I researched it now to be clear. This is an honest review. I paid my own money, i bought it. You know online at best, buy and uh they. You know and uh picked up at the store today. So this is honest review i’m. Just going you know, i now i mean i do have a uh apple macbook, pro uh, so i like my laptop, but i also have a samsung galaxy note: uh uh phone and i have a samsung galaxy tablet um. So i am. I like the samsung universe. Uh, but i do like the mac laptops here, um um – i have purchased iphones before so, but uh let’s just get this started here. Okay, so let’s get this open here. Let’S kind of go hulk out here, sometimes all like all right make sure this uh cut. I did buy this brand new i’m. Just gon na make sure that there’s there is cut marks yeah, i hope it’s, not a used, one should say so. If it’s not right, all right, let’s get this open here. All right, let’s see what we got here. All right we got the watch there. Uh see what’s inside here looks, like i think, probably booklets and stuff uh. What is this Music? Okay, let’s put this knife away all right. We got this little probably i’m. One of this is what is this? Ah, what is this um carbon box and stuff? Okay? What’S there right you making me mad samsung quick, start guide.

Okay, check that side there stuff’s pretty explanatory here, uh, oh, oh there, it is there. It is okay, we got this booklet. I don’t see anything else in there here: no okay, so file that to the side of that side. Here so we got. This looks like it’s, a charging, cable, yeah. Okay, all right, all right! All right! All right come on okay, so that looks nice okay. So it looks like your classic usb a and you just looks like it’s a magnet you clip on this. Probably so you move this okay. It looks like there’s nothing else in here: let’s fire that to the side here, all right, so oh yeah, so it’s it’s a magnet so that so it’s a magnet and it’s stuck oops yeah well somewhat of a magnet because it’s kind of like oops let’s, see It’S kind of like a magnet here so anything i guess you plug in there’s no charging block, but we all have these things uh. So who needs the charging blocks? You know all right. Let me turn this on here, see if there’s any juice. Okay, sampling, galaxy watch three! Oh i liked it so early. It looks really nice here. So it has these like bezels that moves that’s, really nice. I like the buttons i have the samsung galaxy frontier. I really liked it a lot uh so yeah, so they have more pronounced buttons, which is nice, that’s, perfect, okay, uh charging uh.

This is a nice little. It feels like a premium. Leather band looks kind of nice to put on your wrist here. Yeah see right. There, you know it does kind of feel nice. I feel like this is you you probably want to get like a silicone band if you want to run and do a workout with it work out with it but i’m i’m? Actually, thinking about getting, i i like the uh titanium metal, you know, like you know, i think it looks solid and pop pronounced, but it’s been nice looks like we got some juice in here. Okay, yes, get started. Okay, i’m gon na pause.