When it comes to these smart watches. To my left, we have the real apple watch series six and to my right we have the t 80a pro series: six clone. The reason for this real versus fake is uh. This t88 pro is a decent clone of all the recent smart watches, i’ve, unboxed and reviewed it has a similar box to the original. As you can see, the looks are the same, but the operating system is a little different, so in this video today, we’ll take a look at a little comparison between both of these. I want to show you what they both are like. I purchased this t88 pro from aliexpress, so if you want to check that out, just type in ta pro and you’ll be able to uh find one of these smart watches. But just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect in all sorts and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, anyways let’s get straight into it. Okay, putting the smartwatches aside let’s take a look at the box. If you want to see full unboxing and reviews make sure you check out my previous video or the links will be in the description box below anyways uh. The t88 pro is just a smaller box, but it’s the same looks as the original uh.

Well you’ve got a picture of the smartwatch on the front. It says watch here and on the original it does say, watch but it’s got the apple logo as well. So, taking a look at the back of the smartwatch, you have the pull tabs which you have right here. There we go so when we open this up, you’ve got two boxes, which has the watch band and also the watch inside, but and you’ve also got pictures of different watches with watch bands and stuff like that. So that is what the original box is like. This is the t88 pro a bit smaller. This also has pull tabs and also information on the smartwatch itself. Let’S open these full tabs up. As you can see here, you just got one box which contains the smartwatch wireless two pin charger and also the watchband, but it also has pictures of watches with different watch bands as well. So that is how they mimic the original. With this fake t 80 pro here, we have both of the smart watches on the left, of course, is the original on the right, the t88 pro clone. The looks are the same. This watch band i’m, actually using on the original, is from a fake smartwatch. If you don’t follow me on one of these social medias, you wouldn’t know, but if you do you do because this is what i got from the s88 smartwatch um once you check that video you’ll know the t88 pro uh watch bands also fit on the original.

So let’s take a look at that let’s take these off. I just want to show you the watch. Bands first and then we’ll take a look at the design on both of these. So this is the t88 pro smart watch band. Does it fit? Yes? It does it locks in and there we have it, the watch band actually locks in to place on the original. Vice versa. The original watch bands also fit on the fake t8 pro. So here we have the smart watches. While the watch band is off let’s. Take a look at the body design, so the both have a 1.7 8 inch display. The t88 pro is a little bit taller, um that’s. Why they’ve got a big bezel around the um, the screen, but the screen to body ratio is um in the middle as well it’s good, because with previous ones you get a big bezel at the bottom, with a small bezel at the top. This is actually placed mode in the middle. I will show you once i switch it on uh. Take a look at the side. As you can see here, you’ve got the crown which also the micro tab and the button all of these actually work as well. The working crown works when you scroll down from the apps or the menus that’s the micro tower. Also, this power button actually works on both of these as well. Taking a look at the back, the sensors look a pretty much identical, as you can see right here.

You’Ve got four circles with sensors around it same with this one as well: four circles with sensors around it you’ve got text around the sensors. As you can see, the only thing different is the original. Has the buttons here to take the watch band off with the t88 pro you’ve got the two pin charger right here and also there’s no uh buttons to take the watch band off. They just slide in and out take a look at the side. You’Ve got the speaker, cutout grilles, uh it’s one and a half on the t88 pro and it’s, obviously with the original, the both actually work, but other than that the body looks exactly the same. Now the price difference it obviously is a lot, but this t88 pro is actually the most expensive one. I’Ve got on all sorts. It cost me 50, just under 50 pounds to get including delivery from ali express. So is one of the expensive smartwatches uh clones. I’Ve done on all sorts with this original. You know it costs it costs between three and four hundred uh. This is getting a bit old. Now you can get a brand new one from the website for uh full price or you can get secondhand ones for a lot cheaper, but yeah, like i said the these smartwatches, the better ones, are obviously cost a little much more than the cheated the cheap clones. But let’s switch these on, of course, with the original you’ve got the apple logo and with the t88 pro it just says, smartwatch and it’s straight into it.

So while the original is loading know, this is what i mean with the screen. So you’ve got the screen to body ratio in the middle, but obviously the bezels are a little bit thicker around, but it doesn’t matter because it looks similar to the original result when it comes when it comes to the screen to body ratio. Obviously you can’t tell with the original it does have, or even the original has a bezel around it uh. But yeah like i said here is the t88 pro it has a lot of watch faces. You can download the app to add more watch faces. This button works to switch it off. This button works to switch it on to go into the menu as well. You can actually change that. You can have a few different menus when you go into theme and, as you can see right here, that is the nine app uh view with also the list view. Uh you’ve also got the nine app view without which, which doesn’t give you a list which i showed you earlier and you’ve also got the smart view, which shows you all the apps right there look at that now. You know what i mean when, with the screen to body ratio on both of these they’ve actually mimicked it as close as possible. As you can see right here, they both got the same watch bands. So let’s unlock this one and, as you can see here, when you swipe it down, it goes to all your notifications.

You mean swap it to the left. You can change. The watch faces. Swiping it up will give you your shortcuts. As you can see, you got your wi fi uh battery percentage, your loud, and you can change it again when it comes to the um watch faces right there, so pushing the crowning will actually give you the list view. As you can see, it’s got all the apps pushing it again and it brings you back to the home screen and push the button in well. If you push it in, it will give you the apps that you’ve already actually been on there. We have the original and coming to the t88 pro swiping. It down gives you all the shortcuts. You can change it. You can even lock it as well. As you can see right there push the crown in and it’s unlocked. You’Ve got your settings, your vibrate, your brightness, and everything like that. So swiping it to the left will give you the smart menu or you can change the menus. How you want it pushing the crown in brings you back to the home screen swiping it to the right, giving you notifications and swiping it up will give you the shortcut apps, where you can use your pedometer heart rate, sleep qr code to download the app and The weather and back to the home screen and if you push the on off board, it just goes on to standby, as you can see right there, but there’s not much to compare other than the body and the uh.

Well, not the features uh. Just the looks of it uh because that’s the operating system are totally different with the big different price difference as well, but i just wanted to show you what both of these lights when it comes to looks wise, because a lot of people actually buy the smart Watches as they look identical to the clone, but i have got to say my opinion. The t88 pro is a really good clone smart watches. Up until now, there is a few of the smartwatches that are coming out and i have gotten older so make sure you are subscribed, as once they come. I will leave a little sneak peek on my social media and unbox it and review it as quick as possible, but anyway, that was the quick comparison between both of these smartwatches, the original series, six clone and the t88 pro.