Here is my opinion on the misfit voice, light versus the real me watch s so hi guys, i’m, the ages you’re watching element, tech and without any further ado, let’s get started Music, so guys subscribe. Let’S talk about the outer beauty. The amazefit virgilite has a plastic build, whereas the real me watches has a stainless steel keyboard. Don’T know if you watch for silicon straps and both watches are comfortable but definitely long term use. It looks very much better and premium as compared to verge light, but this is decent looks well definitely amazing as compared to real me, which is very sleek and looks amazing in black, but unfortunately the virgo light hair. It can go as dark as the gray can be, but you have a quick white color option, whereas it only comes in black, well um, quick, single buttons at the right side, which works as a back button and also has an on off button and real me Watches circular buttons button back and on off and other button is dedicated to the sports mode. So guys now let’s come towards the display of both the smart watches and talking about the amazing version light it has an oled display and it goes without saying. The oled display was up the best deeper blacksmith, which has a gray color on it. Well, colors are punch on both, but blacks are really amazing on amaze, with watch light and really watch sk brightness as compared to the virgo light.

Also real me my photo sensitive sensor to auto brightness. It is much smoother on the real me watch s and almost real life change with that with the amaze feed light. Maybe auto brightness. If you want the best display best quality, then definitely amaze with watch light. Is your option to go? Nothing beats an oled display, but if you want more brightness this slapping feature and ign better looks your real me provides them. Then real me watches is your option, so guys watch faces and definitely smartwatches comparison. Watch face has a very, very and in this department realme, but as long as it comes to watch faces amazing, i never really got to see realme’s map interface. It is really polished and well built as compared to the real me link app, because, obviously so zap app have worked them dedicated efficiency, realme link app. It is somewhat a connectivity app between the iot devices notifications. Thank you watching this video it’s me dear signing off you’re watching element, tech and without any further ado.