It is an awesome gadget watch for kids, any guesses. Okay, this is it it’s. A q50 watch smartwatch uh gps tracker for kids. So so this is the product. Let me show you. This was my last year birthday gift from my mom thanks mom i’m using this watch since one year, let’s see the features phone settings and the functions of this watch so inside the package. You will see the watch and the micro usb cable for charging and you will find a tiny cute little screwdriver for opening the back panel of the watch. I have opened the four screws here and i am going to open the back panel of the watch safely. Move the battery, so i have opened slowly. You need an active sim card and put the sim card on the sim card slot. I have used the 4g sim card, so slow the battery and close the back panel and tighten the screw. You can communicate to the watch using your phone with an app which is ac tracker. You can make the watch settings using an app in your phone, go to play, store and search s e tracker, t r, a ac tracker and install it. So after install installing the app press, open click on immediate experience, click on allow only while using the app wait for some time it will be loading and go to register. Select your language. I have selected english and select. Asia enter your email, id verification code and sort of your own click on.

I have read and agree after entering this: confirm, registration and and start building and press hello, this step i’m adding the device to the app to add the device scan the registration code. It is there at the back of the watch, enter the name of the child, to whom are you giving to and select who you are since i’m, using my father to install, i have selected, i am his father and then click. Ok, when you come to this page, go to settings, go to sos number and click. You can store three important numbers: the second option to sound guardian when your child is in class. You can go to this and disable in class schedule. Any location, click on location, update schedule to receive sms alert; click on sms alert to add more family member click on family name member, add more phone number click on phone book to set the time; click on language and time zone. You can also set location base station. You can also shut down using remote shutdown. Go back. This is voice chat. You can make voice chat with your child. You can check on history where the child have been to. You can send text messages through this. It is a tracker watch and set geofence so that it will alert you if the child goes out of fence. This is about the app settings. These are all the buttons you’ll get in the watch, one you can call to the person who you have saved in number one, and this is power button.

If i press it, it will be on. Second, you can call to the person you have saved in this. You can’t call two people this side, you have sos number, you can pick calls and receive middle messages from this button. This is the charging slot and you can put the micro usb cable here using the adapter. When you turn on power, you can see the time date day and signal what’s battery. My mom have saved my father’s number in number one. If you long press, then the call will go to your phone, see the name. Father came, and it is ringing see and you can receive and talk. My father has sent a voice message. You can see the notification on the display, yes on sos, so this is it. This smart watch is a great tracker watch. If you think of your child safety, this gadget is a great help.