A few people commented that they want to see this video. So in this video today we are doing the aqua watch series. Six versus the reward fly four series: six clone smart watch, but if you want to see any other comparisons between the original and any other cd6 clone do, let me know in the comment section below, as always make sure you follow me on one of these social Medias, as i always put up, sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So if you want to see the full unboxing and review of both of these items check out my previous video, i will leave both of these in the link in the description box below or you can check out my playlist uh i’m not going to go into That into the unboxing we’re, just going to take a quick look at the boxes and look at the smartwatch uh, both of the smartwatches themselves, to show you what they both like. Of course, the operating system is not going to be the same, but i’ll show you what they like, but, as you can see here, this is the apple white series 6 and you have pull tabs right there and this is the box, so you haven’t got the Same box, there is a few clone smart watches that have the same box like that.

But this one has two boxes inside, which is the one: is the band and one is the smartwatch itself. So if we take a look at this open this up and as you can see, you’ve got the smartwatch inside right there. So opening up the v wall fly 4 and, as you can see here, it’s a little bit different you’ve got the smartwatch there and the smartwatch is supposed to be in there but it’s on choice. But i’ll show you what the ballpoint charge but i’ll show you. The smartwatches late in the video – this is just a little unboxing to show you what’s inside um. You have the manuals right here with this one. We have the manuals over here and you’ve got one watch band and they both have magnetic charges which i’ll show you later in the video, so they’re, both identical in that way. So that is the box. Now, what we’ll do we’ll go straight in to see what the smart watches are like right? Here is what the magnetic charges look like. This is the original. As you can see, it has a bit a deeper groove, but this fake one it’s a little bit different. You put out a ring right there with a little groove. This is just a fully uh dented one uh they’re, both magnetic as you can tell right here, both usb uh, the. Of course. The view of fly 4 feels much cheaper. It’S got a thicker wire and this one obviously of course feels premium as it’s the uh original apple charger.

Now, if you’re thinking does the view will fly for charger, well, watch work on the original. No, it doesn’t vice versa. I’Ve checked them both out. They don’t charge, as you can see, with the original you’ve, got a few trademarks just right here. I don’t know if you can see on camera, you’ve got nothing on the real fly for so yeah. Like i would say, the real fly for watch do not work on the original and the original does not work on the we will fly for charges, so just wanted to clarify that, because a few people have stated okay on my left, we have the original series. Six uh apple, smart watch on my right. We have the. We will fly 4 series: 6 clone smart watch, so let’s take a look at the front, so the display the both have 1.7 h into display 44 millimeter in size uh. The apple watch has an s6 chipset and the viewer fly 4 has mt mtk2502 chipset. They both can have wireless charging. As you can see right here, the apple watch does stay it’s a 303 mah battery uh the vivo fly 4 advertisers. It has a 330 mah battery, which is much bigger. The only way we’re going to realize that if we open this up so if you want to see a teardown of this view or fly 4, let me know in the comment section below uh there’s, no point in testing the features of both of these because, of Course, the real flight 4 is a cheaper version, but i’ll just show you, the the body wise and also a quick look at the operating system on both of these to show you uh how duplicate they are when it comes to the reward fly 4 series: 6.

Clone compared to the original, of course, the original is much better if a lot of people do comment below. I hope this answers your question which one to buy out both of these always stick with the original, because you’re gon na get more for your money. Uh, of course, with the, if you did see the unboxing and review, i am going to tell you with the v wall, fly for any of the series. Six clones, the health apps don’t work accurate. Of course they work accurate on the original because that’s, what you’re? Actually paying for you’re paying for the uh software as well as the apple branding as well, so you get what you pay for when it comes to money. Of course, i’m. Not gon na talk uh price wise because the wheel will fly for is much cheaper than the original original. You can purchase the view or fly fall from aliexpress or alibaba and just check out the price there. You know what the price is on the original, so let’s take a look at the body coming to the side. As you can see here, uh we have exactly the same: a micro tab in the middle on and off button at the bottom and a crown at the top. The view of fly 4 has a red ring around it. Doesn’T have a red ring on the original um, as this is just a gps it’s, not a cellular as well.

Taking a look at the back, it looks similar, but not the same. You’Ve got the sensors um on the different layout on the original compared to the fake and you’ve also got text around uh the sensors, as you do, with the original as well uh. Also, you don’t have a button at the top, and the bottom on the v wall fly four to take out the watch ones you do on the original with the viewer fly for you just slide them in and out so we’ll check out the bands later to See if they fit on either of the watches, taking a look at the speaker grills, the top one, is the original apple watch. The bottom one is the real fly for the both actually work, because some of the clones you only get one speaker grille and the other one is fake, but we have uh both of them on both of the smart watches um, but just the real flag for Is a little bit bigger as you can see right there, so that is the watch band where you place them in and uh yeah overall, if you take a look at it, they both look pretty identical. Uh coming to the body wise, i would say the view of life, for it just feels a little bit more chunkier than the original and that’s about it. The body wise is a little bit bigger, but the screen size i’ve been told, is one point.

