This is a special beginners video and a good refresher for any of you out there that own, an Android standalone, SmartWatch phone, like the cost pet Prime we're gon na be using this one for demo, comes to us from gearbest. We encourage you if you like this watch to use a show link down below to purchase it that's, how we keep things going here now, let's move into this there's a nice source on the internet called full Android watch calm and they got their logo here. I'M. Gon na keep this up, because this is a place you want to go to go any deeper with the technical stuff you're about to see. So you get yourself a brand new watch, we're gon na guide you literally from the very beginning. When you take it, you open it up and you take it out of the package. The very first thing you're gon na want to do before you even turn it on is grab the charger it's. These are gon na, be a little dock that you slap on. The back of the watch and plug into a USB port or it's gon na be a cable either way plug that into your computer, your phone charger or any other kind of charger that you've got to charge this thing up when you've charged it and preferably overnight. So you got a nice good charge on it. You'Re gon na follow these steps to make sure you get things right.

First thing: you're gon na do is turn it on now. It'S gon na go through a boot up process and, while it's doing that, you can do things like take off the little plastic cover if you like, and when it's finished its gon na come to this screen. Typically, this is the one that shows all the different languages that are available in the watch, usually at least in the United States. English United States is selected. You'Re gon na confirm that you're gon na get all this kind of stuff related to your height and weight and whatnot. You can fix that if you want to but I'm suggesting you just skip it, because one of the procedures here is to wipe all this out and start all over again. So just say confirm you get this go down here and hit that button and hit that X and then you're gon na pop into the opening watch face which will be different on different watches now here's, what we're going to do walking you through the idea? We'Re. First, going to get this connected to the internet, you have to have that in order to check for updates. Secondly, we're going to change that timeout, so it's not closing out on you like right away. Third we're gon na go and we're gon na check to see if you have a firmware update – and I chose this watch in particular for this reason and that's, because it does have an update waiting for us.

So I press here I slide over here to the right now. This one has a bubble menu and some of them have an arc menu. You'Re. Looking for the gear that settings i'm gon na click there and go into settings i'm going to come down well, first let's go to display and let's change that time out, see where it says: sleep i'm, gon na change that whatever you like, but something meaningful i'll Say five minutes it can go all the way up to 30 minutes slide to come back now, i'm gon na come all the way down here. To connect connect is where we can set up Wi Fi. You go in here to Wi Fi. You turn it on and it's going to start looking for your networks that you have and you're going to select one put in your information and get yourself connected to the internet. Okay, there. You see okay, i'm connected to the internet on this one here and now. The next thing you would do to update is go all the way to the very bottom where it says about watch and we're gon na touch wireless update. But before you do that, i suggest you go all the way to the bottom and make a note of these last two things called the kernel version and a build number primarily look at the date, wednesday september, twenty fifth blahdy blahdy blahdy, blah 2019, okay that's. The current firmware that's what we're keeping track of and that's what we're updating now I'm gon na go through the update process, but this is also something you may want to do before you do.

An update is to see what these updates are about, find out about them. That'S a good place to go to that resource. Full Android watch comm and see what your watch can do now, so you can compare what it'll do later. Let me give you a highlight about this particular watch. You remember, we went over here and we saw this bubble menu. That'S gon na go away in the update because it's sluggish it makes everything really really sluggish that's this app style, I'm gon na change to an art. This option is gon na go away in the update and you're. Only gon na have like this, but did you notice how long it took to go into that it's going to become instantaneous that's one of the big changes another one has to do with the fitness. The fitness section is, got the old style in this one and it doesn't use the GPS properly to interface, with your outdoor run and cycling and walking, and things like that. So an update is going to correct that and enhance the fitness area and there's a few other little goodies that are being addressed with the firmware update. So now let's do it we go over here. We again we come back into the settings from the settings. We go all the way to the about, and here you touch on wireless update and it checks for updates to see if there's anything waiting. But so the first step you're going to do is download the new version there we're just about completely downloaded, and you can see these buttons here pause or cancel at the bottom they're gon na change.

