This the roomie watch and then i’ll be giving my complete review on it and, at the end of the video i’ll, be telling you whether this is worth the money and you should go ahead and buy it or not. So, stick around till the end of the video Music, so the packaging this comes with jeremy’s official color, that’s, yellow the whole box is completely yellow the packaging in the front is kind of plain and just has the watch and the watches name. That’S real me. Smartwatch written over here and on the sides they have given reels and rumi branding, and here too on the back is where it actually gets interesting. The charger is shown here, the wireless charger, which is good it’s, not completely wireless, as it is it’s magnet over here, which is connected to a wire now over here they have given some of the features available in the watch, and another interesting fact here is that, On the box, the price given is 7 000 rupees, but that isn’t the price you have to pay. If you are buying one of this, the actual price will be down in the description below, but prices can vary from website to web let’s start off with the actual unboxing first, let me just peel off this plastic cover that they have given with it wow. This cover actually feels really nice it’s, not exactly plastic. It has this nice kind of finish with it, and the watch logo feels like kind of a sticker.

Well let’s remove it from the box. You don’t get anything on top at the bottom is where you get everything first comes out: the watch itself. It has this protective covering on the top, which is kind of nice. You keep that to the side, then let’s just open this up Music, then we’ve, given another white kind of package here peel this up and here comes the charger which i said, a magnet which runs to a wire charger and an instruction manual. So the things you actually get in the box are the instruction manual, the magnetic charger. I guess i’m going to call it wireless charger and the rear watch itself at the time of recording the slip i’ve been using. The real me watch for a couple of days now so here’s, my complete review, so let’s start off with the design. The square capsule over here looks exactly like the apple watch is captured. The build quality is also incredible. It has shiny metallic, covering with the shell all around the corners it’s, really reflective. As you look at it, you can literally see a reflection through the metallic thing. On the back, you get polished, plastic and even the heart rate and the esc. Auto sensor comes with polished plastic cover. The top is made out of complete glass, but then you don’t need to worry that it might crack when you drop it, it might scratch when you hit something with it, because this comes with corning girl, glass, 3, so it’s decently protected actually much above these unprotected.

So there’s no issue about wiring that this might get damaged now, let’s talk about the band quality, the band quality looks good and it feels really comfortable when being worn. The sad thing here is, if you see one color option, while you’re buying this from amazon or from the really official website, that is the black color, the one that i’m using right now and here’s the catch. If you want to change the color of the strap, you need to pay an extra 500 rupees on the really website to change the color. So if you want to buy a red strap and you pay extra 500 rupees for each strap, so that’s one thing i don’t really like about it, but if you have any other strap that is 20 millimeters of size. You can definitely use it for this, because the official strap that has been given with the smart watch says 20 millimeters over here, so any band, any strap that is 20 millimeters of size can be fitted with this. Overall, the design looks really good and the product feels really good. When, on the hand, it looks like a really really premium device now let’s talk about the display. The display you get over here is not an amoled one, but a tft color display the colors aren’t. Very accurate on this, but they’re good enough. The screen is also really bright, and the brightness of us can be also altered in the settings, menu or just wipe to the left side, and you can alter the brightness right there and viewing outdoors isn’t really hard.

You can at least perfectly see whatever is being displayed on the screen without having to strain your eyes. Now. Let’S talk about the workout modes. This smartwatch comes with 14 workout modes, which is incredible. The workout modes all will be listed in the description below you can go check it out. It also comes with some sport modes like football table, tennis, batman and cricket and outdoor cycling. Now all the workout and sport mode, which include any activity outdoors, will use a gps location. But the thing is this: smartwatch doesn’t have a gps, so it links itself to your phone and use your phone’s gps to track your location. So your location and stuff like that, will be tracked on your phone and everything else in galleries, your speed, your heart rate and your total exercise time. Everything like that will be trapped on this model. Now let’s talk about the battery life. This comes with a 160 milliamp hour cell, which is amazing for a smartwatch and the battery life lasts for about nine days with complete usage and up to seven and a half to eight days with the 24 7 heart rate monitor on which is about decent. Now the charging speed is actually incredible. It charges really really quickly, but then it actually depends on the type of charging brick you’re gon na be using i’m using 15 watt fast charging brick. So it charges five percent in two minutes and after ten percent in four minutes, which is actually really fast.

The maximum charging capacity is 25 watts, like 25 watts, of the charging speed that have been actually tested for the smart watch, so anything above it is going to degrade the battery. So don’t go and charge. This smartphone say a 45 watt charging, brick or 65 watt charging brake as that’s just going to slowly degrade the battery and one time that when you put this for charging it isn’t going to charge because your battery is already degraded now let’s talk about the heart Rate monitor and the spo2 or blood oxygen level monitor so the way the heart rate monitor works. Is it tracks your heart rate, every five minutes, even though you haven’t turned on the heart rate on the watch. So when you go ahead and tap the heart rate on the smart watch, it shows your current heart rate that has been tracked five minutes back, but then, if you still want to go ahead and measure your current heart rate, you can go ahead and click the Measure option and it’ll track your heart rate. You can also add some additional features like high heart rate, a lot or low heart rate. A lot all on the real me link app the same thing. Doesn’T work for the svo to monitor. You need to manually go and turn it on, but then i think that’s a good thing, as in case the spo2 monitor, keeps turning on every five minutes. There’Ll be a lot of battery wastage and the battery life would die quickly and it tracks your spo to attract your blood oxygen level in exactly in about a minute.

