Smartwatch SCAM moving through the Internet from bogus websites offering high end smartwatches for super cheap prices. BEWARE! You can loose your money, or, at a minimum, spend hours documenting claims through PayPal or your credit card company to try and get a refund.

Learn more by checking this site:

Jump to about Page 11 or so where the actual watches are starting to show up at peoples’ doorstep and read what they have received.

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NOTE: Keep checking these Show Notes. I’m updating them with new watch names and links to new bogus sites and companies. Please help and send me the links you find in a comment (they won’t show up initially as a posted comment because you include a link, but it’s OK, I’ll see it in my filtered SPAM section and can extract the link from there and post it). Perhaps together we can stay ahead of them so they close from lack of profitability. Ninja YouTube!

Remember, DON’T BE SCAMMED! Buy form legitimate sources. When in doubt, check the buying links under the product reviews you see here on this channel about legitimate smartwatches. Find us easily at any time at

Also, follow the progress of those who are trying to get their money back. Learn what they have to do, how long it takes, and what lessons they have learned.

You can leave comments below, but the best thing would be if you leave them over on the XDA Forum instead, as that is a focused community dealing with this issue.

Other watch names being marked in this SCAM approach for which we have actual marketing links:

Matrixblaze V3
Radiance A3 Frontier
Trailblazer V3 Frontier
Vapor S3

Other company names used to sell these watches as reported by our viewers (not verified!):

NOTE: The same or similar product listing pages appears here:


I’ve spoken to PayPal over the phone this morning and they insist on me sending the watch back, they offered to pay up to £15 towards the cost of shipping it back so will need to check with royal mail about his much it will cost!! They want the parcel to be trackable so if they don’t hear back can process the refund anyway!


In Canada, PayPal has directed me to enter the tracking number for the return to my claim. They will track the receipt of the returned merchandise by the scum bags. They did not offer to cover my return postage costs. They did provide me with the return address of the vendor:

6F Building 4 Hao’er Jiarentai Industrial Park,
164 Fengtang Road,
Yongfu Street,
Bao’an District, Shenzhen,
GUANGDONG Province 518000 China