As soon as we hit a hundred percent to say, install now and install later now, if you're concerned they're a little off the screen and you're brand new to this, remember you compress and hold the top button. You can click that little round circle, turning it to a square hit, cancel and you see it changes and puts it into a square, and now the buttons are easy to see that toggles back and forth pretty cool trick huh. We want to install now so I'm hitting that button. It gives us a warning making sure that you're at least 30 percent charged but of course, you're a hundred percent charge because you charged it up before you try it in this right good. Now we say: okay, if we could tap that button there we go and now it's going to unpack the firmware prop a Koosh it's going to reboot the watch and it's going to install that update. So it reboots it up to a certain point, and then you get this bar that goes across the screen, which happens while it's doing the installation show you up to that point and then we'll take a break and wait until it's complete there. We go gets a little head start and then it slows down so I'll be back when it's done just another thing to point out about this cos pet prime one of the reasons you might be interested in this. If you don't have it yet it's got a really good sized battery in it and it seems to really work well.

It lasts quite a bit longer than most android watches, which means what, between one to two days rather than 6 to 10 hours, is kind of what I've been seeing. It also has two cameras, a front facing one here for doing selfies video logging and chatting with your friends over a Wi Fi when you're connected or cellular. If you put a SIM card in it – and it has one on the side as well that you can use for taking pictures, if you want to other than that removable bands, it's it's, all in all a nice watch alright, so it finished the installation, and now It goes through and it's going to reboot itself again and we'll be back when it's fully up again there we go and it's telling us that installation is complete. Your system has been updated to the latest version. You can hit okay we're back to a watch face now now we're at the critical point, the four where one of you is gon na go this way and the other you is gon na. Go that way, but I'm gon na recommend you both go this way. That'S on factory, restoring your watch if you just got this it's fresh out of the box and you're going through this procedure – and you did have a firmware update – you definitely want to do this next step. You'Re gon na come over here to the apps. You notice. It didn't go to the bubble apps and you notice that when we come down here, we don't hat let's, see that was in settings.

We don't have that oh yeah, we still do okay bubble and art. Well. That means we got more than one update to go through okay. Well, this is good we're gon na be doing that. Alright, anyway, um yeah. Remember, I told you the bubble was gon na go away, but it hasn't yet on this one. So what we want to do now is called a factory restore if this is brand new for you. You went into settings you're gon na, come all the way down here to reset equipment and you're gon na come in here skip all of this other stuff and go down to factory data reset that literally resets the whole thing it's gon na wipe out anything in Your watch here's, where we have the two different kind of folks. Those of you who haven't set this thing up at all, you're, not gon na lose anything. But if you've had your Android watch for quite a while and you've checked for an update – and there is one this is that fork in the road it's. A good idea to do a factory data restore completely reset the watch because it cleans out any of the leftover garbage before the firmware update and it can enhance the speed and capabilities and functionality of your watch, but it's not necessarily required it's, just an enhancement. So if you have a lot of apps in there, if you set everything up the way you like it, you can skip this step and just go to the next one right afterwards, but for all of the rest of us, we are gon na reset.

The watch by pressing that button, it says it's going to erase everything and we're gon na do it again. We press the button and now it's going to reboot. So you see why at the very beginning of the video and it showed you the languages and then you could put in all of your your height and weight and everything I said just skip through all that skip skip, skip because we're going back to that exact Same spot again and this time, we're gon na skip it as well to see it said, erasing because we're gon na check for another update before it settles down that's the game one after another. After another, you check and install the updates until it says there aren't any waiting for you, I'll be back when we're ready for that part. Yep. Here we are, I know some of you like to see all of the languages come in these you're looking for Hebrew, or I don't know Greek or something so I'm. Just gon na take a moment to show you the different languages in case you're, International and thinking about buying one of these watches, this being one of the most modern ones, has the largest extent of languages I've seen so far, don't rely on the spec sheets that You see oftentimes for the total number of languages. The best is to actually get the chance to see what's installed. Now you remember, English was selected so I'm, just gon na say, confirm I'm gon na say, confirm I'm gon na skip that one by hitting return.

I'M gon na X, out of that one and I'm gon na get back to the basic watch face. Then I'm gon na come over here, it's still in the bubble mode. Now, because we just rebooted it I'm gon na go into the settings I'm gon na go all the way down to about this watch and I'm gon na take a look at the kernel version. Look at that it's Thursday October, the 10th 2019. It has been updated. Yep now we could go through and look at some of the other changes that that one did, but first even without changing the time out or anything on this I'm gon na go into Wireless update and I'm gon na check for updates again well that's right. We can't do it until we're on the internet, so let's do that first, so we were on the internet. Now you saw how I did that before I checked to see if there was another version and there is, we made note already of what the newest one was up to this point, so we're going through our second update. So always, if you check for a firmware update and you have one and you install it, make sure after you do, the factory data restore that you come back and check again because we've got another one. Folks and it's gon na start downloading this one. So I'll be back when we're, ready to install it and installation will be exactly like.

