First let’s talk about the things that i like the screen. It has a 1.’ inch of stunning amoled screen, which is protected with corning gorilla glass. The resolution of the watch is actually 454 x 454, which is also equivalent to 326 ppi pixel per inch, and the maximum brightness can go up to 450 nits. I totally have no issue looking at it under bright sunlight due to the amoled screen of the watch. It supports always on display, too, which i think both digital and analog style also looks stylish to me, but bear in mind that the always on display might cause some reduction in battery life. So, however, you can set the time of your choice for always on display to be enabled like for me. It’S from 8 am to 10 pm every day to save more battery life. So how to do it is go to setting go to always on display, as you can see here, i’ve already set it from 8 am to 10 pm. So if you see from the digital face, okay, you can actually choose analog or digital, so both also look stylish to me next, the design outlook. The watch has a black color stainless steel case, which looks premium to me with the strap together. The total weight is actually at 63.5 gram, which is very light to me and talking about the strap. The weight of the strap is actually 22 millimeter and the strap feels durable, but at the same time, soft and comfortable when wearing the watch.

So i wore this watch for few nights to measure my sleep and it didn’t bother me at all, and you have a number of colorful straps made of silicon and vegan leather to choose from to suit your mood with different strap of your choice. Together, with more than hundreds of watch faces, you can download from the real mailing app you can bring this watch forward, exercise or casual activities, number three functionality and smoothness, so this watch actually has a dual core processor built in and scrolling and app opening is actually Very fast and you can monitor heart rate and your blood oxygen level as po2 using this watch. You can also monitor your sleep pattern as well as this watch can guide you in breathing whenever you feel stressful. Some other functions like finding your phone. Okay, let me demonstrate Music and you have a built in compass and controlling your phone camera, Music, etc, etc, etc. So this watch can receive notification up to 10 location to be displayed on the watch so once at facebook, messenger wechat, depending on which one you want to receive on your watch – number four workout mode and gps accuracy. Yes, you have up to 15 essential workout mode that you can choose from like outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor walk, indoor wall, cycling, hiking, basketball, yoga strength, training, free workout, etc, etc, and talking about swimming, this watch is actually water resistant, meaning it can go down up To 50 meter under water, and also a lot of you guys, actually asked me in facebook about gps accuracy and i’m happy to report that the gps accuracy is actually very accurate.

So this is actually a location which i recorded on. My watch was able to locate and record when i was out doing errands last few days, number five battery life, so this watch actually has 420 milliamp hour battery and realme claims that the battery life can go up to 14 days with constant hybrid monitor on so I’Ve been using this watch from fully charged last friday, night, 15 or january and i’ve been wearing this much in my house, curiously doing workout to measure my spo2 and heart rate and receive notification. So there was two days that i didn’t connect to my phone as well as didn’t use the watch at all for two days. I just let it idle on my table, and this is actually the remaining battery life, which i think is not bad. Okay, after using almost seven days, well guys that’s, all for the good ones and let’s talk about some of the cons and some of the nitpicks that i actually encounter when using this watch number one is actually the workout modes. So, while this watch can support up to 15 workout modes, which i think is already quite essential, i can’t help to notice that some other wearables can actually support up to 100 types of exercise: mode like aerobics, skiing, archery, badminton, baseball boxing push up, burpee, etc, etc. So maybe i’m nitpicking, but i hope that real me can include more workout modes in the future updates and, second is actually the notification.

So when you receive notification from what’s, app sms, etc, you can actually only read and delete and there’s no reply, option or preset reply option and there’s no support for emoji. Also. So if someone send you messages with emoji, you won’t be able to read and that’s incoming call. The watch will only vibrate, but the options available are just to disable the vibration of the watch or reject call. So let me give you guys an example so when, if somebody calls okay, the watch will vibrate and you can actually mute it or just to reject the call and also, if you have messages it’s either you can go back or Music. You can just delete that’s. All number three: some of you guys actually asked me a lot of this question. Can this watch sync to google feed app or strava app? The answer is: no i’ve tried it. However, you can only connect to realme own app called real me link, okay, which you can see here, to be honest, it’s already good enough for me number four. This watch actually runs on real me own os, so for time being there’s, no support app store for third party app download, which i think real me can really improve on this manner and, lastly, there’s no voice assistant support on this watch again. It’S, not important. For me, but i think you guys should know about it and there you go guys my honest opinion on your roommate watch as pro after using it for a week.

To be honest, i really enjoy using this watch and if you all watched the announcement earlier on, you guys would know that this watch is actually priced at ringgit malaysia 599 and will be available nationwide by end of this month. So would you buy this watch? Let me know in the comments below and guys thank you so much for the support of my video and please do like and subscribe.