Seven eight inch display on the we will fly four, so we’ll uh switch these on just after we check the watch band. So what we’ll do now is we’ll see if the view will fly for watch bands fit on the original and vice versa. All right here we have the watch bands. The cooler is a little bit off, but i don’t know because i’ve been using the original one. It’S probably been wearing out uh, taking a look at the watch ones right here. You just got a little bit of a different text. It says 42 millimeters, on the view of fly four and on the original, actually stays it’s a 44 millimeter right. There take a look at the big one. It just says another 42 millimeter on there and on the original it says the small stroke medium. So what we’ll do now is this: is the original watch band let’s see if it actually fits on the wheel, fly four? Yes, it does just slide straight and, as you can see here, the view of fly 4 has now the original watch band let’s bring the uh fake. Well, the view will fly forward onto the original and, as you can see, they don’t click in, but they do fit on, but it’s a bit loose i’m, not gon na lie. This one is actually a bit more tighter, but they do fit on. As you can see right here, i’m, actually only let’s just switch these both on as well.

So now the v will fly for, watch band is on the original and the original watch band is on the reward fly for, as you can see right here now with the original. Of course, it had the upper logo with the view of fly for it’s. Just a world um animation and you just get straight into the watch – face. The original takes a little bit of time because there’s more software to boot up but yeah. Let these boot up and then we’ll see a little bit of a comparison between the both right. So here we have it. People here is the watch white faces on both of these. As you can see, right here looks pretty much identical, so, as you know, with the going into the original, when you click the calendar or any other um shortcut app on the watch face, it works coming to the v wall fly four, it actually works as well. You have this white back button. You’Ve got the everything actually works on the watch face, which is really good, swiping it down. It brings the shortcuts, but if you swipe it down on the original sorry there’s a passcode on it. If you swipe it down on the original just gives you notifications, but you have to swipe it up for your shortcuts right here, pretty much similar well, not not similar in the design way. Should i say if you want notifications, you’ve got to swipe up, as you can see right there so trying to do them.

Both is kind of hard, so yeah, as you can see, it’s just a little bit different, but the layout is the same to try to mimic it as much as possible. As you can see right here. Do you um you’ve got you’ve only got one page of shortcuts, but with the original you can, how many shortcuts you want. We can edit it as which one you want as well, so pushing the crowning goes back and pushing the crown in as well goes back, which is really really good, so pushing the crown in again goes to your list view pushing in on the original same again. Goes to the list view. Does the crown work on the view of fly 4? Yes, it does. As you can see, you can scroll all the way down same again with the original it’s much smoother. You get a little bit of a tactic: vibration when it uh swipe um, using the crown uh through the apps as well, which feels really nice. You don’t get that on the original, but at least the crown works. That’S really really good. The thing that you can get on the view of fly for is the hand massager which you press and it just vibrates. Of course, you don’t get that on the original, there’s, no point showing you the features that the original has. You can check that on the unboxing and review on the original one, but i just wanted to show you what the operating system is like on both of these uh.

You can actually change the uh both of the watch for this menus to smart watches. So if you go down, as you can see here, pressing it – and it has the same as the original – the of course the original has the same because that’s, where it actually originated from so yeah, they have actually mimicked quite a lot of the apps when it Comes to this v wall fly ford. I have done the previous one. The v wall fly 2 3, and this is the four. This is the latest one at the v wall, selection and i’ve got to say they have done a really good job. It comes with a lot of watch faces same again with this original. You can change. Watch faces right here, just by holding them in it feels much better. You can edit it as well to where the time goes and everything you can put customize one on here. I’M, pretty sure you can do it the same on this one as well. You just got to go into the app to customize it. You can’t, do it via the watch itself, so overall it’s uh, as you can see here, it’s really really good. It’S got loads of apps i’m trying to get the same one back, is it gone or you can actually use the uh crown, as you can see right, there got loads of apps on here. To be honest, not gon na lie.

I keep saying that. I know people actually comment but yeah overall it’s, decent it’s got a lot of uh apps, as you can see, on the reward fly for just i’ll just go through the list view for you, that’s the list view of dv wall fly four now here’s the list View of the original just want to show you what they both are like, so let’s just go to the top, of course, with the original you can put apps on it as well, so you’ve got alibaba on there app store blood oxygen dominoes as well. If you want to order a pizza memory, but you can edit yourself, which is really really good, you got your messenger on there as well, so yeah that just goes to show what kind of apps you can get on the original uh compared to the view of Fly4, so that is a little comparison of both of these watches. What do you think did we will actually do good by copying the original when it comes to the body wise and also the operating system? Of course, the original is much faster than the view of fly for, but they have mimicked it as best they can do to be honest and yeah. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below, if you want to see any other videos with this view of fly 4.