The reflex active smart watch and this is the ra01 dash 2001 model. So this is black smartwatch it’s about 20 pounds in the uk, so let’s just dive right into this. Taking the sleeve off on the front of it, we can see it says: reflex active, nothing else around the sides and then this just lifts up off the top and that’s the watch itself. We’Ll, take a look at that in just a moment, so we also have a usb charger, so that’s the usb a to the two pin that obviously connects to the smart watch itself, um and that’s about 10 centimeters long, just dig deep into the packaging and then The last thing in the box – we just have the paperwork manual – take a quick look at that now so that’s sort of paper that you get with it. If you want to pause the video and read it at any point and then on the other side, there you go so this is the model that we have. As you can see, there are other models that they sell, so let’s take a look at the watch and see what it’s about so taking the watch out of this sort of holder and then removing the screen protector. Just like so, as you can see, the uh screen it’s got a little indent there. If you can see that circle, indent uh, so let’s take this off and look at the clasp.

So the clasp is just a um sort of it’s like a little button. As you can see that it’s a bit dark but um, yes, it just slots into those holes and then holds in like so okay, so to um get this watch set up. We need to download the app so i’ve got the ios version, so you’ve got the android just scan that qr code there i’m going to scan the top one. So let’s just scan that with my phone and then take us to the reflex app. All you want to do is install that and then, while that’s installing, we can read the instructions. So this is one that we have here, um, so it’s saying to turn on the device. For the first time, you need to remove the track from the band and press gently press gently into this charger which is included in the box and then insert it into a plug adapter, and then it will turn on so let’s. Just do that so to take it out of the band. You want to take it from behind stretch it like so pop that off to the side and then pop the charger in and then you have to plug it into a usb port. So i’ve got this um, so it’s a six port adapter, so let’s just plug it into the top port, and if you can see that, but it is charging so let’s leave that to charge and come back in a minute.

Okay. So while this is charging we’ll pop off to the side and then open up the ios app, and then this also knows for bluetooth and connectivity, if you want to allow that let’s, just click ok set up a profile so i’m, going to just put my name In click save and then we’ve got the series one and then it’s found our watch so let’s just click on that just pair that allow just allow, while we’re using the app and let that synchronize the data. Okay, so that’s all set up now so let’s get this watch back in the strap and take a closer look. Okay, so just take a little deeper look into the app so here’s the interface itself and let’s just go into the settings and see what we can configure so into profile. You just see your profile. You can also set some goals. So if you want to set a goal of let’s, say 10 000 steps a day, you can do that here and then so calories. You might want to put that to whatever you want so i’m going to put mine to 400. eight hours, sleep which is fine, let’s, save that and then go back notifications. So you can have all these notifications um just like that and then find device, not sure what that does did vibrate actually um. So you can use 24 hour um clock. You can also take a picture i’m not going to go into that one advanced settings.

So we can do do that water intake, so you can have it so. Every 30 minutes we’re going to do ours every hour and we already tell us to um, raise hands active display. Yet so every hour tell us to um, obviously consume a bit of water. Um, you can connect it to apple health and this actually turn it on and allow that and then the theme that’s just within the app you can turn it to dark mode. Just put it in dark mode, see what that looks like looks fairly nice and then you can disconnect your device from update. Let’S have a look, so that is the latest version installed. That’S fine let’s go back, you can reset it. You can also do the weather. So that’s my region, there let’s just select that and then just some frequently asked questions about and feedback and then you can also set a reminder. So let’s just set a reminder to take my medicine every day, which i normally do and then let’s change that to 10 o’clock, so 10 o’clock every day, i’ll get a reminder on the at on the watch to take my medicine, you also see your activity. I actually haven’t worn the watch just yet so there’s no activity to show and then today that’s obviously just your today view. So you can see your footsteps at the top, the distance of walk, the amount of calories you’ve burned, and then you can see how much sleep you’ve had um.

I personally wouldn’t wear this watch to bed. I think i’d. Take it off every night. Stick it on charge ready for the next morning, all right so taking a look at the watch itself. Um. If you hold the center button that will cycle through the displays, so the different watch faces um. So if you wanted to keep that one and you press the button once um, it will tell you your footsteps: i’ve gone 355 pressing the button again, the total distance at 0.25 kilometers the calorie count and the sleep that you’ve had i’m. Not taking this to sleep. Yet and if we’re going to sports, let me hold on the center button again, so let’s just hold the center button. It’Ll take us into that menu where we can look at walk in run in cycling, um, hiking, and then it will take us back out to the sports menu press the button again, it would tell us our weather, that’s, the lowest and the highest of today’s forecast And then any messages you have if you hold that center button it’ll take you into the messages, but we don’t have any messages or more. If you hold that send up button, it will cycle through. So you can power it off about and then find phone. So what’s cool about this is, if you press and oh let’s, go back into that. If you go to the fine phone, it actually sends a vibration to your phone um.

So if you lost your phone, this will help you find it, which is pretty cool, um and then back to your watch face so it’s. Very simple watch, um, obviously on different watch faces. You’Ve got different sort of features on this. One you’ve got the bluetooth logo and the battery, as well as the date um, but personally my favorite is let’s. Go back personally, my favorite one is this one. I think it just looks really clean um. So you’ve got your day your your day, your time and that’s. All you pretty much need. If you want to look at your footsteps, then you just press the button once and it will take you to your footsteps and then you can cycle all the way back through to the watchface itself. So i’m going to wear this for a week and then i’ll come back when the week is over and give you an honest review about how the battery lasts, how many times i’ve charged it and see how it’s held up so it’s been about a week, guys Um and this watch is held up fairly good, i mean for 20 pounds. I cannot fault it. It’S um i’ve, stuck it on charge. Every night, um and i’ve ended the day um, with about 20 charge, so he’s getting through a day a whole day easily and that’s with moderate use. You know, it’s always checking my footsteps or whatever so yeah. I cannot fault this watch guys i’m, going to leave a link in the description where you guys can purchase it it’ll be an affiliate link to help out with the channel and that’s going to wrap up the vid for this video guys.