So there isn’t much time that’s taken to track your oxygen level, and it is also almost about accurate let’s come to the additional features. This smartphone is equipped with many additional features, so i’ll be starting them by number one. Camera control, the camera control feature will be available where you swipe upwards and there’s a tiny camera logo over here click on it, and then they show you a tap to take logo. This cannot only take photos but can also pause and play videos. So when you open your camera app, you can swipe over the video section and instead of clicking the play video option from your phone, you can tap on the play option from your smartwatch and the video will be playing and when you want to pause the video Or end the video you can tap on it again and the video will be ended so that’s a really good additional feature that i like two comes, the music control. This has amazing music control features for the price. It has next track. Next song previous track previous song pause and play, and also increase and decrease volume. Now the amazing thing here is this: not only just works for music, but also videos like youtube videos or any mp4 kind of file format in your phone. So you can control all those kind of features just promised. Smart watch number three is meditation. This is something i really like, as it has a really nice animation to it, and it tells you when to inhale and when to exhale, so to use it, you need to set a timer for your meditation, then just click start and it tracks your heart rate.

Within the meditation mode and tells you like, when you should inhale, when you should exhale all that kind of stuff and then at the end of your time session, it tells it shows your results like what was your peak heart rate or was your average heart rate And whether your heart rate is too low or too high, it gives you all this information just in the meditation mode. So this is one of my favorite additional features. Number four is just some categories that are there in settings such as changing the vibration intensity. We can change it to low medium or high high will use more battery usage, but it feels really good low is just about okay and it doesn’t take up that much of battery use. You can also turn on do not disturb. You also schedule the time to turn on the non disturb and automatically turn it off when the schedule time is fast. You can also turn on features like continuous heart rate monitoring or weight screen when raising wrist, Music and really nothing here is power saving mode. If you’re running low on battery – and you really really need that battery to last, you can just turn on power, saving mode from the settings menu or just by again swiping, left and clicking on battery logo that turns on power, saving mode with power saving mode. You can’t see your steps and you can’t actually do anything with the watch.

Only thing is, you can see the time and you can see a battery, but your steps and your heart rate. Everything will be tracked, but it just won’t be shown. So after you turn off power savings, all the data will be synchronized with your phone and also you’ll be able to see it on your number. Five will be weather. You can check the weather by either swiping to the right of your screen or by just swiping up to the app menu and just clicking on weather. This takes up the data from your phone, so it takes the phones or it takes the gps location from your phone and tracks the weather from there, and this not only shows the weather for the day. It also shows you, the city you’re living in, and the weather for the next two days, which i find really nice number six is going to be activity records. There are two modes for this. One is week other one is day, so you can check your activity status for the whole week or for the whole day. For example, you can come to know the total time of your activities for the whole week, and the totally total calories burned for the whole week same implies for the whole day. Then it shows you the exercise modes that you’ve used for the whole week and for the whole day, and then it splits up it tells you how much time you have done for each separate exercise and how many calories are burned for each separate exercise.

I find this really really useful. Welcome to some basic features like automatic sleep tracking, find my phone setting alarm and stopwatch. You can also check all the notifications just from the smart watch. You just need to swipe down from the screen, and it brings you in a notification panel just like what you would do on a smartphone when you’re trying to see your notifications now select the apps that you choose for same notifications over here. You need to select the apps that you want from the real me link app, and only those select few apps show up on this notification panel, and the cool thing here is: it shows the colored logo of the app and the notification section wise, like i said Previously, this comes with corning gorilla, glass, 3, so it’s protected like that, and it also comes with ip68 water resistance. So that is also really good, but then, when you see the ip68 logo, you feel that you can take this for swimming, but then really strictly forbidden. That they have clearly said you can’t swim with this, because dust is going to damage the internals of the watch and also there isn’t a swim mode for the smartwatch. Mainly, the ip68 thing is just for maybe washing hands without taking your thing without taking the wash watch off light rain to the end of the review. Should you actually buy this or not? Well, my answer both yes and no, but mostly yes, as if you want a premium feeling and premium looking smartwatch, which has a lot of sport mode, a lot of additional features, a decent display and, overall, better protection against water and rough usage.

Then this is definitely the smart watch for you, but if you want a smart watch with an amazing battery life and a better display, then no this isn’t, for you hope you all enjoyed this review and if you did don’t forget, hit the like button and if You really love tech content and you don’t want to miss any of my future. Uploads then smash the subscribe.