After Long Time I came up with a new video. My name is Nishat Rahman. So Today I am talking about remax rl ep 09. Smart watch Ummm My first video with Remax Watch And the view of that video was more from outside the country Approximately 90, So many people want to know the user experience How to connect to phone and many more option. Subtitle is given for the convenience of your understanding. How is the user experience so at first, i want show the smart watch setup. It means how to connect your phone with smart watch easily. In my first video I showed you how to connect last time. I will show it simply go to your play store if you have your iphone, so go to your apple, app, store, search, Remax Sport Watch software and download it open this software, which is remax sport watch Bluetooth must be open. The most interesting thing is that I am talking about that watch. I have another smart watch Different color. My first video has about 7 to 8 thousand views. I hope this video will cross 10000 views very soon. I never thought I would get such a good response. I hope you will support me Share the video anyway It’s finished, connecting it’s very easy. So now i am talking about smart watch all function, So I want to see How is everything on the watch? How long does the battery backup last This watch is charged for 5 days? I am using the watch regularly, But I think he could give a little better service.

Many more function have used in watch. I see Step Count. Function works very well before i am using mi band, its really good experience. For me, The bad effect of this watch is that my phone is disconnected again and again. I don’t know why Disconnected my phone. I am already trying to another phone connect with my smart watch, but its not working. It was really bad experience for me. I am not expecting this issue sleeping timing count. I think this option works Absolutely not accurate. If I calculate the price of the watch, Then watch it, It would not be right to buy a watch. This is the price that many smart watch markets are coming up with this smart watch function is old, need more update. However, you can choose this watch as a brand. Now the price is much lower, like 2 thousand.