Realme officially arrived in Brazil at the end of 2020, starting selling its first products in our country in mid January 2021, with the 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, the Buds Q phone and the Watch S smart watch.. While we are testing the phones in depth, we will see if the accessories launched by the Chinese are good options compared to rivals in the national market and in this video we will comment on its main positive and negative points. Want to know if Buds Q is A good rival for Redmi AirDots 2 And is Watch S worth more than a Galaxy Watch or Huawei Watch That’s. What you see in this complete review of, We start with the phone. We have a very small light and ergonomic model that can be used for hours without disturbing the ears.. It has touch controls that work independently or together and can be paired individually. If desired. 10mm drivers ensure full bodied sound and deep bass, while game mode reduces latency to deliver better sync when watching videos or playing games., The battery is another highlight, with a total usage time of about 20 hours, being approximately four hours of continuous music playback, with Only the phone charge., The big points that could improve it – are the lack of a volume control in the allowed gestures and the charging case. That does not have a battery level indicator being necessary to guess. There is still enough energy for one or two more full charges in headphones.

. A good smart watch usually costs over a thousand reais in Brazil, but the Watch S has come to change that.. The smartwatch has some cuts compared to rivals such as TFT LCD screen. Instead of Amoled only IP68 certified and absence of its own GPS, but it has a heart rate: reader SpO2 sensor battery for up to 15 days of use and monitoring of 16 physical activities.. The look is inspired by traditional watches, with two side buttons and markers to help you see the time with the hand dial.. For now it is only available in black where the case is made of aluminum alloy and the bracelet is silicone., Although it does not have support for third party applications. What prevents using Strava directly, for example, Watch S can have your data sent to Google Fit thanks to Realme Link synchronization, which helps to centralize all your physical activity, data and health in one place., Both the heart rate meter and the blood oxygenation meter work well and The watch also has some cool extras like the media, control and camera shutter, and you can use the GPS of the paired smartphone to trace your route during an outdoor run.. The Realme application serves to unify access to all of its IoT products.. The application has many parts still in English, especially on the watch that has more configuration options, but has an intuitive interface and in general it shouldn’t be difficult. If, In the case of the watch, it is used to see a history of activities and health measurements.

In addition to configure access to notifications, watchfaces activate functions, update system and, of course, synchronize data with the cloud.. As for the phone, we only have the configuration of the touch commands and the option to activate the game mode. In both accessories. You can also see the battery level. Both Watch S and Buds. Q can be seen as a Realme business card for Brazil and different from what we saw with Xiaomi and Nokia. This business card convinces., They are accessories sold at a lower price than we are used to seeing in our market and which leave nothing to be desired for competitors anymore. expensive, having of course, some concessions, but that do not detract from the experience as a whole.. The Buds Q is especially suitable for those who want good, sound quality with deep bass and long lasting drums.. The Watch S is a good companion for your physical activities that brings oximeter good battery and elegant look as differentials.. We will need to wait for Realme’s upcoming launches in the country to see if this pricing policy will be maintained or if it will gradually begin to adapt to the famous Brazil price.. We are hoping that this will not happen. And that’s it. If you are interested in buying Realme products below you can find the link to the full text list, with the best offers for the products. Take the opportunity to comment. If you think that Realme will be able to win over users of rivals like Xiaomi, Samsung and Motorola for example.