Today, i’m going to be unboxing mine and new smartwatch it’s from this company potato cheese. I have no idea Music, so this is just amazing, so let’s get unboxing. It has a game, a lot of games like pinball and a lot of others. There is context where i can call my dad or mom or friend or sister or brother or anyone. It has only 10. So i can only remember 10 contact numbers under the style. So i can also call them freak like i can just put their number and call them or i can make it remember them and that’s better too let’s open it so i’m, going to just put my finger here and just open quickly and it’s right in here Stretches spread scratches okay, i have opened it and i’m gon na take the instruction. Oh the little. Thank you card. Okay, this isn’t instructions. Ah, okay, this is the it’s chargers. So it’ll also give you messages if the charging is low or things like that, it has a memory card included with it, but not a sim card. It only has memory card that i will put shortly. So this is the precious watch. Okay, okay, i’m, going to check this out quickly. Okay, slowly, you don’t want it to break. You can customize this part, all this, the crease the case and it’s congress, a sticker that comes on top, that you do not need it’s, just like a style toy.

So this is a good watch. Okay, i am going to press this. You have to press it for at least ten to five seconds or it won’t start at all like one second, it won’t work – and this is where you put the charging and i’ll, show you later: okay, so i’m, going to press this. Okay, so, first of all it’s it’s main screen, there are contacts that you can. You have to put the same card for if the charging is low anyway, you have to – and this is where the battery you can see the battery over here right here – and this is where you’re supposed for your charger so i’m, going to just check this out. It’S off now, i just put it here, so it doesn’t go back in there and i’m going to put this charger. So this part, where it’s small i’m just going to put this here and then put it on the plugs now it’s going to charge. If i put it in the cable, this is the camera that i really liked. Most smart watches don’t have it and i really love this wristband. You can choose it and customize it. So that’s really amazing and it fit me perfectly as a yvette. So now let’s put in the sim card first of all i’m, just going to close this perfectly so we’ll have to be opening this back of it let’s open this, so you need to put your nail in the middle of the space and then you have to Open it, this is a battery of it and here’s.

Where you got ta put your sim card, it comes the um uh. The memory card comes with it so i’m going to put it. You also need a sim card that is not included. You’Ll have to buy it separately after that is album. So all the pictures i’ve took in go in here and saved here, so i can always watch them, there’s also music. This is where i can record anything i want and then i can, for example, i want to do a memo or something records. This is the calculator okay, i’m gon na record. My voice, oh get some money: okay, okay, so this is i’m recording now it’s. So funny so i’m just gon na stop now, so you can record it too this this my watch is the best it has so many things, and i i really like. I just love this handbag and then there is alarm so i can set any alarm. So i can set as 12 am. I do not want to do that because i will be like sleeping by then, and here it is. Then there are the games. There are lots of them ultimate racing and there’s basketball shoot so i’m going to play. That and i’m not going to ask about, i think so so i’m going to be waiting and there one get it out: oops, okay, so that’s the games. You got ta press this now and then, if you want to escape something or there’s, also back that you can press, so it goes back to where it was then there’s settings.

So i can choose my language time and date: catalog file manager, silent profile and all that i’m going to take a picture and now let’s go into albums that’s. So nice i’m gon na go back so it officially has its memory card. This is the songs and then you can actually get out and it’s still a place so i’m doing something else. I play a game and i can show i’m going to just complete it on. So there are these two areas and you can adjust this. How much you want – and there is two bands where i’m gon na fold it put it in and slip through and then mom, i i’m ready to rock okay. I am done let’s try this on my hand. So now i can watch this. Is the coolest watch ever well guys? This was amazing and i just love the wristband so that’s it of the watch. There is a link description on bottom of the swatch. Do check it out.