We saw before once it's completely downloaded. You have the buttons change here, oh and by the way, it's good to do change that screen timeout before you begin all of this. Also, if you slide up you'll, be able to read each of these, what the actual installation is going to do optimization of the system and minor bug fixes. It says this time and you can hit the install now and it's going to go into the recovery mode and go through the whole update process. So let's do that install later install now gon na. Do that one and then I'm gon na do something special and I'll come back and tell you about it here we go unpacking the package and rebooting to do the installation now skipping ahead, getting through the factory, restore and coming back to this point again, which of Course were set to 15 seconds timeout everything is at the very beginning. I want to pick up right here because I'm about to show you something that is brand new and may start showing up on all Android watches of the future. As a result of Pablo 11. You may have heard that name that's the the tag name of a guy who is behind the full Android watch comm website is working directly with the firmware developers for the firmware for all of these watches and check this out after the latest firmware update I'm gon Na select English now we have something new Imperial or metric.

Finally, you don't have to figure out how many centimeters tall you are or kilograms. You weigh you, can go into imperial system, confirm that and look at this you can enter all your data in the British or English imperial system. I know the rest of the world, you could care less, but us in America and other places we're really happy about that. So Thank You. Pablo eleven great work really nice. You also see this in just a minute when we look at what the changes were from. This latest update once again, I'm just gon na exit all the way through by the way those screens are used for tethering to the Y watch to app on your phone later, you do that after you've done all of this basic stuff of the firmware updates. So here we are I'm going to get over here and get into that settings and change that timeout so that we could play a little bit again. We just did a full factory restore after we did the latest update to the software, and now what are we gon na do yep? Well, first, we got to go back onto the Internet and then we got to go check and see how we are on the firmware for there's. Another update so I'll do all that for you behind the scene, all right I'm on Wi Fi and did you notice when I'm scrolling down? This is where you had the choice of the bubble, menu or not, and now it's replaced with measuring that's.

What we saw in the startup screen and when we come over, look how fast it goes, and it goes right into the arc mode, so decision point: if you really love the bubble. Menu updating to this firmware is going to take it away, but it's also adding a lot of cool features, including that full integration of GPS to the fitness and something else I'm about to show you too huh. Well, if you really attach to the bubble menu, you have to cut off doing certain updates at a certain time right. But if you want a fast snappy, responsive watch, we got ta. Let go of that Apple look and go to just something simple like this. Okay, the face unlock on this one has been updated through the different firmwares. I haven't showed you the details of that, but you do have those in separate videos to see and now let's confirm what we've got inside settings at the very bottom about this watch. We come down to Thursday October the 17th right 2019. That is the latest version. I'Ve, let it sit for a few days now and I'm. Coming back to you on this review, because I heard there was a new update coming once again, there is the current version reminder you want to do this regularly with your watch. There is no automatic update as far as we've seen for these smart watches to check and automatically update the firmware. So you need to come in here periodically and hit that check for updates.

Let it go through the process get connected. Of course, you got to be on Wi, Fi and it'll report back to you that you're on you latest version. As you know, all these Android watches come with the selection of stock faces in here some few and sometimes there's more. These are pretty robust in the COS pet watches and you can add, custom faces now. That'S advanced level of work and I'm, not gon na, go there with you on how I did this, but this watch face that you see here and pay attention to those green fingers on these four spots on the watch face. This particular watch face is created by Al rod. One of the senior watch face designers and this special watch has what they call active complications. We learned that from Apple those are the touch spots on a watch that when you touch them, they can actually take you somewhere, like touching. That would take you to heart rate or touching that would take you to calendar. This watch face is active like that, and it was first discovered back around the lympho lem ten timeframe in that neighborhood. Some of the costs pet watches, like the optimus pro and the COS pet hope they have the ability to be touched, sensitive like this and go into different things when a watch face is created to do that. This watch, however, had a bug and that bug in this firmware update is still there because, as you can see, it's not touchable, well that's, something that Pablo 11 has come in.

We'Ve got that metric English as a result of his efforts, and he is animated about that fix happening for the clock engine in this particular watch and all future watches, because once they figure out the bug and they solve it, that should translate to upcoming watches. So new watch faces designed for Android watches, can have spots that you can touch that will take you to different applications, including specialty ones, that you can install later uh huh like google, fit or Google Maps, or something like that not just limited to the stock ones. But I wanted to show you this that, in this version of the firmware it's not working, so it begs the question: is there another firmware update? How do we do that? We make sure we're on Wi Fi? We go all the way to the about the watch. We already looked at which version it is right, October, the 17th, and then we go into Wireless update and we check it all over again Bing this time. It worked check it out down here. Kernel version: look at the new date November, the sixth Wednesday nice. Not only now are the active complications working which I'm about to demo here's that same watch face. I can touch it in the calendar area and he says bring up the calendar by the way the two touches. Usually the screen is locked, so you always have to touch once to unlock it and touch a second time to activate it.

