about the Apple watch, I mainly use this as my daily Drive. Instead of picking up the phone, so the more I can avoid the phone, the better its going to be is for me having the phone nearby, always constantly. Checking notifications constantly checking Instagram and Tick Tock. Whatever you use Im gon na, dizer isso novamente, its not healthy and its.

You know its not good. Nwo, as for the apps Ive been using with this watch shots the standard apps that a lot of people are using its nothing fancy, theres no paid apps. Everything is free, but it is the um, My Car app, the sleep tracker heart rate, o tempo, app a jellyfish top game and Waypoint and backtrack. So these are the main apps that I use on a daily basis and in todays video. I want to try to round up my Xperia areas as good as possible, and hopefully that will help you in deciding whether or not this is gon na be a good investment for you, Porque 800 is not really cheap for a watch. Nwo, ever since I got the Apple watch, Ultra its always been on my wrist, like literally every single day, O tempo todo, the only time its been off is when it needs to be charged. So that means its going to be off for a few hours. Então, roughly calculated, that means I will have to charge this watch about 120 times in a year give or take a few days or times depending on how your layout is set and also, if you have a lot of active apps running in the background, like sleep Tracker during night, Spotify workout and all the daily apps you use in your life, so coming from the Apple watch 7, this had to be charged every single day, assim 365 charges in a year, which also means the battery health will drop faster.

So how is the battery life on the Apple watch Ultra now, six plus months later to almost 200 days now um, and if we go into the health check here of the battery, we can see that its still on 100 capacityand this is also expected since The battery is both bigger and gives you a longer delay between the charges, but its going to be really interesting to see how much this has changed after using the Apple watch Ultra actively for one year and as for my watch here, this has never been turned Off this has been on ever since I got it. The only time it has been off has been when there is a new watch OS, que precisa ser atualizado, then its off for a few seconds before it comes back on so thats the only time it has been off for six plus months. I havent seen any changes in the duration of the length that its you know able to run before you need to charge it and thats going to be three days. If you turn things off, you will be able to push it longer, but it really depends on the activity going on on your watch. If you have a lot of calls text messages, if you check your email, if you have the always on screen display on you, get a lot of notifications and all that its going to run out faster. But if you turn all of that off its gon na run for a longer time, so thats also something that I think a lot of people get mixed up.

They get the watch and they experience that the battery life is not as long as they expected thats. The main reason because if you have things running in the background, its going to suck the power out of your watch and you will be forced to charge it sooner than later now, in my previous Apple watch, Ultra review and the accessory list, I received a few Comments on bands and which band would be the best suited band for the different activities and if they would easily pick up on dirt and be hard to clean, and also said that I love to have a huge selection of Apple bands. And I did not lie. Im now the proud owner of 21 bandsand I probably have 15 more to come in different color variations, all all combined with a total price of one original Apple band. sim, these are all boss off of AliExpress. Some are of Amazon and the total price is hundred dollars and thats what you have to pay for one original double back Im not doing that its a complete waste. Se você me perguntar, I cant justify paying a hundred dollars for one pan, because I know for a fact that I want more than one bands and if I want you know, eight bands its the same price as the watch. So I prefer paying like a dollar or two for the watch bands and if they tear if the quality is worse, I have not noticed any difference in the quality from the original ones.

That Ive used just to make that clear. But if you should happen to pick up a band from AliExpress from Amazon, which is not living up to your expectations and the quality is a little bit worse after using it for a few months, and you feel like you need to change it out. You know buying a new one is not going to be that expensive, especially if you buy from AliExpress but, like I said these are holding up pretty well and I havent seen any changes to the quality of the using a few of these. For about six months. The only thing I can see with the one Im having on now its a little bit dirty from all the use, but you know Im actually gon na go and clean. Isso até. Im gon na show you a before and after image of this apple band that Im currently usingand this is the one thats been on my wrist for the longest time. So Im gon na go and clean this up and then Im gon na show you uh before and after which you can see right here now. I dont really see the differences that you see right now, because I havent actually gone to clean it. Its still on my wristand I will probably go clean it later once the video is done once Im done, recording the video here and probably after editing the video as well uh but yeah.

