It was the first Smartwatch powered entirely by the movement of your hand. Bem, now theyve launched the electron here. It is lights. Por favor, Uau! Olhe para essa música, one of the really nice things about being a YouTuber is that companies said you all sorts of interesting things to review, and this watch is a good example with its electric blue dialer, the electronics visible behind the face. I think this is a really cool, looking watch very gadgety that creates a bit of a problem, because how do you know whether my review can be taken at face value? Okey, so I havent actually been paid any money to say nice things about it, but who wants to be rude about a company thats just sent them a 600 watch and another thing most YouTubers like me: rely on companies sending products in for review or theyve been Bankrupt in my case, even with companies sending me the old freebie Im, probably spending 10 times more on gadgets review than I make from YouTube advertising, so its possibly not the best business model, although I do have a very well stocked toy cupboard now, as it happens, I bought my first sequin watch a couple of years ago and I bought it four two main reasons. The first was that any self respecting man needs a watch called a supercharger. Much like you need a car called an Interceptor or a pepper grinder, para esse assunto. Called a pepper Cannon: the second was that it never needs charging.

Oh and its round. All watches should be round. I really like my supercharger, but he did have a couple of foibles. Em primeiro lugar, it was about as accurate as my grandfathers grandfathers grandfathers grandfather clock. If I didnt synchronize it with my telephone regularly Ive found it lost quite a lot of time, and the problem was that synchronizing, it was a bit of a faff, so I couldnt be bothered. Nwo, depois de um tempo, I found myself living in a completely different time zone to the rest of my family. Em segundo lugar, the pedometer was a bit hit or miss. Realmente, it seemed to measure steps. Okey, when I was out for a walk, but it did have a bit of a problem differentiating between the movements of my desk and walking. So if I had a sedentary day, the iPhone might say Id done about a thousand steps, whereas the watch would get me. Five thousand did make me feel better about myself, but Im not sure it was doing much for my fitness regime. So is the electron here any better. Bem, I have actually been wearing this thing for a few weeks now and I have to say its a huge Advance on the last one. Em primeiro lugar, this one doesnt lose time like my last one did, actually it doesnt lose Time full stop. Segundo, the pedometer seems much much more accurate on a day spent, mostly behind my desk, but with a little pottering around the house and a short walk.

The electron recorded 4748 passos, whilst my iPhone recorded 4756 passos, thats only eight steps different, Bom, and on another day, when I did my usual long walk around the village, the electron came in at 9283, whilst my iPhone recorded 9085.. I think I may have put my iPhone down a couple of times, which would account for the slightly bigger difference, even so theres still only about two percent in it, so the electron here keeps time it records exercises accurately as an iPhone. O que mais? Bem, it also has a pulse oximeter to tell you, seus níveis de oxigênio no sangue, no Im not entirely sure why Id want to check my blood oxygen levels, although pulse ox temperatures were all the rage when covid first arrived. Além disso, I used to smoke a lot, so I guess this thing could be quite useful for when the emphysema hits and in the meantime, nice to know Im prepared now, as it happens, weve got another pulse oximetry in the house, so lets see how they compare just Pop that, on the end of my finger and its five clicks on the crown of the electron to take the reading one two, três quatro cinco, you get a red light to show you its working switch that one on now the dial on the electron is pretty Small, so I think I might actually need an eyeglass to read it. Look Ive got a 99 reading on the finger lets, see what happens on the electron now still nothing identified.

It takes a little while longer than the finger one two take a reading. We might have to fast forward here. We go lets, say thats, showing about 95 percent compared to the brawn, que está mostrando 99 percent so thats, actually quite a big difference. The brawns saying Im at the top end of healthy and the electron is saying Im at the bottom end, not sure which is right. Um now the electron will also read your heart rate itll. Do that either automatically every five minutes or every 30 minutes or every two hours or you can take a manual reading by just pressing the crown four times so lets. Do that one two three, Quatro: lá vamos nós agora. I think this one takes a reading. A little bit faster again, I may need to fast forward here we go and thats saying 60 2 4. Id say that 65 compared to 67 on the finger so thats pretty much of a muchness now. Finalmente, the electron measures, your time sleeping it does that by measuring your movement, so Im not entirely sure how accurate it really is. It keeps telling me Ive had nine hours sleep when actually I went to sleep at 2AM and got up at 8., por isso lá temos isso. This is quite a rudimentary Smartwatch in that it only measures the time. Your step count your sleep time, your heart rate and your oxygen levels. You cant start your car with it or control your garden lawnmower or turn the kettle on or answer emails or anything else for that matter.

Many of these thingsall I want is a pedometer and a watch, and I want to watch that I dont have to charge every day, so the electron here really is all I want, except theres, one small design flaw. I wonder if you can guess what it is to show you the problem. Ive filmed this watch in action. Em primeiro lugar, brushing my teeth. Whats, the time am I late for work a bit later in the day Outdoors. Is it time for lunch and later still is it time for the evening news? Então, did you spot the floor now earlier in this review? I showed you some footage of this watch, which made the dial look luminous because thats what it looks like on sequence website, but Im afraid that was just a special effect in real life. The blue hands of this watch are really pretty indistinct against the blackwatch face. Unless youre standing outside in bright sunshine, preferably somewhere in the Sahara at midday and the problems even worse, for anyone who has to wear reading glasses, I wear one and a half times reading glasses, without which anything less than about an arms length away is a bit Blurry, so without my glasses, the hands on this watch go from being a little bit. Indistinct, two invisible for me. The million dollar question is how on Earth did secret manage that. I mean youd think that legibility would be right up there on the list of must haves for a watch and its not like there arent plenty of watches.

They could have drawn inspiration from either look heres my old tag higher this watch has hands. You should be able to see when youre 40 meters under the sea thats a feature Ive used about as many times as Ive fjorded, the local Rapids in my 4×4. Still it is nice to be able to tell the time with or without my glasses. This watch is even better its a studying Clarity, its called a Glycine incasory, and if you cant read this, you probably need a braille watch. So now I come back to the bit about whether you can trust my review. I think you can trust me when I tell you that the Blue version of the electron is crap. Im, really sorry sequent, but it just is even someone with good eyesight is going to struggle to tell the time under indoor lighting but heres the thing I like. The functionality of the electron so much that I went and bought myself the white version, and here it is paid for from my own wallet now. I have to say that the hands on this one are still a little bit indistinct in low light, without my glasses, with hindsight, I wish Id bought the one with the completely black face, as I suspect that ones even clearer still. This is a big Improvement on the Blue version and Im finding. I can usually read the time without my reading, óculos, but secret. If you want to make this watch better still, why not paint the hands completely white like this glycine, então lá vamos nós.

The sequent electron here is a fantastic watch for anyone under the age of about 50, who wants a smart watch with a good pedometer which you dont ever have to charge. Just make sure you buy one with a good contrast between the hands of the watch and the face and whatever you do, dont buy the blue one. If you know anyone who um likes to know what time it is, you might like to share this film.