What is this? Well, as you can see, it is a smartwatch but a really cheap smartwatch at the moment. I am recording this video. In fact, it costs the beauty of 15 euros more or less. Among other things, offers like this can be found in my channel. The official tech business league, linked in the first line below in video descriptions, enter it in many, because you will also find many other things, but let’s go back to talking about the dt 36. Behind this name, a bit of a disinfectant hides a smartwatch. That is both cheap but full of features from for 15 euros. What can we expect? You could change your mind. The number one bt 36 arrives in this very anonymous package, but oh well, somewhere they had to save that contains only the cable usb charging with the proprietary base, which is not very comfortable because it is not magnetic. Unfortunately, a small instruction manual luck fully written in English, in which we will find the qrcode to download the application, both on apple and android devices. And finally, we obviously find the smartwatch that I have already worn on my wrist and it is not really bad design. Clearly, inspired by politics with the right proportions, differences the case is made entirely of plastic and has a small side button. Instead, the strap is made of rubber and is also interchangeable. I tell you the truth. I do not love this type of strap very much that many appreciate it, but I find it a bit uncomfortable to fasten anyway, once on the wrist remains there.

The small display is united by 1.75 inch hd at least on paper, but I would have some doubts and even touch the side. Button is not fake, but it is used to turn off and on the display or return to the main screen in the back. Instead, we also find the heart rate monitor and the contacts for charging. There is also a small audio speaker here at the bottom right. It is a microphone through the latter. We will be able to make and receive telephone calls exactly as if it were a smartphone. Of course you will first have to connect it in bluetooth to your phone, and in this regard we enter the phone book and contact. Stefania is ringing and stefania. You hear me how you feel I find it really incredible that it is a small smartwatch from just 15 euros, is equipped with a home audi a microphone and is even capable of making calls to counterbalance this. However, we find an operating system that, as you have seen, is certainly not among the fastest and most responsive on the market, but still for what it costs yes defends quite well. These, for example, are the notifications. We can, for example, open the messenger notification. We can delete it, but we can in no way respond when multiple notifications arrive, such as telegram. We are told four messages, but we cannot browse them individually. However, within it we find practically everything to leave and from the different smartwatches that we can choose to customize.

Our user experience there is a whole series of features that to show you, I will have to launch this smartwatch on my wrist again, then, with a swipe to the right. We find the heart rate monitor we take out the smartwatch. We insert that it is been put back on the finger and we see some measurement, I would say really precise 70 on the oximeter 70 on the 69 on the live. Smart watch really a good result, but we also find the oximeter function or the measurement of oxygenation in our blood on the state there mtro we have the 98 instead on the smart watch that you have to keep as still as possible for a reading at the Least, reliable 97 from we are there and beyond this, it is able to carry out a sort of ecg electrocardiogram that we will see in a moment on the application, because the smart work is a bit limited, the blood pressure measurement. Then a small note on smart watches the measurement of blood pressure. San guigna is never 100 percent reliable because the pressure requires that you go to inflate on the arm. You know how it works. Nordic a smartwatch is quite difficult to have a reliable reading. In this sense, but you can still take it as a reference and then go to deepen with the dedicated instrument, 116 70, which would be very good and I use for scruple. We are going to measure blood pressure even with a dedicated instrument or that 120 77.

On this certified device, there is a bit of difference, obviously, but not so much, and obviously we also have other features as the remote music player. Obviously, taking advantage of our smartphone the ability to respond to messages, we cannot only read them, but we can also respond to messages with formats already preset through the application. Then, obviously, we find the pedometer with the steps taken. The calories burned the distance traveled, the fitness tracker or reading the our physical activity, sleep monitoring always very welcome the alarm clock a couple of themes. There is no such striking difference. As you have seen. We also have the Italian language that is not to be thrown away. The remote camera using our smartphone intercepts with the smartphone, is shooting the photos. Now I turn off the display to show you its responsiveness to the rotation of the wrist from it is not even that slow. I have seen much more expensive, but much slower devices through that cod that I showed you start video. We can download its dedicated application, which is enough simple in the interface well done to say very light, but it is not so rich in features. We will still be able to access the reading of the cg or the electrocardiogram let’s. Try it immediately and ask us to activate it on the smart watch, and here it is well. It does not seem a very reliable electrocardiogram, so don’t rely on it too much and now let’s do the dive test.

It will work. Let’S try agitia a little bit. They pulled out and it’s still working well here guys – and this is the dt number one dt 36 – a really super cheap smartwatch. I think one of the cheapest I’ve ever brought you here on the channel for 15 euros. Does so many things, but obviously yes, it is a cheap smartwatch. So do not rely completely on its sensors. It is not a professional device, it is not suitable for professional athletes. It is a device suitable for those who want to spend little and still have a watch full of functions. What obviously lacks a bit of quality in the realization of the case that here is totally in plastic made well, but in any case it is not a steel case or even ceramic or carbon God forbid. For this price it also lacks an automatic brightness sensor. You will have to adjust it manually and even its maximum brightness is not so high below direct sunlight. You will make a bit of effort in reading the screen as regards its autonomy. I am now on the second day almost and the battery is at 40 percent. So let’s say that it is with not too intense use. We arrive at three maximum four days of use well guys and that’s all for the dt number one dt 36, you advice or not. Well, if you are looking for a super cheap device and without too many pretensions of professionalism or super pescini trekking, it could be right for you if, instead, you are looking for a smartwatch built with finer materials and more precise in the measurement of advice, instead, the Huawei gt2 pro that I have reviewed in the tab here at the top right and the smartwatch I use every day, except when I try other devices, and I am fine with it.

I think I have said practically everything now you want to know your opinion. This super cheap smartwatch. What do you think about it like I do not like it, you buy it or not. You can find it in just 15 Euros. They are enclosed. All these sensors fled pe r. To me it seems almost impossible and instead it is on my wrist. Ok, say yours by leaving a nice comment below and if you have any doubts or questions do not hesitate to ask. I am as always at your complete disposal and if you want to buy the dt number, one of 36 thousand shows links and any coupons and video descriptions below reminding you that coupon offers are not eternal, expired for some time uncertain numbers of uses. But you will always find them updated on my official channel terina tecnest deals also linked below in video descriptions. Together with the group. Facebook is my standard channel, many have entered and if you liked this video and want to support them, just as always a simple and free like a comment, a share subscribe to the channel. If you have already done it and activate the bell to not miss the notifications of our new next videos, this is said now we say goodbye and we make an appointment at my next video always here.