You can see the differences or if there is not any differences. I dont know but yeah. The pictures are here again and you can see for yourself and this band was two dollars, I think from AliExpress. Maybe a dollar I will leave some links down in the description below as well. If you want to check out the bands and the collection that Im using this, is the collection that Im having also this tray here, Im gon na leave that down in the description below as well. If you want to check it out, this is handmade bamboo. I think really nice really nice, mas de qualquer maneira, Ive been using each of these types for about one month straight to see and feel the difference between each band. So here we have the ocean ban. We have the Trail Loop Alpine Loop and the leather link and a silicon link, e surpreendentemente, they are all easy to clean and most of the time they actually clean themselves when Im taking a shower even the Alpine Loop and the Trail Loop being all fabric, the Dirt easily comes off, but if it doesnt, you can easily clean it with some warm water and some soap. Now I also received some questions regarding the Alpine Loop and how fast this dries up from being soaked in water now, since most Fabrics usually stays wet for a longer time, the loops actually dried up pretty fast, both the Alpine and the trailer and after a shower It was actually pretty dried up after a few minutes now, since Ive been using each band for about a month straight now, to mainly to see which band I personally prefer.

I havent noticed any difference with the bands at all, but they do have some differences like the Trail. Loop is the easiest to adjust on your wrist, along with the leather links and the ocean bath, and the Alpine Loop is those being most secure. So thats also something to consider when you go into buy your Apple watch Ultra for the first time you can always get the extra bands later for a cheaper price, but a band will also be included once you purchase the Apple watch. So here you can also decide which band you should go with and if you just want something which is quick and easy, I would probably go with something like the Trail Loop personally, the Alpine Loop is my favorite, and especially the orange one, which you probably have Seen and probably know already but orange is my favorite one, and I also have this um ocean abandoned here in Orange, which Im really excited to use when I am going out to do some water activities. But if youre gon na ask me Alpine Loop easy to adjust easy to wear its comfortable and it looks cool thats, my opinion and if I should recommend a band, I would go with the Alpine a loop. But there is one thing that I cant get over. With the Apple watch Ultra and thats, how comfortable it is to wear this watch after using it for such a long time, its pretty clear that the quality, comfort and overall usability is on a whole different level compared to the other watches Ive used.

This is also a good time to say that Apple did not sponsor this video or any of my Apple watch videos. I pay full retail for this watch and I also paid more than you probably did for this watch because I live in Norway, so the total price of my watch was 1025 Dólares americanos, which is insane so 200 of import fees. Brings this watch up from 800 to a thousand dollars here in Norway, but if you enjoyed this video so far, please consider dropping a like and also, if youre brand new to this Channeland this is the first time that you are jumping in on one of My videos, se você não tiver, subscribed already that, would be really appreciated as well and talking about appreciation. What I really appreciate is the comfort and quality of wearing this watch on my wrist and Ive also seen a lot of you commenting on the size of this watch and that you think its too big, but I have fairly small wrists, and this sits perfectly on My wrist with no issues at all, but if you should consider getting the Apple watch Ultra and youre quite unsure whether or not this its too big. How does it fit on your wrist and is it something that youre going to be comfortable wearing on a daily basis? I have one recommendation to you and that is to get to the nearest Apple store, and then you can check out the watch.

You can put it on your wrist and you can see see how it fits. You can get the feel of how it is to walk around with, and then you will easily find out if this is something that you want to spend 800 on and invest in and something that you can use on a daily basis and theres. If you live close to an Apple Store, Há, nothing wrong, coming back every single day, just to test it out its gon na look a little bit weird, mas sim, há, nothing wrong in doing that. So if youre unsure its 800, its not cheap. So if youre unsure make sure to check it out and see if you are willing to invest the 800 Agora, as for the apps, what Ive been using most is the of course its the sleep tracker. I know you probably heard this a thousand times before, but as a dad having two kids one six years old and the other one one and a half years old, sleep is essential and something all parents will lack until their kids reach a certain age. So sleep is something Ive been Im missing, but also something Ive been gaining more of a lately and for me this is also a nice to see if my youngest sleeps through the night or has multiple wake up periods. So all the orange bars that you see here these are the periods that she was awake or where I was awake because of her and when she sleeps throughout the entire night.

My watch or my sleep tracker, looks like this now. This is also something that a lot of people are not using the sleep tracker for, but I like to monitor that. But I dont know about you, but if youre a guy you can probably relate to that. But with the sleep tracker Im also able to monitor my heart rate to keep a track of any changes that could happen throughout my sleep, which has become something I check every morning and for every single morning. I remember back in the day when you had this awful alarm clock that was just beeping your head off, trying to wake you up and yeah it did. It did wake you up, but it was awful and a horrific way of waking up in the morning. If you ask me so, with the sleep tracker, I get more of this relaxing Spa Wake Up, which each morning starts with some subtle vibration, Taps on my wrist, which gradually increases in strength and also the alarm sound, also starts off low and then increases in volume. So waking up has definitely been more relaxing and I can highly recommend testing this out if you havent done it already. If you have an Apple Watch which has a sleep tracker, just give it a test and see how that works. Para você, its been the best change of how I wake up in the morning ever since I started using it, so its definitely worth testing out.

