I don’t really got an intro yeah i’m, just joking, but hey thank you for coming back. I really appreciate it. Um. These videos are different for me because it’s, like i got ta step back and actually talk about. You know things i want to talk about that. I don’t always get to talk about, especially on stream, because when i’m out there shooting and blasting everybody there’s not always a time to stop and think hey conversation and today’s. Video topic is all about time, because that was louder than i thought it was going to be it’s. Finally, here the weighted oneplus watch, this really thin, really big red box. That uh, actually seems to be oneplus is like favorite thing, which is weird because they don’t make red phones. In fact, they’ve never sold a phone that was red, but when i get their accessories it’s all red this. This is this big old box. Just for the wireless charger that i actually i do like it, i know it’s meant for the oneplus 9 and i’m, using the eight so i’m, not getting the full experience that i should be, but i’m not gon na buy a new phone just to use a Charger better and then these are actually been treating me pretty. Well, i haven’t tested them lately because i’ve been too busy testing the mystery buds. I might do a video on them soon, uh because there’s a different there’s, another wireless buds.

I want to test and get a video out on. Let me just adjust a little bit and yeah. Finally, we got the oneplus watch was actually one of my most weighted on little tech things to get because i love smart watches. I like the idea of them. I like having them i’ve only owned two smart watches. In my entire lifetime, i’ve owned the moto. I think it’s called the moto 360.. It was like one of the very first google smart watches to be out there, and i was just one of the i immediately hopped on board to get it because i just wanted to be a smart watch user and before they started making policies on my job. No smart watches allowed, but you betcha, i got. I got that watch and i still used it responsibly at my job. I was able to text back all the people that i wanted to get to talk to and it was fun honestly. I i wouldn’t get it again, because right now, it’s, probably obsolete and moto has more than likely made better things, or at least i hope they have, and then the second thing i had was the apple watch it should. I should have one lying around somewhere. I don’t know where it is. I don’t use it anymore because if you don’t have an apple iphone, then you’re out, your apple watch is pretty much useless um, but it was nice for the time i had it right now, it’s, probably struggling with battery issues, because i had the second or third Generation of the apple watches, but it was a really nice experience.

It was really cool like i got to message. People with it calls um. It also worked as like taking photos. Uh the photo thing was a little bit weird. It was kind of like a little finicky, but it still did its job pretty well and, of course, anytime you’re remotely working out, it’ll start tracking you and it was fun, and i really enjoyed the experience i had with it. It was such a seamless, good experience because, again that ecosystem the ecosystem feeling is everything because there’s nothing cooler than your devices actively working with each other to to bring you that nice, together experience and that’s. What oneplus is trying to go for with this, because this oneplus watch automatically pairs to your phone the same way and the phone actually recognizes it just as quickly as apple iphone would recognize the apple watch, as you you’ve, probably already seen it i’m actually wearing the Watch right now and uh yeah, those are the gentian girls. I just thought this picture was adorable. I i have all those characters and gentian impact whatnot, there’s, kai and yeah. You can see how responsive this is. This actually wasn’t that uh responsive when i actually first got it, which is what i’m going to talk about. Essentially, let me actually take this off completely, so you can see exactly what you’re looking at yep that’s, the fabled watcha rooney and it’s. I i have a couple things to say, but similar vibes to the apple watch has this band.

This is actually really comfortable. Band is way more comfortable than apple came with. They came with like a really rigid white band that just like it didn’t feel like it. It couldn’t move yet to like it was really stiff when you put it on, but this is nice and flexible, you can there. You go it’s, nice and flexible and it’s easy to put on similar, very, very similar vibes. The ecosystem itself feels like a similar vibe too, although this one doesn’t have that many options, which is one of my couple gripes with this, is that it doesn’t have a lot. I feel like this needed more time in the oven and the reason for that is because it’s missing a lot of key features that i would want in a smart watch so here’s the thing i don’t know one, but you can imagine there’s a fitbit right here. The difference between a fitbit and a smart watch is that a fitbit is sorely for exercise it’s supposed to help track how many steps you’re taking track your workouts access, a timer lapse, etc. I’M, not that i’m, not trust. Me! I’M. I’M. Not the person for fitness. Talk but that’s, essentially what you want your fitbit to do, and your smart and smart watches also contain those features. But they also contain an important component that separates them, which is being a smart watch which is supposed to be a companion to your phone it’s supposed to help you minimize the amount of times you’re pulling out your phone.

Obviously i can’t because that’s how i’m recording this thing, but but regardless of a smart watch, is supposed to be a companion that is reliable and helps you not. You know check out your phone, so many damn times or you know, if you’re working and you’re trying not to pull your phone out, which is actually why my biggest gripe is a lot of like places are like. No, you can’t, have your smart watch on people are gon na look at their phone regardless, at least with the smartwatch. You help us ease, because some of us are pretty anxious when it comes to notifications. You want to know if someone needs you or something important. Uh back in the old day when, when i used to be in group chats, i always wanted to know what was going on and not feel so left out when work was over and that helped in a smart watch. Help with that without you know. So much of a need for me to take out the whole big boy, because you know i always get the biggest phones regardless. I just well. I personally got it so that i could stop pulling on my phone so often, and for the time being it did work. It actually did help me uh not take out my phone so much. This doesn’t do that job very well. For starters, you can’t type on it at all. Okay, here we go so this was.