Heart rate comes on when you touch that section over here see the person running and the zero zero zero that's. Your actual step count brings up the full fledged fitness app which, by the way, is another update to this. When you go over to where you have your other activities, that you've done on the watch store and you go into any of these and you see your basic information and you come down to historical track now, when you click on that, not only do you see Your track, but you're gon na see it against the Google Maps it for your area, for where this was recorded. All your past ones will now have the Google Maps right there correct with the latitude and longitude included, and, of course, all your future ones will incorporate that Google Maps that's been a big issue with first the integration of GPS with the fitness and now the actual Inclusion of the Google Maps display, so you can see your your actual location information directly on the watch that's all in this update and there's more watch this when I come over here to the app drawer and I go into setting and I go into app style, Which is now back and I tap one bubble. Yes, folks, the bubble has returned it's a little bit of a lag but it's there. So those of you that love this bubble and by the way it's only back because you, those of you who were disappointed, it was taken out, made noise, talk to lympho and talked to the full Android watch's gang and through enough desire to have the bubble returned.

They delayed the release of the update and were able to put it back in so we're stable on this version and that's. Basically, where we are in terms of the full setup and the process, you would go through to unbox your watch charge. It up put it on the internet check for updates if there's updates install them after they're installed reboot after that clearing it all out, with a factory restore coming back like it's brand new again setting it all up getting on the internet, checking for updates and do It over and over again until you're, where we are right now where there are no updates waiting. Now, as this is for beginners or something else, I wanted to share with you before we leave this setup process because now you're ready to move on to the next step right and I got a little Resource Center for you at this address on the web. Tinyurl.Com slash android watches when you go there, you drop in to my Google Drive partition, and this is a screen shot. Basically of what it looks like I've got some different documents in here they're in various stages of being updated. Oh everything, but it some of them like the the Android spreadsheet, where I tried to keep track of all the different Android watches and their characteristics is way out of date. Sorry, I just haven't had time to get it updated, so it's way back when Android seven 11 was just starting, I think in 2018 anyway, the other ones, though I try to keep up pretty regularly there's recommended apps that you can put in there is the tethering Apps and the links to them for all of the different watches there's some common questions answered and some comments from viewers and things like that.

There'S, the spreadsheet that's, the one in addition to that there's, a bunch of different apps that I recommend that are no longer in the Google Play Store. They'Ve been pulled and you'll know about those. If you've been watching any of our videos in particular display brightness and floating touch it, those two are great, so these are the apps that you can download if you're on your phone, I believe you can just go into this it'll tie into the Google Drive. You can download them to your phone. You can use the WI. I watch 2 app that you're tethering to the watch to send files over here and you're, basically sending the thing called the apk, which is the package that contains the app it's not installed it's. Just copying it over once you have it in here you go into file manager on your watch. You find it. You touch it and it'll go through the process of installing it to your watch after its installed. You can just remove and delete the apk file or you can keep it on there in case some future date. You want to yeah, do it again or something if you need to all that said, and I know I said it quickly, this is a resource for you, it's sponsored by the DT number one watch company they're. Helping me try to keep this thing active and updated and there's some good stuff in here again, you would get to that by going to the link, tinyurl.

com, slash, android, watches, it's, all totally free here to just basically support you in what you need in the realm Of Android watches little video clip from number one, so you can test out the audio and video capabilities of your watch and so forth. Ok, well that's everything I wanted to show you today regarding this particular watch and again here's how you can get it. This one's called the cost pet prime, and this is an old sheet that's in the pre sale price, but it's now out on the market. We are in the realm of 11.11 and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so the prices are hot. If you're watching this. During that timeframe, this is a good time to grab it. If it's after that, well check the show links down below do it anyway. I'Ve used the link that we provide in the show notes, if you want to check it out and go over there, that creates a little breadcrumb that will follow along so that, if you purchased this watch or any of their products from gearbest will be able to Get some credit for that and help keep this channel going? Okay, thanks for being here and sticking with it all the way through, it sometimes sounds complicated and complex, but it's really not it's kind of like learning how to use your phone with just a few little twists.