I also mentioned Ive been using some other different apps in the past as well, and this is my car app, and this is also something I use daily. But this again depends on whether or not you have a car that supports the use of an app and if the app is available on the iOS and also compatible with the watch OS. But I use this daily to preheat my car before taking the kids to school in kindergarten, and I also use this to check if the car is locked and if the car has any updates and also how much power it has left. Então, para mim, its one of the most used apps after the sleep tracker and another thing which I really think is awesome is because my car is connected to the Apple watch. I can use waypoints and a backtrack to pinpoint the exact location on my car, que é realmente incrível. It doesnt matter, if I parked it on a different location. The app will instantly update and instantly give me a new direction to where the car is parked. The ultra also has a dedicated action button which you can map to different tasks like workouts, waypoints, Atalhos, Etc. I mainly put this on waypoints, but Ive actually only used it once so to me, it wouldnt actually matter if the action button was there or not, because its not something I really use, but I can definitely see myself using the action button a whole lot more.

This summer, when we are going on a trip, especially the dive computer or the dive computer light, as some of you might call it, what I really love with this is how accurate it is with depth and also the temperature, so Im really looking forward to use This watch on a whole different level than what Im used to when Im out traveling. I will also make a full video on that later to see if anything has changed with my use of the Apple watch and also my take on how it is to travel with, is it convenient and how do I use it when Im, traveling and whats the Pros and cons with traveling, with a watch like this, so stay tuned for that as well. If you want to learn a little bit more about my take on how this is to travel with now, Ive also been using a game on this watch, which is called the jellyfish tap its actually quite hard. It is fun though, but this is something I use a few minutes now and then just you know to have something to do. I guess its also a free game, so its worth testing out, se você não tiver, checked it out alreadyand I this probably works on all the different Apple watches, but with the huge screen that we have on the Apple watch Ultra is definitely easier to you know: Tap the jellyfish Ill leave it down in the description below.

If you want to check it out now before we wrap it up here, there is a few cons to the uh Apple watch Ultra as well, and something that really really annoys me and Ive also seen a few people out there, claiming that this has been fixed With the Apple watch Ultra saying they have no issues with this at all. I have this every single day until I changed my watch face now these icons on the edge here. If you decide to have a layout like this, they will open. You will constantly touch these with whatever part of your body and after that, changing diapers playing around and doing all these bad things. It opens constantlyand I dont see this as a problem that has been fixed from the previous these models. Just because the screen doesnt have the rounded edges, you will still be able to touch it by accident, but if youre not using the always on displaywhich I do this will not be or might not be as big of an issue but Im getting this. These washes because I want to always display on because it looks awesome and I dont want to have a watch which has a black screen always have to do like this Im gon na check the watch whats the time whats the time, so I actually had to Change my watch face because of how annoying this was with the look Im having now, Embora, its only happened a few times, I would say three or four times, but I also think this looks a little bit cleaner and more organized, so this has been my main Watch face for a few months now, so the big question is: is there any marks on the watch after using it for about six plus months? Like I said in my previous video, I smashed my wrist into things all the time and its not because the watch is heavy, seu único 60 grams or so, but its mainly because Im trying to take shortcuts where shortcuts cant be made.

Nem por isso.. But my arms tend to be all over the place and usually hit something every single day, but the ultra has held up pretty good and I cant see any marks or scratches. Então, as for the most average user of this watch, I must say Im quite as satisfied and happy with my purchase. I have no regrets on spitting out a thousand dollars for this watch and a matter of fact. It has been one of the greatest Investments that Ive done, because I spend less time on my phone, o que é bom, because I basically have everything that I need on this watch and on my wrist, and it also looks extremely cool not to mention the uh titanium Case and the sapphire crystal its rated 9 fora de 10 on hardness, so this thing can take a beating and because of all of that, the overall, just the Apple watch, Ultra being Apple watch Ultra, Eu acho, is worth every single penny. So whats your thoughts on the Apple watch Ultra. Do you have one already, or are you looking to get one? One of the things Im really curious about is how is your daily routine with the Apple watch Ultra? Let me know down in the comment section below, so I really hope that you enjoyed todays video if you found it helpful and found any value in todays video. Let me know by dropping a like, and also if youre brand new to this Channeland this is the first time or if youve been here for some time, but you havent subscribed already.

Now is the time to do so. That would be really appreciated as well and um thats going to be everything for today, thanks for tuning in, and I will see you in the next video Music.