This is a talking to my trip, my channel and then hit reply. You only have quick replies and – and neither of these would benefit the majority of notifications you’re going to get and you got okay. I can’t okay, like, for example, matt’s trying to get me to play call of duty because he’s saying in a white boy body – and i can’t even say no, i can only say okay, which i don’t want to say be right. There i’m not logging on filming this in a meeting contact you later or i’m driving contact you later four options to to to deny someone gaming and it’s. Just why it’s just weird to me because it’s like it’s, not foreign like typing on smart watches, is i was able to do that. My 360, i’m, pretty sure, or at least a voice option, and a voice thing to me has no excuse, because you can supposedly make phone calls with this thing. I haven’t actually tested out the phone call capability of this, and the reason for that is because i just haven’t been making uh, i haven’t been able to take a phone call, yet usually any serious phone calls. I want to do on my phone or with my bluetooth earbuds, but if it has a microphone, i imagine that it should at some point, have a voice to text option but here’s the risk that oneplus takes. This does not have google os. This is oneplus original software, specifically for their smartwatch or future wearables i’m guessing and the loss of google of having a google os.

There is no nfc payments, no voice searching and obviously i can’t turn on my lights or ask for the weather, there’s no voice system. So that’s another thing that kind of puts down a way i mean apple watch had siri, but i didn’t use siri i didn’t i’m, not a fan of siri. The only a voice assistant i’ve ever used was google and that’s i’m going to keep it. That way. I don’t use cortana or bixby another thing, and actually this is what’s important about oneplus – is that the majority of their products get better. With updates this actually got. Our update recent actually got an update today, i’m gon na put this back on. They got an update today, pushed out uh to fix some of the errors that i had at launch. The race to wake feature was kind of a joke. It did not race to wake at all and i’m, actually surprised. I was able to be fixed with the software, because oneplus can actually do so much by adjusting your software to do it to their phones, tvs and now their watches and yeah. The race to wake is a lot more responsive, now, it’s a good job there, oneplus and i’m just kind of excited to see what other features they have. I don’t see them adding the ability to wirelessly pay a little funny story about that. Just a second but um for the lack of os and for wireless payments, you need it’s a whole permissions thing, nfc, all that that i just don’t think that the oneplus watch will have at least the first one, maybe in the future, they’re going to release a Higher model that could probably do those things or honestly, you can make a version of this with google os and i’d – probably do pretty fine.

I mean to build on it. It’S, really good it’s, a nice metallic build it’s sturdy strong. I don’t know about the scratch resistance so much, but i guess i’ll learn in time when i use this, i bumped it every now and then but there’s, nothing significant on it that i could see um even with the screen not fully complete on and the funny Thing about wireless payments actually there’s a story. One time i was out grocery shopping and i remember just being in pajama, pants and uh, just looking all kind of messy. I just need to go shop right just for the basic things, and i remember this woman on a. I went to a self checkout, obviously social anxiety, and this woman was counting pennies and dollar bills, trying to like pay for the groceries but to buy, and i just paid wirelessly with my apple watch at the time i just went boop transaction good. I just left with my stuff and it didn’t sink in how douchy i looked after uh walking out. I thought to myself wow that was really scummy to do. I should have just pulled out my debit card, like a normal person but and i’m sure she thought highly of me that day otherwise, the feeling of it was pretty nice. It was a seamless connection. I don’t think i’ll be using the workout feature. I mean i probably should, but for now i just wanted this to be my companion.

I am keeping my eyes on the rumors for the pixel watch. I already told myself like okay, i’m, probably gon na get the pixel watch but i’m, not gon na. Do what i do with ear buds to smart watches, because smart watches are are pretty up there? This is still. This was still around like 150 bucks, even with the i go, is given a coupon by oneplus for uh, just for like waiting around for it to launch, because i did get. It immediately wants to cry once the clock struck. 11. Words are hard and that’s it for today that’s all i wanted to talk about. I guess my final conclusion is um. Do i recommend this maybe um? If you’re, a patient person like if you’re a person that can wait for updates, then sure go right ahead? You just wanted something that tells time it tells you. When you get a notification without having to stare at your watch, then yeah i would definitely recommend getting the oneplus watch. I mean it. Doesn’T make too much sense. Getting the oneplus watch and we don’t have a oneplus because that’s kind of the whole point of this thing, but i think it works with android phones, just fine. You know because it’s all about the app it’s just you have to get the oneplus well uh. Health. App and it’ll it’ll do some good there. I might have to do like a second review once all the features are fully released because supposedly there’s going to be like hundreds of workouts in your watch, it’ll be better at tracking your sleep, which this thing actually does track sleep pretty.

Well, so maybe i’ll do a follow up video. Maybe i actually maybe i’ll do a follow up video. If i do get my hands on a pixel watch or that we could, we can talk more there to battle the watches um but yeah. Thank you.