Well, then, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to compare the realme watches with the amazfit vergelite, both of which are currently priced at 49999. I’Ll share all the differences and similarities, and then, accordingly, you can decide which one is perfect for you. I’Ve actually also made separate detailed review videos on both these smart watches and i highly recommend you see them links in the description. So if this is your first time here subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texing let’s get started so let’s start with the build and design both watches have round dials, but the real me is a tad bigger. The frame on the verge light is plastic, while the real me has aluminum alloy. The back on both is made of plastic and seems solid on the verge light. You have the heart rate sensor and the charging terminals on the real me. We have the heart rate sensor, the sp auto sensor and the charging terminals. The body on the verge light is a lot thicker in comparison, Music. The straps on both are made of silicon plastic and have a buckle design. However, the quality on the railway seems a little superior comfort and fit wise. Both are equally good, also both have hook mechanism behind, so it can be replaced with any third party bands.

Alright, so, firstly, the real me watch looks more premium because of the metal build and slim design. It looks more like a regular wrist watch, while the virg light has more like a sporty g shock kind of an appearance. The verge light is ideal for smaller wrists, while the real me watch is a little bigger, so it’ll look better on bigger wrist, of course, that’s a very subjective choice. The real me watch has an espyo2 sensor, which the virg light lacks something i don’t think many should bother about, because the spo2 on smart watches, isn’t the most reliable coming to the display. Now both have the same 1.3 inch touch color display with the same resolution of 360 by 360 pixels, so clarity and sharpness on both is very identical. You can read small text with ease the verge light has an amoled panel, while the real me has an lcd panel, the blacks are super deep and the colors are vivid on the virtualite. It looks absolutely stunning on the real me lcd display the colors look: okay and the blacks aren’t great either, but it gets really bright. Real me claims 600 nits of peak brightness. Now here are both side by side under direct sunlight check it out yourself. Both watches have bezels on the side, and the watches bezel, though merged with the display, are bigger compared to the verge light. Unfortunately, neither of them have always on mode which is surprising, considering that the verge light has an amoled display.

Anyway, both displays have auto brightness mode, so they automatically adjust to the brightness as per the light conditions when it comes to smart watches. I personally believe that amoled displays are always better, they have lesser battery drain and they look stunning both come with ip68 water resistancy rating, so wearing them in the rain or splashes are taken care of, but sadly neither can we won’t while swimming coming to workouts. Now both have a lot of them, they cover all the basic ones, running walking, cycling, yoga, elliptical, training, the works, but the biggest difference is lack of built in gps. On the realme watch s the amaze fit verge. Light comes with built in gps to map. Your runs and walk more accurately, however. Realme watch can use the gps from your phone if you want to, but this is probably one of the biggest letdowns of the realme watches lack of built in gps. Moving to the accuracy, surprisingly, both did a very good job. Both had a difference of results about 5, so accuracy wise you don’t, have to worry about either coming to the user interface. The verge light was a lot smoother and more responsive compared to the realme watch. S also animations of the realme watches, seemed a little more jittery. It could be fixed with an update but very unlikely. You can use the lower crown on the watches to quickly access workouts, which come in handy at times. It also has the meditation breed app.

However, not sure how many would actually use it talking about watch faces, you can download from the zeb app for the verge lite and the real me link app for the realme watch s. The options, though, are fairly limited on the verge light. Some digital and some analog you can download over 100 from the real me link app for the realme watch s. The collection is huge. You can custom, set your own picture from your phone gallery as your watch face on both these devices super simple and super fun. The companion apps are very similar on both it logs your workout heart rate steps and sleep data. Overall, the zep app for the amaze fit verge lite felt more optimized and easy to use in comparison to the real me link app also till a long time there. Wasn’T a link app for the iphone, but now there is, i still couldn’t manage to pair my watches to my iphone i’m sure that app will be fixed soon, but as of now it won’t work. Just wanted you guys to know all right. We also get call alerts and notifications on both. We can reject the call or we can silent the ringer, but we can’t answer it similar for notifications. You receive them on your watch on both with app icons, but you can’t reply very similar functionality in this aspect. Finally, battery life, surprisingly, both have the same ‘0 mah battery realme watchers has a battery life of 15 days, while the amazement verge light has 20 days now.

I could get 15 to 18 days on the verge light easily without any problem. While the watch s also stood up well for 10 days, battery life on both is solid. No doubt about that. The charging dock on the real me is magnetic you bring it closer and it aligns to the watch. While at the verge light, you need to fix the watch to the dock, i didn’t have any problems with either all right, finally, which one should you buy well, the answer is fairly simple: if you’re looking for a premium, looking watch with a metal body put tons Of watch faces accurate, tracking and spot sensor. Then the real me watches should be your pick. But if you want a cautious amoled display with built in gps, accurate tracking and solid 20 day battery life, then you should consider the ambassador virg light. Now. Both these devices are available in more colors i’ll leave the links for all in the description again. Both of these are priced at 4999. If you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out, so i hope this video was helpful. If there are any questions, mention it down in the comments and i’ll be happy to answer them, don’t forget to like share and subscribe until next time.