All of that sounds really impressive. Let'S take a further look and see how this phone performs in practice. I love that realme chose to implement a matte glass finish on the backplate which, for my taste, is much better looking than glossy surfaces that become a smudge fest in an instant. Having said that, the backplate still attracts some fingerprints, the official color name of the phone. I have is baltic blue, the phone looks blue, but it also has some violet gradients. To be honest with you, i had to change a white balance setting on my camera several times to show the color accurately, but it may still look different due to different lighting conditions. This is how the real me 75g looks like next to its closest competitor, the xiaomi mi 20 lite. The realme phone is slightly shorter, narrower and lighter. It also has a smaller camera bump check out my xiaomi mi 20 lite review and you'll find the link to it in the video description down below flip the phone to the front and you'll be greeted with one of the key highlights of the device. A super snappy, 120 hertz refresh rate display. I found this ips lcd panel to be nice and sharp overall, considering the price. Well, the sunlight. Legibility could be better, but you can still see the screen on sunny days if you combine a 120hz refresh rate with good specifications, a lot of ram and the real miui that is clean, yet packed with features you're.

Looking at the really fast and snappy 300 device from navigating through the ui and tweaking some settings to opening and closing apps, the realme 75g feels snappy and responsive media attack. Diamond city 800u may still sound inferior to snapdragon chipsets to some users. But i found gaming performance to be quite impressive. I was able to play my favorite titles without any issues. While i did see some skipped frames in asphalt 9, but other games like asphalt, extreme call of duty and pubg on hd graphics ran well. What impressed me? The most was the fact that the phone stayed almost completely cold to the touch, even after about 30 minutes of gaming. What didn't impress me was a bottom firing, loudspeaker it's, not bad per se, but i would say that the sound quality is just mediocre. Here is a quick audio sample. The overall build quality of the phone is good and it feels nice in the hand, despite using plastic in the frame and in the backplate it's a high quality plastic that doesn't make the phone look or feel cheap. So you don't need to be concerned at all. The phone is also very thin and light, considering it packs a massive 5000 milliamp hours battery that can be recharged in just about one hour and five minutes with a supplied, fast charger, and only in 26 minutes. It can charge nearly 50 percent. You can watch up to 17 hours of youtube videos on less than 50 percent of screen brightness or get 9 or 10 hours of screen on time, while using the phone more intensively, one of the best in class.

Now that there's no section i found both face, unlock and fingerprint scanner to be super fast and reliable. Also, the button placement is very convenient for my taste and the keys are clicky and responsive. The phone has nfc, reliable gps, good call, quality and a hybrid dual sim and a micro sd card slot. I wish realme used a dedicated sd card slot, but that's. The shortcoming i can live with the phone supports dual 5g sim, which means that you can connect 5g via either sim card for a high speed internet experience. In addition to this, this phone gets support for 12 main 5g bands around the world. Now the cameras, the phone squad lens system is comprised of a 48 megapixels main camera and 8 megapixels ultra wide a macro and a portrait lens on the front. We have a 16 megapixel shooter after taking hundreds of shots. I can say that this camera system is one of the best in class in both good and low light situations. Most of the daylight shots were taken on a dark, cloudy and foggy day, but the results are still quite impressive, even two times: digital zoom images. Look quite good if you take pictures on a sunny day, the quality is better, but keep in mind that hdr tends to over saturate the colors. Quite a bit. Also, the wide angle lens produces noticeably less detail than the main shooter, but that's the case with pretty much all of the phone's cameras.

Interestingly enough, a 48 megapixels mode usually provides better looking and much sharper images than using the auto mode, which is not usually the case with other phones, i've tested. I took all of the low light shots on a foggy night, but i got ta tell you that the camera performance is quite impressive in both auto and night modes, the dedicated tripod night mode takes low light quality to the next level. Considering this is a 300 device, these are definitely one of the best low light shots. I'Ve seen in this price range with just a little bit of light, you can take nice looking selfies in auto and even in portrait modes, there is even a dedicated night selfie mode, but if you want to achieve good results, i suggest you use a tripod in Good light selfies usually come out nice and sharp and selfie portrait mode blurs out the background nicely. A dedicated portrait mode works well on both humans and animals. Edge detection is usually spot on and the object is nicely separated from the background. The macro lens produces mediocre quality pictures, but that's, not my style of shooting. Anyway. Now let's talk about video capabilities of this device. Just before we start, i uploaded a lot of uncut video samples to the tecline hd extras youtube channel, so you can have a better understanding of the overall quality. In short, i would recommend you using 4k 30fps mode that produces nice quality, video even handheld.

The 4k footage comes out surprisingly stable and smooth. If you need a buttery smooth video throw the phone on a gimbal, i use the dji osmo mobile 3., 1080p, 30 and 60fps footage also looks pretty good. The phone also has ultra steady and ultra steady max modes as the names imply these modes allow you to record very stable, handheld video, but the overall quality does not impress. There is simply too much noise and video artifacts. My suggestion just stick to 4k 30 fps and you'll be happy with the results. 1080P selfie video looks nice but it's quite shaky. Thankfully, there is electronic image stabilization that does smooth out the video at the expense of noticeable crop factor. For those who prefer manual settings. There is a dedicated movie mode. The realme 75g is a really impressive phone for the price sure it has a few shortcomings like mediocre loudspeaker. The cameras, steady video modes produce noisy footage, but this is simply nitpicking for the asking price of about 280 pounds or euros. The real me 75g is one of the best phones. You can buy it's, packed with a ton of features and technology that works well as a cohesive unit, making it easy to recommend to anyone who is looking for a near excellent mobile phone without breaking the bank. Now a word from the channel sponsor polar backup, polar backup is the complete cloud backup solution to protect and archive your data. One of the standout features polar backup uses cold storage, which may have a bit slower retrieval time, but this allows you to have tons of space for a really low cost and make it great for archiving in frequently used data.

Another key feature: polar backup is incredibly cheap. A fraction of the cost of external hard drives, offering the same amount of space, but are prone to failure, damage or getting lost. Other features include zero knowledge, encryption, pc and mac compatibility and scheduling that lets. You run a backup when your network is less used like overnight right now, when you buy a 5 terabyte lifetime plan, polar backup will give you another 5 terabyte plan, totally free check out the link in the video description to get polar backup. Today. What do you think about the realme 75g? Would you buy this phone or would you choose another option, for example the xiaomi mi 20 lite tell me in the comment section down below also like the video.