Wear west watches to launch a special edition: wearable Music. The two companies are announcing the razer x, fossil gen, 6 smartwatch at ces 2022 and its basically, what you think: a themed version of an existing wear os device with straps and faces that reflect the gaming companys identity. But the razer edition of the gen 6 has some small differences. It only comes in the 44 millimeter size, while the original is also available in 42 millimeters and it features some interface elements unique to the gaming company. Ive had a sample to play with for a while and frankly, this feels like most fossil smart watches, with an aesthetic nod to razer. The fossil gen 6 was the first to feature qualcomms snapdragon, wear 4100 plus chip and, like the original series, the razer edition will be updated to the new wear os 3 later this year. So far, the existing software and the watch felt familiar and performed quickly. I swiped through cards and changed watch faces with no delay, although thats par for the course for werewolf watches these days. The three custom watch faces for the razer branded wearable were what i expected that is. They had matching color schemes and displayed the time in fun. Fonts, the wellness phase shows your daily stats, but it doesnt look very razor. Esque theres, not much else different about the device and most other elements like battery life and system performance will require me spending much more time with it to test.

What i can say now is that, as a person with smaller wrists, i found the razor watch a little too big are most razor fans, people that are more big boned or do they prefer a chunky, aesthetic i dont know, but it sure seems like this is An assumption the company is making one thing i do believe razers, loyalists love is the companys, distinct acid, green color that permeates their products. The special edition gen 6 comes in a black finish, with a black 22 millimeter band, with no pops of green on the case itself, but it does come with a bright green strap that you can swap out. Both silicon vans were pliable and comfortable. Though again i prefer a narrower style, the larger size does allow for a roomier screen. Although the 42 millimeter gen 6 has the same display dimensions and i enjoyed how easy it was to read app titles and notifications. Razer and fossil are only selling 1 337 units of this special edition device because elite get it anyway. You can get one for 329 for comparison. The fossil gen 6 costs between 299 and 319.. With this higher price and limited quantity. The razer watch is clearly meant to be a collectible for the most loyal of the companys fans. It does represent an intriguing expansion of fossils lineup, though, as we might see, the company team, up with other brands in tech to deliver similar products in future fossils, told me its open to the idea.

So, who knows? Maybe one day well see collabs that give us tesla watches if you dont manage to get one of the razer watches or are intrigued by fossils other brands, you could also consider the new skogen gen 6..