Thank you so much to real men, malaysia for providing this review. You need so. This is actually the younger brother of the realme watchers pro, which i did the review in january this year. So you guys can check it out on the full review at the description below. There are three main things that realme wants to highlight on this watch. First is actually the huge 1.4 inch screen with up to 12 days of battery life, as well as 90 types of workout modes available on this watch before we do. The unboxing let’s appreciate the box design and it comes in the signature. Real me, yellow box, but a bit different from usual is that the box is small rectangular shape rather than a squarish or illigated box, and at the back here the watch is black in color and the battery capacity is 305 milliamp hour to the left side of The box, which i mentioned just now 1.4 inch screen trapdaze battery life and 90 sports modes and to the right you have live, watch faces available on this watch, meaning you can have dynamic animation on the watch faces, so we’ll check it out later, and this watch Can measure spo2 and heart rate, usually at this price range? Most of the watches can only measure heart rate and the last one is that this watch can control real me. Aiot products like wireless parts and bluetooth speakers without further ado, let’s open the seal box, nice and you are welcome with the user guide for your site, and this is actually the usual charging.

Many magnetic charging dock, and this is the nice. The watch is actually quite light at 38 gram and if you look at the 22 millimeter strap here, it feels soft but solid at the same time and there’s actually a dare to leave printed on it and the strap is actually removable and can be interchangeable. With the strap from real me watch s and also watch us pro, i have the watch on my wrist now, so it feels very comfortable, very light i mean mainly because of the band is actually very soft and if you boot the watch for the first time, You’Ll promote a qr code, so you use your phone to actually scan this qr code and it will lead you to download the real mailing app, which i already done on my phone here. So you use this app to actually connect your phone to your watch too. I already managed to connect the phone with the watch and immediately it promoted a phone update for the watch that’s nice. I just wanted to share with you guys after you all downloaded the real me link app and enable the bluetooth on. I mean the fastest way to actually connect your phone to the watch is actually to on this qr scanner and straightaway scan the qr code on the watch. So you immediately connect the phone with the watch so guys after you have connected the watch to your phone immediately. You’Ll be greeted with a 1.

4 inch tft lcd with a high resolution of 320 x, 320 pixels and the maximum brightness can go up to 600 nits. So watching it under bright, sunlight, shouldn’t be any problem and this watch is actually ip68 water resistance. So if you can see here, this is actually the live watch faces that was talking about and if you long press the watch face, you actually have few options to choose from, but my favorite is actually this one. The real meow is cute and if you swipe down this will actually lead you to the notification and, if you swipe up and if you swipe to the right. So these are the few options not disturb brightness control battery saver, raise to wake and to your setting and if you swipe to the left, so you have these few options, so this is actually to control the music app in your phone. Okay, then, if you go straight up, so you have the list of apps that you need alarm weather stopwatch music control, so this actually to control the shutter button of the camera. App in your phone reading find my phone, so basically it’s, actually quite smooth scrolling up and down left hand right very smooth. So there you go guys. My unboxing and first impression on the latest. Realme watch 2. it’s actually quite comfortable on the wrist and real me add up to 90 workout modes and throw in a bigger battery if compared to the first generation, realme watch.

So real me, malaysia will be announcing this product officially on the 30th of april. On your facebook page alongside other aiot products, so do check it out guys i’ll be using this watch as my d driver and if you have any questions, please drop in the comments below.