It competes against the amis fed web. U and the realme watch in the country here we will be taking a look at if the redmi watch is worth it and should you buy it over its competitors, so let’s get started Music first off to get the specifications out of the way it sports a 1.4 inch tft lcd display and comes with features like ppg heart rate sensor 3 axis acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, gps, bluetooth, 5.1, 5 atm water resistance and 230 milliamp battery the redmi watch features a 20 mm square dial and a sturdy plastic built. The tpu straps attach to the watch with proprietary connectors and feel comfortable to wear. The watch looks and feels like a good size for an average sized hand. It is available in ivory, black and blue color options with ivory. Black blue and olive strap color options. The black colored front glass panel hides the chunky bezel when the display is not in use. The back panel of the watch includes a ppg heart rate sensor, a subtle, redmi branding and two circular charging pins. There is a large silver button on the right edge which helps you navigate the ui by either opening the main menu or taking you to the home screen. The watch feels quite solid in hand compared to its competitors. Coming to the display. The redmi watch features a black colored 2.5 curved glass on the top, which makes the smartwatch look quite premium.

However, turning it on thanks to the 1.3 inch tft lcd display with chunky bezels, it is easy to identify that this is a budget smartwatch. The display is not as bright and crisp as i would have wanted it to be, and it does look a bit washed up under direct sunlight. The backlight is strong enough to shine properly indoors, whereas the auto brightness feature is a hit or a miss. The race to wake feature worked perfectly fine with it. Each time managing to capture my hand, movements properly the redmi watch utilizes a proprietary operating system with a simple ui that does not require much training. It is quite responsive and features a swipe to use approach for everything. The watch comes with 5 pre installed watch faces that you can choose from, but if you don’t like them, you can choose from the long list of watch faces available inside the xiaomi wear application. The main menu of the watch consists of only images and no text which most of the people would be able to recognize easily. However, small titles below the tiles would have been appreciated inside the settings menu. You will find options to set brightness level, vibration, intensity, dnd schedules and select heart rate monitoring intervals and more. The settings are pretty simple and can be configured to your liking within few minutes. Even though this is a smart watch, there is no way to receive or decline calls nor you can even reply to notifications to do all of that, you will be requiring to take out your phone from your pocket.

The xiaomi wear application has a simple interface and is easy to use. There are a lot of customizations that you can do with the app to make the watch feel more personalized. All of the data is represented in colored graph, making it much easier to understand the sleep. Data representation does lag behind bed to its competitors and as an area for xiaomi to grow. One of the major sensor that the redmi watch is missing is the spo2 sensor, which would have been a welcomed feature by many in this desperate times. However, compensating for this is the integrated gps tracker. This honestly surprises me, considering that it is a feature that you would find missing in some of the much more expensive smart watches. This will help you track your running sessions without the need to carry your smartphone. The watch comes with 11 different fitness modes, which will cover most of your basic exercising requirements. Heart rate monitoring compared to pulse oximeter, was in the same ballpark step tracking was in the ballpark of the actual ones, 100 steps three times, showcased, 103 98 and 101. Steps on the step counter overall, i liked all the fitness features that the new redmi watch has to offer, especially the addition of the integrated gps. With the heart rate, monitoring set to 30 minutes notifications turned on auto brightness enabled and gps tracking. I was able to fully discharge the redmi watch within 5 days. Turning off auto heart rate monitoring feature does improve the battery status and could help in achieving a 10 day battery life number xiaomi is claiming for the device on moderate usage.

The watch comes along with the charging cradle, which is honestly much better than any of the competitors. I was able to charge the redmi watch from 0 to 100 within one and a half hours. My only issue here is that the smart watch, even in the ivory color option, comes with black colored cradle. However, that is not much of an issue. The redmi watch at its price is one of the best budget smartwatch options currently available in the market. The ui is quite smooth, tracking features are good and the overall build of the device exceeds expectations. I personally liked it a lot for the price and, if you are looking for a budget smartwatch under rupees 5000, this is definitely a product that you should consider so that’s pretty much for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to hit that like button and subscribe so that you get notified every time we upload a new video for more news and reviews from the world of tech visit, www.bgr.