Phantom and also hit that bell icon, so you never miss an update from us. So now they have done that let’s get started Music, so first of all take let’s. Take a look at the reasons why you should consider the oneplus watch so talking about the specification. First, we have the amoled display, which is circular at 1.’, inch of always on display, and it has a front glass and a stainless steel build which is a pretty sturdy build at this price. Also, the watch is ip68 protected and it has a sensors of accelerometer gyrometer barometer compass, heart rate, monitor spo2 sensor too. Now, if we talk about a bit a standout feature, which is the stress monitor and which is very good, when you compare to the how much pressure you are feeling in your mind and also in your body, it will detect the stress monitoring of your of your Body now the next is the workout mode. The oneplus smartwatch comes with a 110 plus pre loaded, workout mode, such as the from yoga to cricket to swimming every mode. You can see in your oneplus smartwatch. The next great feature why you should consider buying this watch is that it comes with a 500 pre loaded songs. If it means you can install the songs itself on your watch and you can play it via your oneplus but z as it’s the oneplus ecosystem. So you can only play these songs via your oneplus buds or the oneplus but z, which is a great feature in hand to hand when comparing to the other smartphones or the other watch manufacturers.

Now the next is the charging speed. The 20 minutes of charging of the smart watch will give you 10 days of battery backup, which is an insanely great feature, and you can also see the great battery life of this smartwatch and the next is the gps. When your, what gps is turned on, it will give you 24 hours of battery backup, which is also pretty great when you’re going for a trekking or somewhere around the mountains, where the gps is required full time. Also, the next great thing about this watch is that it has a call picking feature when your oneplus tv is also connected. So suppose you have a tv one oneplus tv connected with your smart watch and you are receiving a call on your smart watch. So the oneplus tv will automatically reduces its volume to the lowest, so you can have a call on your smart watch and for the uninterrupted services of the watch. The next is the earphones connect, which means that this watch can connect easily to your oneplus earphones directly. Without having your phone so, which is a great going towards the ecosystem of the oneplus smartwatch, the next feature, which we also consider great, is the remote control feature for the oneplus tv, which means, if you don’t, have a smartphone near you or even though tv remote. Then you can control your oneplus tv fully with the your oneplus watch, which is again a very great feature and a very handy to use.

Now. Lately we are talking about the ecosystem of this oneplus smartwatch, which also comes as a drawback to this ecosystem of the oneplus smartwatch, as the oneplus smartwatch is just based on the ecosystem, which oneplus is trying to create suppose. If you don’t have a oneplus tv, then the call picking feature connecting with the tv and also the remote control features are of no use. Also, if you have a 500 songs loaded in your oneplus watch, but you don’t have a oneplus but z. Suppose you have a wireless earphones of some other brand, such as the samsung or the xiaomi. Then you won’t be able to play songs from this watch, which is again a letdown as oneplus games says it is a feature company and it always care for its consumer. But giving these ecosystem is again holding us back to buy the oneplus smartwatch. Now, if we compare the oneplus watch with the amazefit gtr2e or the gts2e, then these watches gives very much of the value against the price range of the smartphones with the features – and this is all these watches are much better when compared to the oneplus watch. Now again, if we compare to the next step, which is the price, the oneplus smartwatch is launched at a piece 15 000 in india, which is again a huge step and oneplus is trying to pick up their pockets and which is not at all a good smart Watch when compared to this price range now, i have also made a separate video about the best watches which you can buy under 15, 000, 10, 000 and other price brackets too.

Do check that out in the link in the description below or you can also find the card above and the playlist over there. Well guys that’s been it that’s been my time and let me know thoughts about the oneplus smartwatch.